Joseph Colyott


Joseph Colyott (my ggg-grandfather) was born in 1822 in Missouri (probably Fredericktown, Madison Co - see map below left). Though no definite proof has yet been found, I'm certain he is a descendant of Nicholas Caillott dit LaChance I & Marianne Giard.
One census listed his father as born in Illinois in 1800, even though the Caillot family had moved to the Missouri side of the Mississippi River in 1787.

I believe that Joseph's father was Nicholas LaChance III and Cecile (Chevallier) for the following reasons:
1. The 1830 census shows that Nicholas III had a son Joseph's age.
2.  In 1830 Nicholas III was living in Liberty twp, Madison Co, Mo. In  the same township was Nimrod Brewer, father of Polly, who Joseph latter married. The only other LaChance in that township was Francis J. LaChance who was Nicholas' son. (see map below right)
3.  In 1850 Joseph & Polly were living not far from his sister Louisa, who had their father Nicholas III living with her family. And right next door to Joseph was Frances (Lacomb) Lachance and children [Frances was the widow of Francois Lachance, who was probably Joseph's brother].
4. Joseph Colyott's grandson, Joseph M. Willard, left 2 names in some of his reminiscing before he died: "Susan Chevalier & Arthur Henri Chevalier, 1831-1914".  (I have not been able to find these names anywhere, but it seems that they would be related to Cecile Chevallier.)
5. Joseph Colyott named his first daughter Mary Louisa, maybe after his sister (though his mother-in-law was probably also Mary Louisa.)

1822 map of southeast Missouri

1830 map of southeast Missouri

I wonder if Joseph didn't have some trouble with his father's family. A descendant in daughter Mary Louisa's line said that the story in their family was that he went to court and changed his name. The fact that he changed his name (to Caliot or Colyott instead of Lachance), and that he didn't use any Caliot/LaChance names for his children, might suggest some family estrangement. He didn't name any of his children Nicholas or Cecile [which is very unusual]. Polly actually had a brother named Nicholas, and they still didn't use this name! Several names from Polly's family were used: William, John, George, Eliza, Jane.  Polly's parents were Nimrod and Mary Louisa and both these names were used.  [Alexander though may have been a Caliot/Lachance name.]

Joseph married about 1843 to Mary “Polly” BREWER, who was born in 1823 in Mo., the daughter of Mary Louisa & Nimrod Brewer.  There is no record of Joseph & Polly's marriage in Madison Co., Mo. where the Brewers were living in 1830, 1840, & 1850. 

1830 Madison Co, Mo census:
St. Michael Township:
p785,  line19  - Chevallier, Peter [father of Nicholas III's wife, Cecile]
p789,  9   - Lachance, Francis Jr
p789, 10  - Lachance, Francis Sr
p791,  19  - Lachance, Michael
Liberty township:
p803,  10  - Lachance, Nicholas  - [Nicholas III, father of Joseph]
p803,  9   - Lachance, Francis J. - [son-in-law of Nicholas III]
p803,  27  - Brewer, Nimrod  - [father of Polly]

p803 - Nicholas Lachance
1 male 40-50 [Nicholas III, b 1785, age 45]
1 female 40-50 [Cecile Chevalier]
1 female 20-30 [b 1800-10 -  might be Judith, b 1808, but she married in 1828]
1 male 20-30 [b 1800-10 - Nicholas IV, b 1810]
1 female 15-20 [b 1810-15 - Madeleine/Magdalene, b 1813]
1 female 10-15 [Cecile, b 1816]
1 male 10-15 [b 1815-1820 - Pierre, b 1818] 
1 male 5-10 [b 1820-25 - maybe Joseph, b 1822]
1 female 5-10
1 male 0-5
1 male 0-5
1 female 60-70 [maybe his step-mother-in-law, Pelagie Caillot Chevallier who died in 1842 & was also his father's aunt.]
Though several of his neighbors held slaves, Nicholas had none.

This Nicholas III had a son the age of Joseph. Also nearby was Francis J. Lachance who I believe married Nicholas' daughter Marie Louisa. Also in the same twp was Nimrod Brewer, whose daughter, Polly, married Joseph Colyott.

