Colyott Family

Current renderings: Colyott, Colyotte, Calliotte, Caillot, LaChance

This page shows my Colyott lineage from the original Nicholas Caillot dit LaChance immigrant from France in the mid-1700's.

Each name is connected to my webpage on that family or to my page on with information about that family. Some also have links to pictures.
I am a gg-granddaughter of Sarah Jane Colyott Willard, daughter of Joseph Colyott.

Caillot Generations:
1. Nicholas Caillot dit LaChance, Sr. -  b abt 1733, France (possibly the Rhone District)
    m Marianne Giard
    More on his children

2. Nicholas Caillot dit LaChance II, b 1758, Kaskaskia, IL; m Judith Louise Boyer

3. Nicholas Caillot dit LaChance III, b 1785, m Cecile Chevallier [I believe these are the parents of Joseph Colyott]

4. Joseph Colyott, b 1822, Mo; m Mary "Polly" Brewer

Joseph's children:
1. Mary Louisa Colyott, b 1844
2. Sarah Jane Colyott, b 1848; m John Willard
    (from Sarah Jane, my line runs through Joseph Martin Willard (1865-1963), then Albert Willard (1894-1975), then Joseph Ira Willard (1921-1999)
3. Elizabeth Colyott,  b 1849
4. Alexander Nimrod Colyott, b 1855
5. William Aaron "Billy" Colyott, b 1856
6. Jasper Allen Colyott, b 1860
7. John George Colyott, b 1865

Related books:
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The New Madrid Earthquakes, by Penick, 1982 -
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The Mississippi basin: the struggle in America between England and France, 1697-1763, by Winsor
It's Good to Tell You: French Folk Tales from Missouri, by Rosemary Thomas

If you would like to check my database to see if the information on your family is correct, go to my ancestor file then search for the name of one of your ancestors. (Only those born before 1930 or no longer living are listed by name. I have many names of the living, but they are not displayed in the online database.)  
email me if there are any corrections or additions!!

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