Baty Family

WILLIAM BATY was born about 1770-75.  Not much is known about his family, though it might have been "Beatty" from northern Ireland.
From Cumbrian [England) Genealogy:
Jane Salkeld married William Baty - 5 Aug1770 (Alston)

His father may have been Patrick Beatty -
When William Beatty/Baty m. Margaret Hazel in 1793 in Washington County, KY, witnesses were Patrick Beatty and James & Mary (Beatty) McKenney.  Mary was daug of Patrick.

He probably had two brothers:
    1. George Baty (born abt 1773-78; m April 7, 1802, Livingston Co., KY to Isabel Farsythe)
    2. David Baty (born abt 1779-85; in 1801 he was age 16-20 and living in Livingston Co., KY. He m Neoma ?  He died 1870-80 in McLennon Co, TX).

William married June 1, 1793 in Washington or Mercer Co, KY to Margaret Hazel (b 1769, Ky or Va; d Nov 1859/60, Thomasville, Oregon Co, Mo). [Their marriage is listed in both Washington Co. and Mercer Co., Ky]

William was living on Claylick Watercourse in Livingston Co. 1790 to abt 1820
Livingston Co., KY.  Tax List - 1801:
    George Baty, over 21
    David Baty, age 16-20
    William Baty, over 21
Livingston Co., KY.  Tax list 1802:
    George Batty, over 21, one horse, 1 black over 16, total blacks-2
    William Batty, over 21, one horse. 150 acres on Claylick watercourse.

(In 1820 there was a William & a Joseph Baty in Grayson Co., Ky.)

Margaret was 50 years old in 1819 when William Daniel was born. She already had a son named Daniel H. (b 1795) and a son named William Samuel (b 1816). Maybe they just repeated names (or maybe Wm. Daniel is a grandson?)
In 1820 Grayson Co., Ky. there was a William Baty (31--1-/321-1-2) & a Joseph Baty.

By 1821 the family had moved to Pope Co., IL where some of the children married (Mary in 1821, George in 1823, Margaret in 1825). William must have died about 1820 in Ky or 1821-25 in IL. Margaret was listed in Pope Co, IL as a widow in 1825.  The Hazel family must have moved to Illinois with them because their son George Baty married Melinda Hazel (maybe a cousin) in Pope Co IL in 1823.

[Below right is an 1838 map of the southern end of Illinois; on the left is a 2003 map showing Eddyville in yellow where daughter Mary married John Huddleston.]
2003 IL
1838 IL

In 1830 there was a George W. Batey in Pope Co, Ill (b 1810) [maybe this was their son] He doesn't appear there in 1840.
These are the Pope Co, IL marriages of our Batys:
Mary Baity m John Huddleston, June 21, 1823
George W. Baty m Melinda Hazle, Aug 11, 1823
Margaret Beaty m Thomas Jones, Apr 12, 1825
These Pope Co marriages may have been relatives:
Nancy P. Baity m Henry L. Dixon, Oct 21, 1841
Caroline M. Beaty m William Dixon, Oct 14, 1842
Roda Emaline Beaty m Newton M. Turner, July 19, 1846
William Baity m Araminto Aron, Mar 1, 1848
Clarsia E. Baity m Stephen M. Medley, Nov 23, 1848
Indiana Beaty m Joseph Modglin, Oct 10, 1850
Malinda Baity m James Modglin, Nov 17, 1850
There were several more Baty (Baity/Beaty) marriages in that county after 1850. There also were several Hazel marriages after 1830.

Margaret moved to Oregon Co., MO with her children by 1826. Not sure if all of her children moved to Oregon Co, Mo. For sure 3 of her 4 daughters did: Malinda Huddleston, Polly Huddleston and Matilda Dexter, and 2 sons, William Samuel & William Daniel.  There were other Baty & Hazel marriages in Pope Co, IL after their move, so they probably left relatives there.