Madison County, MO marriages - children of Nicholas Lachance III:
2/6/1826      Lachance, Mary L.      Lachance, Francis Jr      [daug of Nicholas III]
1/6/1827      LaComb, Francious     Lachance, Francis        [son of Nicholas III]
12/26/1828  Lachance, Judith         Deguire, Louis Jr        [daug of Nicholas III]
2/9/1832     Calliote, Magdalene    Deblois, John B.           [daug of Nicholas III]
2/6/1833     DeGuire, Judith          Obouchon, Francis       [daug Judith's 2nd marriage]
4/7/1836     Lashance, Cicilla        Frizzel, Medum             [daug of Nicholas III]
3/23/1837   Crawford, Jane           Lachance, Nicholas     [son of Nicholas III]

1840 Madison Co, MO census, Liberty twp.:
p 39 - Nimrod Brewer  212101 - 111101
p 41 - 2 Lashance families: ?Louis G Lashance  & ?Louis F. Lashance
p 43 - Antoine Lashance - 210001 - 100001
p 43 - John B d'Bloid - 110001 - 00001 [Nicholas III's daug, Magdalene-27]
p 43 - Francis P DeGuire - 00000001 - 00001
p 43 - Michael Lashance [age 60-70]  001010001 - 00000001 [must be son of Nicholas I, uncle of Nicholas III. Michael would have been 68. He died in Fredricktown in 1857]
p 44 - Nicholas Lashance  Sr [age 50-60]   00121001 - 01000001  [Nicholas III and Cecile (Chevalier)]
                Nicholas & Cecile have 4 sons and 1 daughter at home:
                    1 son 20-30  [Pierre-22]
                    2 sons 15-20 [Joseph-18, ?]
                    1 son 10-15
                    1 daug 5-10
                their married children:
                    1. Mary Louise m Francis Lachance in 1821
                    2. Francois m in 1827
                    3. Judith m Louis Deguire in 1828 & Francis Aubuchon in 1833
                    4. Nicholas IV may have m Jane Crawford in 1837
                    5. Magdalene m John B DeBlois in 1832
                    6. Cecile, age 24, probably m Medum Frizzel in 1836
p 44 - Francis G. Lashance   000001 - 013001   [Nicholas III's son - Francois and wife Frances (Lacombe)]
p 44 - Nicholas Lashance Jr   100001 - 00001    [Nicholas III's son - Nicholas IV & maybe Jane (Crawford)]
[The 3 above are right together, these below are farther down the page]
p 44 - Francis Lashance Sr  [age 70-80] 0002000001 - 00001001   [Francois & Pelagie (DeGuire), uncle of Nicholas III]
p 44 - Jhn B. Deguire [age 40-50]  0203101 - 0010001
p 44 - Francis Lashance Jr  23101 - 000001   [daug Mary Louise & son-in-law of Nicholas III]
[1840 legend - males 0-5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60-70, 70-80, 80-90, 90-100, 100+,  same for females]

In 1850 Joseph & Polly were in Madison County, Mo. (District 54) with their first 3 children. The only other Caliots in this area were his brother's widow and a sister.  It is interesting that they also go by Caliot, not Lachance.

243A  36   Coliot        Francis            47     Mo     [s/o Joseph Caillot Lachance & cousin of Nicholas III]
. . . .   37   Coliot        Louisa             45     Mo       [Joseph Colyott's sister]
. . . .   38   Coliot        Eveline            19     Mo 
. . . .   39   Coliot        Nicholas          65     Mo       [Nicholas III, Joseph's father]
. . . .   40   Coliot        Benjamin         11     Mo 

255B  32   Caliot        Frances      age? b Mo   [Frances LaComb widow of Francois/Francis LaChance, Joseph's brother]
. . . .   33   Caliot        Francis             23  (son)   Mo
. . . .   34   Caliot        Zeno                21     Mo
. . . .   35   Caliot        Lewis              19     Mo
. . . .   36   Caliot        Felix                17     Mo      
. . . .   37   Caliot        John                14     Mo    
. . . .   38   Caliot        Joseph             12     Mo      
. . . .   39   Caliot        Paul                 10     Mo

