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WELCOME to the Jolliff Cemetery home page. This page is here to provide information and a detailed list of burials in this pretty country cemetery.

I've been working on a listing of the graves in Jolliff Cemetery and identifying each person there. Maybe you can help me. Please click on the 'listing' link and take a look at the page. If you find someone that you can help me connect to their family, please email me.

Here's a picture of Jolliff School, 1907. (The school used to be right beside the cemetery.)
You might also be interested in the old Judd family picture I've discovered.

Why do cemeteries have fences?
This is something I can't figure out.
The people outside don't want to get in,
And the people inside can't get out!

Which Way is Heaven?
Be sure you know the answer to this question before you end up in the cemetery!

Notice anything unusual about this cow?

No Jesus, no peace - Know Jesus, know peace!

Wait for the sign to change . . .


A little history:
Randolph Casey Jolliff (1818-1900) donated the land for Jolliff Cemetery. It looks like the earliest burials at Jolliff Cemetery were 2 children of John F. (1843-1920) & Cynthia French in 1874 & 1878. [There has been some question as to whether it was indeed Randolph C. Jolliff who donated the land for the cemetery. But since Randolph bought the land in 1865 and sold the rest in 1879, I think we can safely say that he did donate the land.]  There may actually have been earlier burials.  There are several unmarked headstones that cannot be identified.

Uncle Joe Willard was the first Secretary-Treasurer that can be remembered. He was assisted by Nova Holmes and he served until 1962.
Gladys Baty was Secretary-Treasurer in 1962-63.
Murielene (Dunkin) VonAllmen has served from 1964 to her death in 2012.

Jolliff Cemetery trustees (below): Dennis VonAllmen, Bobby VonAllmen, Billy Ralph Stevens. (Billy Ralph is now deceased and buried in this cemetery.)

Secretary-Treasurer (below), Murielene VonAllmen
Murielene held this position since 1964, but she passed away in 2012.

The following is a list of those known to have served on the cemetery committee:
Aaron Jolliff, Beulah Jolliff, Mable Bales, Earl Russell, Raymon VonAllmen, Elmer Baty, Nova Holmes, Gene Andrews, Louie Redburn, Allen Smoot, Carl Huddleston, Nora Jolliff, Veleria Moore, Joe Huddleston, Floyd Judd, Ralph Jolliff, Dennis VonAllmen, Bobby VonAllmen, Billy Ralph Stevens.

At one time George Jolliff would help families pick out grave site.  He lived nearby.
Families would go to the cemetery and have "workings," which would include mowing, cleaning and raking leafs.  Sometimes there would be a fire set to clean off the cemetery.
There may have been a Jolliff Baptist Church in one of the buildings there.  It may have been across the road.  In an old newspaper obituary from 1945 there was mention of attending the Jolliff Baptist Church in the vicinity. Or maybe the church met in the school house.
The old Jolliff School which sat beside the cemetery (about where the parking lot is now) was sold at auction April 28, 1962. The building and school desks were sold to Ralph Hargis for $132.  Some trees around the cemetery were cut down and sold to Aaron Jolliff for $5.  The cemetery lawn mower was sold to Arthur Rowe for $5.
Joe Huddleston and Nora Jolliff were instrumental in starting the trust fund in May 26, 1973.
Charles and Vesta Thompson donated the west one acre to the cemetery in 1989.

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