Some Baty marriages in Oregon Co, Mo:
BATY, William S. & Mahaly McCAMMON - married 23 Sep 1838 (Ripley Co, before Oregon Co estab)
BATY, Wm. Daniel & Avaline MAULDING - 8 Sep 1842 (Ripley Co, before Oregon Co estab)
BATY, Roseanah & Elijah H. TRANTAM - 23 Dec 1860
BATY, John W. & Talaitha Jane BINGHIM - 1 Nov 1865
BATY, Mourning & James H. KING - 18 Feb 1867
BATY, Sarah Lusia & William J. KING - 18 Jul 1867
BATY, Andrew & Matilda KING - 18, Nov 1869
BATY, Elizabeth & John BEAKS(?) - 13 Jul 1871
BATY, Missouri C. & Wm BALES - 30 Aug 1874
BATY, Matilda & Evan WILLARD - 21 May 1894
BATY, W. R. & Jane WILLARD - 3 May 1894

In 1850 Margaret was living with her daughter, Matilda Dexter in Oregon Co., MO. 
Margaret was 90 years old when she died near Thomasville. She was listed on the 1860 Mortality Schedule of Oregon Co, Mo: "90 years old, born Kentucky, died Nov." [If this list was taken in the summer, then she died Nov, 1859.]


1.  DANIEL H. BATY, b 1795, Ky; m Nancy Kersey; d after 1860
........1a1)     William H. Baty, b 1828; m Nancy ?

2.  GEORGE W. BATY, b 1798, Ky; m Melinda HAZEL, Aug. 11, 1823, Pope Co., IL; d Oct 1856

3.   MARY “Polly” BATY, born 1800, Livingston Co., Ky. Married June 21, 1823 at Eddyville, Pope Co., IL (the crossing) to John Huddleston (son of Abraham).  Moved to Missouri by 1824; Mary was a widow in Oregon Co. in 1850; Children:                                                       
3a)   Margaret L. “Peggy” Huddleston, b Apr 1824, Mo; m Feb 11, 1845, Ripley Co., Mo. to Randolph Casey Jolliff; children:
........3a1)     Elizabeth Jolliff, b 1846; m Farris Self & Mark Judd
........3a2)     Margaret Jolliff, b 1848
........3a3)     John George Jolliff, b 1851; m Nancy E. Huddleston
........3a4)     Mary “Polly” Jolliff, b 1854; m Henry Willard
........3a5)     Rachel “Nancy” Jolliff, b 1856; m Daniel Perry Wright
........3a6)     JAMES RASMUS “Rab” JOLLIFF, b 1859; m Matilda Tatum
........3a7)     Rutha Jolliff, b 1861; m William D. Trantham & Obe E. Judd
........3a8)     William Randolph Jolliff, b 1865; m Carolyn ? & Tilde ?
........3a9)     Elijah Summers Jolliff, b 1867; m Belvaretta Willard
3b)   Abraham Huddleston, b 1827; m July 20, 1845 to Margaret Maulding
3c)   John George Huddleston, b Oct 5, 1828/30; m 1st ? Peace; m 2nd Matilda McWharter, Nov 26, 1857; m 3rd Mary Ann Gum, June 3, 1860
3d)   Mary “Polly” Huddleston, b 1831; m John Wesley Duncan, Jan 7, 1847
3e)   Sarah Malinda “Sally” Huddleston (named for her aunt Malinda Baty), b Sept 10, 1833; m Dec 25, 1851 to Ambrose Maulding (bro of Margaret)
3f)   Nathan Wesley Huddleston, b 1836; m Sarah A. Talley