255B  40   Caliot        Joseph - 36     b Mo      
. . . .   41   Caliot        Mary   - 28     Mo   
. . . .   42   Caliot        Louisa - 7      Mo       
256A  1    Caliot        Sarah  - 3      Mo 
. . . .   2    Caliot,        Elizabeth   - 1    Mo
. . . .   3   Doblion?,    Joseph   - 17  Mo
. . . .   4   Brewer,       Jackson   - 13   Mo     [brother of Mary]

In 1860 they were living in Reynolds County, Black River Township.  They seemed to have some connection to Oregon County, Mo. because their daughters, Mary Louisa and Sarah Jane, both married men from there in 1861 & 1863.  This is probably because Polly's sister, Eliza Brewer married William Sampson Huddleston and moved to Oregon Co. in 1848.  Polly’s parents, Nimrod & Mary Louisa Brewer, lived near them in Madison Co. in 1850 and then also in Reynolds Co. in 1860 & 1870.
In 1870 they were still in Reynolds Co. (post office: Barnesville) where Joseph was farming. 
In 1880 they were still in Reynolds Co., but this time they were living in Lesterville, where Joseph worked in a mill (probably a sawmill since they are abundant in that area). 

Joseph died Dec. 15, 1897 (burial place unknown). In 1900 Polly was living in Iron County with her daughter, Mary Louisa Aldridge, and her family.  Polly died Dec. 25, 1905.

Children: There was a 21-year span in the births of Joseph & Polly's children. Mary Louisa was married 4 years & had a 3-year-old son before her youngest brother was born. Sarah Jane had been married 2 years and her first son, Joseph Martin Willard, was born the same month as her youngest brother, John George Colyott.

1. Mary Louisa Colyott
Mary (Maria) Louisa was born July 7, 1844, Madison Co., Mo., she may have been named for her grandmother Mary Louisa Brewer. She was on the 1850 census as “Louisa” and on the 1900 census as “Mary L.”  
“Louisa Colleyott” was not quite 17 years old when she married 1st June 27, 1861, Oregon Co, Mo to George Mills Goodwin (half-brother of William Sampson Huddleston, her aunt husband).  They had one son, Joseph. Louisa's license
Louisa & her sister Sarah Jane must have gone to Oregon Co., Mo to visit with their aunt Eliza (Brewer) who had married Wm. Sampson Huddleston and lived there, because both Louisa and Sarah married men in Oregon Co.
  George evidently died before 1866. The circumstances & time are unknown, but those years during the Civil War were very tumultous and dangerous for anyone living in Missouri.
Mary Louisa married again in Iron Co, Mo, June 26, 1866 to John J. Aldridge (b Oct 1844 Tn). In 1876 they were in Liberty twp, and in 1900 they were in Iron Co, Mo with her mother Polly Collyott living with them.  Mary Louisa died Dec. 23, 1905, Iron Co., Mo.; buried Cove Cemetery near Arcadia.  John died Nov 4, 1906.  

Children of Mary & George Goodwin:
1a)     Joseph Goodwin, b Mar 21, 1862, m Arminda Key, Aug. 21, 1881, Iron Co., MO; d 1955. He was living with his Colyott grandparents in 1876, Reynolds Co, Mo.