4.   MARGARET BATY, b abt 1805; m Thomas Jones, April 12, 1825, Pope Co., IL

5.   MALINDA BATY, born 1813, KY--she may have been born before 1813 because she would only have been 13 when she got married; (her son John M. Goodwin said on the 1900 census that his mother was born in IL.) She married about 1826 to Israel Huddleston (son of Abraham/pictures); he died abt 1839 & she m 2nd July 28, 1841, Ripley Co., MO to Mills Goodwin.
5a)     William Sampson Huddleston, b May 28, 1828; m Eliza Brewer (aunt of Sarah Jane Colyott Willard, who was Rev. Joe Willard’s mother).  Children:
........5a1)     Mary M. Huddleston, b 1849
........5a2)     John George Huddleston, b June 2, 1852; m 1st Sarah Pace, 1873; m 2nd Octavia Willard, 1881; ch: George H., Lee Henry, Amanda Elizabeth, James, Mattie A., William Randle, Gertrude, Argie, Joe D.
........5a3)     Nancy Jane Huddleston, b Aug 1852; m 1st George Pratt; m 2nd John Huddleston (son of Marshall or Jesse); Pratt children: George W.; Huddleston children: Dolly, Eliza, Joseph, Andrew J.
........5a4)     Sarah Huddleston, b 1854 (?); m William H. Dunkin
........5a5)     William H. Huddleston, b Mar 3, 1854; m Letty Canzaidee Huddleston children: Nora, Carel H., Alsie, Eliza, Dova, Attie Mae
........5a6)     Nimrod R. Huddleston, b Nov 20, 1857; d 1934; m 1st Harriett Lee House, Feb 8, 1876; m 2nd Maud Campbell; children (Harriett’s): Martha, John, Mary Elizabeth, George, Mary Leona Alice, Henry Marshall, Nora M. Fred S., Virginia Ether,”Vergie”, Charles Edward, Othel York “Ottie”, Elizabeth “Bessie” Agnes
........5a7)     Lavina “Vina” Huddleston, b abt 1858; m Martin House, Nov. 16, 1879; children: Thomas
........5a8)     Eliza “Ide” Huddleston, b 1862; m 1st William Frank Gregory, Apr 7, 1878; m 2nd John e. Talley, Sept 12, 1884; Gregory children: Elizabeth, Sarah & Melinda; Talley children: Mary, Addie, Nimrod J., Andrew L. & Altha M.
........5a9)     Martha Huddleston, 1864-1929
........5a10)   Israel Daniel Huddleston, b 1865; m 1st Anna Palmer; m 2nd May 13, 1912, Sarah B. Warren.  Anna’s children: Fannie M., Emma E., William R., Ollie, Ray, Bertha
........5a11)   James Henry Huddleston, b abt 1869; m Effie S. Heard, Apr 30, 1890; children: Lillie J., George W., Vina E., James A., Berta Lee, Pinkie Mae, Inez, Othel, Margaret “Maggie”
........5a12)  Andrew Jackson “Jack” Huddleston, b 1873; m 1st Mary Margaret Willard, Dec 24, 1891; m 2nd Artie Walker.  Mary’s children: Milla Lee, Newell Edward, Clarence Homer “Doc”, Leona M., Dee, Ola Lonso, Orpha Mary, Arthur, Belva
5b)     girl, b 1830-35
5c)     Martha Huddleston, b 1837; m 1st Mar 4, 1880 to Jefferson D. Hearle; ch: Lillie M. Hearle, Edwin, Fred, Lessie
5d)     Nancy Huddleston, b Oct. 24, 1839; m Nelson Smith & Robert Moore
5e)     Luvina “Vina” Goodwin, b abt 1842; m Brantley Deaton; ch: Sarah J.
5f)     George Miles Goodwin, b abt 1844; m June 27, 1861, Oregon Co, Mo. to Louisa Colyott (sister of Sarah Jane Colyott Willard).  George died before 1866; Louisa m in 1866 to John J. Aldridge and had other children.  Children (1 son):
........5f1)   Joseph Goodwin (named for grandfather, Joseph Colyott), b March 21, 1862; m Arminda Key, Aug. 21, 1881, Iron Co., Mo. (his mother was probably living there then)
5g)     John Miles Goodwin, b abt 1848; m 1st Malinda/Milberry Huddleston (2 ch)); m 2nd Mary Elizabeth Huddleston (8 ch); 3rd Sally Jane Parker (4 ch) & 4th Mrs. Susan Adkisson; ch: Malinda, King, John George, Charles, James Oliver, Edith, Eugene Pemblum, William Hale “Kid”, Ada Laura, Alsie, Marion, William L., Mason R., Carroll
5h)    King Goodwin, b 1852; m Martha Watson

6.     WILLIAM SAMUEL BATY, born Dec 24, 1818, KY; married Mahaly “Nancy” L. McCammon, Sept 23, 1838, Crawford Co, Mo; died Dawson Twp, Phelps Co, Mo 1870-80. See a story about him in the Turnbo Manuscripts. Children:
6a)     William Baty, b abt 1840, MO; not with parents in 1860
6b)     Samuel G. Baty, b abt 1842-3, MO; m 1st Barbara ?; m 2nd Brittina Ju dd after 1870 (she m again in 1897 to John S. Roundtree ). Children:Wm. Riley & Lilly
........6b1)     William Riley Baty, b July 28, 1869; m Lilla Jane Willard (sister of Rev. Joe Willard), Ch:
                    John Marion (b 1897; m 1st Laura Bell House; m 2nd Lucy Viola Boley),
                    William Eddie (b 1899; m Lucy Marion Whitted), Elva J. (b 1912; m ? Sherrill) 
Pictured at right: Wm. Riley with John Marion and Lilly
with William Eddie

Far right is Riley Baty
.......6b2)     John Wesley Baty (see picture below), b July 1872; m Lydia Bell French, 1896; Ch: William Fletcher (b 1897; m Lillie Judd), Laura May (b 1899; m Albin Dunkin), Johnnie Fred (b 1902; m Ava Redburn), Elmer Lee (b 1904; m Mildred Young), Bertie (m Waldo Halblutzel & Cecil Warren)
.......6b3)    Mary Malinda Baty, b abt 1875; d 1902; m P.S. Everett, 1891
.......6b4)    Nancy Matilda Baty, b Dec. 1877; m Evan Willard (bro. of Rev. Joe Willard); Ch: Ira Lee, Verna, Naoma (m Silas House), Ella, Bertha, Morene
.......6b5)    Margaret Aiva “Peggy” Baty, m ? Roundtree
.......6b6)    Mark Baty
.......6b7)    Rosalee Baty
.......6b8)    Everett Baty

6i)     George W. Baty, (may be son of Wm. Samuel Baty) He was born about 1844 in Mo, but was not living with Wm. S. in 1860. He married about 1868 Paulina Judd (daughter of Brittina Judd). In 1870 they were living with Brittina Judd.  Children: Mahala (b 1869)
6c)     George Newell Baty, b abt 1846, AR; m Sarah Louisa Dunkin; hung by Jayhawkers (or bushwhackers) during the Civil War
6d)     Daniel Baty, b abt 1850, MO
6e)     Carrol “Carl” Baty, b abt 1851, MO (or 1852, Ark); m Matilda Ann Louise Hughes; ch: Marena "Rena" (m ? Barnes)
6f)      Elizabeth Baty, b abt 1853Doc's birthday party
6g)     Nancy J. Baty, b abt 1854
6h)     Vina M. Baty, b abt 1858
Pictured at right - neighbors and relatives at Dock Trantham's birthday party (prob abt 1941) (Doc is #8a2 below):

BACK: Nora (Jolliff) VonAllmen, Bell (French) Baty, Pauline (Trantham) Judd, Dean VonAllmen, Bertie (Baty) Hablutzel, Ollie (Huddleston) Trantham, Rhoda (Spurlock) Willard
FRONT: Elmer VonAllmen, Johnnie Baty (6b2), Hade Trantham, Joe Willard, Nina Willard (Joe's granddaughter), Doc Trantham (8a2)
Little boy in front: Carl Trantham (grandson of Doc)
[Doc Trantham's wife Matilda was Joe Willard's 2nd cousin

7.     MATILDA C. BATY, born about 1818, KY; married Jonathan Dexter; In 1850 they were in Oregon Co, MO with her mother living with them. Children:
7a)     Jonathan Dexter, b abt 1843
7b)     George W. Dexter, b abt 1844
7c)     Charles D. Dexter, b abt 1848

8.     WILLIAM DANIEL (W.D.) BATY (his mother would have been 50 when he was born; so maybe a grandson; also his parents already had a son named Daniel H. and a son named William Samuel), born abt 1819, KY; married Evaline Maulding, 1842; Children:Rosannah
8a)  Rosannah A. Baty, b Sept 1843, MO; m 1st Elijah H. Trantham, 1860; m 2nd Calvin Brown Dunkin aft 1879; m 3rd Judge Albert N. Wiggs, 1903;  Ch:
Elijah & Rosannah pictured at right -
........8a1)  William D. F. "Willie" Trantham; b 1862; m Rutha Jolliff (his 2nd cousin, daughter of Peggy Huddleston Jolliff); ch: Elijah Sanford “Lige”, Myrtle D., Viola
........8a2)  Elijah John Sanford “Doc” Trantham, b 1864; m Matilda George (daug of Mary Elizabeth Willard George);
    ch: Clyde, Alta May, Add L., Nora, Ora Lee, Missouri Ann, Hade
........8a3)   Sarah Evaline Trantham, b 1865; m David Maulding; ch: Fred
........8a4)   Susan Emmaline Trantham, m David Maulding; ch: Charlie
8b)   Mary Malinda Baty, b abt 1846; m O.B. Judd; ch: Albert Lonzo, Samuel Tilden, Lizzie, Paulina, Please, Rufus
8c)   John W. Baty, b abt 1847, MO; m Tabitha Jane Bingham, 9 Nov 1865 in Oregon Co., MO; Ch: Henry H.
8d)   Ambrose Baty, b abt 1849; m Matilda King; (Ambrose was the father of George W. Jolliff)
8e)   Mourning Baty, b abt 1852 MO; d abt 1872 West Plains, MO; m James Alfred King 18 Feb 1867; ch:
........8e1)   Evaline Porter King, b 15 Nov 1868 in Thomasville, Oregon Co., MO;  d 20 MAY 1937 in Cull, Howell Co., MO;
    m 1st William John Henry Highfill 14 Oct 1886 in West Plains, Howell Co., MO; 2 ch: John Wesley Alonzo (1887), James Henry Theodore (1889)
    m 2nd Columbus Marshall Francis, Dec 8, 1891 in West Plains, Howell Co., MO; ch: Savannah Jane (1892), Columbus Marshall (1894), Benjamin Franklin (1895), Trusten (1897), Mary Emaline (1899), Mattie
........8e2)   John King, b 1869; m Ollie ? abt 1895
8f)    Elizabeth Baty, b abt 1853; m John Bales, 1871; ch: Frank, Oliver, Dora, Orlee, Laura (m Geo. W. Pratt)
8g)   Missouri C. “Zula” Baty, b abt 1854 MO; married William Maston Bales (b 1849)
8h)   Pauline Baty, b abt 1856; m William C. Andrews, 1877
8i)    Faithy Jane Baty, b abt 1858
8j)    Elander (Ellen) Baty, b abt 1861 in Mo; m 1st Charley Green; Ch: Layton "Late" Green b abt 1890
8k)   Milly Baty, b abt 1864 (lived with her sister Rosannah Baty Trantham)
8l)    Willie Daniel Baty, b abt 1868; m Mary Malinda Goodwin (1887; South Missourian (Alton, Mo), July 20, 1899 has her obit); m Etta Moore (1899); ch: Murrel

Which Way Heaven?

Can anyone identify the picture on the left? 
The one on the right is Joseph & Sarah Dove (Willard) Quay family (Dovie's 2 sisters, Lily & Linnie married Baty men)


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