Children of Mary & John Aldridge:
1b)     Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Aldridge, b July 9, 1867, Iron Co., Mo.; m Dec. 2, 1885 in Iron Co. to George Washington Dodson.George W. Dodson   George had m 1st in 1875 to Lydia Ann Good & had 2 children: William Solomon “Billy” (1876) & Mary Jane (b 1878, d 1883 soon after Lydia).
    Mary Elizabeth died June 7, 1920, Annapolis, Mo.; buried at the Baptist Cemetery at Annapolis, Mo.   George m 3rd to Martha Ann (Callison) Downs.  8 Children of Mary & George Dodson:
Picture: George Washington Dodson
........1b1)     Martha Florence Dodson, b June 21, 1887; m Wm. (Bill) Sutton, 1907; d 1920
........1b2)     LouElla Dodson, b Sept 1889; m John Washington Walls, 1908; d 1962; ch: Edgar John & Jesse George (twins), Gladys, Harry Edward
........1b3)     Carrie Evelyn Dodson, b Apr 16, 1891; m Burt John Sutton, 1909; d 1978; 7 ch: Ernest, Opal, Paul, George Edgar, Bert George,
........1b4)     George Edward Dodson, b May 2, 1893; m Mary Jane Meade; d 1961
........1b5)     Mary Emma Dodson, b Oct 13, 1895; not married; d 1967
........1b6)     Sarah Elzona Dodson, b Feb 4, 1898; m Oliver Raymond Pannebecker, 1915; d 1981; ch: Dora Frances (b 1920; m Lloyd Helms), Harvey Milford (b 1922; m Louella Sutton), Lillian Geraldine (b 1925; m Wm. Grider), Paul (b 1928; m Rowena Nash), Pauline (b 1928; m Darrell Helms), George Edward (b 1931; m Lois Simmons), Janet Aline (b 1930; m Gene Canter), Mary Edna (b 1936; m Rudy Reagan--another family historian),
........1b7)     Joseph Charles Dodson, b June 5, 1900; m Almeda Sutton; d 1961
........1b8)     Elisa Alice Dodson, b Mar 26, 1905; m Roy Oliver Simpson; d 1984
1c)     Nancy Lourinda Aldridge, b June 19, 1869, Iron Co.; d Aug. 19, 1870.
1d)     Jackson J. Aldridge, b Dec. 22, 1871, Iron Co., MO; d Dec. 24, 1903.
1e)     Malissa Adline Aldridge, b Mar 14, 1874, Iron Co
1f)     William Riley Aldridge, b Sept. 15, 1876, Iron Co.; m Laura Ella Cowan, Oct 26, 1890; ch: William Silvester (b Jan 26-Feb 4, 1896, 9 days old)
1g)     Amanda E. Aldridge, b Dec 1881; m Bert Hill
1h)     Newton Jasper Aldridge, b July 5, 1884, Ironton, MO; m Rosa Mayberry, July 17, 1906; d May 22, 1917, St. Francois, MO; child:
........1h1)    Herman Jasper Aldridge, b 3/19/09 Fredericktown, MO; m Rachel Elizabeth Nash; d 1977 Phoenix AZ; ch: Virginia Lee (b 1931; m Chester Owen Brown)

2. Sarah Jane Colyott
Sarah Jane was born 1848 in Mo (probably Madison County. She was probably named for her mother's sister, Jane Brewer. John & Sarah Willard
Her mother had another sister, Eliza who married Wm. Sampson Huddleston and lived in Oregon Co. In 1863 when Sarah was 15, she married John Willard, whom she probably met on a visit to her aunt Eliza’s. Her sister, Mary Louisa, also married a man from Oregon Co.
Sarah and John lived in Oregon Co, Mo and were buried at the Jolliff Cem. near Rover. All 11 children were born there.  Children:
2a)     Joseph Martin Willard, b 1865–1963; m Susan Rhoda Spurlock; children:
2b)     Squire Willard, b 1866; m Emma A. Roundtree & Rosa Williams; d 1958; children:
2c)     Evan Willard, b 1869; m Latilda “Nancy” Baty; children:
2d)     Polly Ann “Sissie” Willard, b 1871; m Wyley House; children:
2e)     Lilla Jane Willard, b 1874; m Riley Baty; d 1935; children:
2f)     Telitha “Lithie” Willard, b 1878; m Jim Stephens; d as a young woman; children:
2g)     Stonewall Jackson Willard, b 1879; m Rhoda Francis; children: (several girls)
2h)     Sarah Dove “Dovie” Willard, b 1881; m Joe Quay; d 1981 in Oklahoma; children:
2i)     Linnie N. Willard, b 1884; m John Parsons & Will Quay; children:
2j)     Fred Charles Willard, 1886–1981; m Eva Talliver & Mattie Dowdy; children:
2k)     John “Johnny Smoker” Willard, b 1890; m Elsie Wall & ? Palmer; children:

3. Elizabeth ColyottElizabeth & Preston
“Betty” was born Apr 4, 1849, Madison Co, Mo. Married Preston Emerson Hackworth, July 6, 1873, Reynolds Co., MO. He was 20 years older than her.
Preston married 1st before 1856 to Malvina ? (2 ch) and 2nd abt 1858 to Amanda B. Dobbs (4 ch). Their deaths left him with 6 children:  Luticia (1858), Janey (b 1858; m Tom Buckner), Sarah (1860), Lucinda B. (b 1861; m William Colyott, brother of Elizabeth), Riva Ann (b 1865), Francis (b 1868).  
In 1880 they were in Reynolds Co., Mo. Her first son, Joseph, died in 1896 and was buried in Murphy Cem west of Gads Hill, Reynolds Co, Mo. Preston died in 1897 and was buried next to Joseph. 
Elizabeth died May 8, 1911. She is buried in the Annapolis Cem, next to her son, Sylvester., Sylvester in Annapolis Cemetery.  Children:
3a)     Joseph W. Hackworth, 1874-1896, buried Murphy Cemetery, Gads Hill, Reynolds Co., MO
3b)     Sarah C. "Surry" Hackworth, 1875-1964; m William H. Kitchell; Children: Nora D. (1897), Mary Eliza (1898), Alice J. (1890), Odessa O “Odie” (1901, m Robert Funk)., Gentry T (1905), Myrtle (1908), Louise (1909), Sylvester “Cowboy” (1911), Robert
3c)    Martha Emaline Hackworth, 1877-1948; m Charles Hampton; children: Natilla ( 1897, m CT Casteel), Idilia (1900, m Arch Casteel), Martha A (1903, m Lucian Goodman), Harvel “Buck” (1906), Richard W (1909), Vernie (1912), Ernie (b/d 1912), Walter
3d)    Mary N. Hackworth, b 1880; d June 24, 1964
3e)    Artimissa "Missy" Hackworth, b 1882, m Jim Dean; Children: Bessie (m Wesley Long)
3f)    Richard Green "Dick" Hackworth, 1884-1973; m Janie Milissa Fancher; d May 02, 1935, Piedmont, Missouri. Children: Myrtle Emmaline (m ? Meador), Gracie Mae (m John Currington), Ernest Edward (1912-1967, unm)
3g)    Sylvester Preston Hackworth, 1886-1935; m Mary Dulcina Moss. He worked for the railroad; d May 2, 1935, Piedmont, Mo; children: Emmert Edward (m Orene Jackson), Cecil Hackworth (Naomi Washum,  Elsie M. Deshaney & Lena May), Irvin Nay Hackworth (m Pearl Ancel Leach), Hattie Evaline Hackworth (m Johnnie Raymond Johnson), Martha Emaline Hackworth (m ? Janke), Villa Elizabeth Hackworth (m Matthew Reed), Pearl Lena Hackworth (m Ray I. Duncan)
3h)    Stella Hackworth, 1890-1960; m Jesse Johnson & Joe Christian; d June 13, 1960; ch: Anne, Grace, Jessie
Dick & Janie Dick & Janie Sylvester & Mary Sylvester & Mary Stella & Jesse Stella & Jesse

4. Alexander Nimrod Colyott Alex & Mary
“Alex” (named for his grandfather Nimrod Brewer & maybe there was an uncle Alexander LaChance), was born in 1855, Mo. He married April 23, 1874, Reynolds Co., Mo. to Mary Elizabeth Keathley (b Mar. or June 3, 1856, Ky; d Oct 5, 1929), (married by Wm.H. Meyers, minister).
Alex was in Reynolds Co. (P.O. Lesterville) in 1880. He died Feb. 21, 1902, Reynolds Co., Mo.; both buried at Hyatts Creek Cemetery on county road 104 between Lesterville and Annapolis, Mo.  
Children: (for more information on children click on Alexander above)
4a)     Sarah Jane Colyott, (named for her aunt) b Feb. 5, 1875, Reynolds Co, MO; m John Ulysses Lee, Feb. 21, 1895; d June 23, 1933, Haskell, Bixby Co, OK, ch: Robert Earl Lee (pictures of Sarah Jane's family)
4b)     Joseph Henry Thomas Colyott, b Sept 17, 1878; d Mar. 21, 1889
4c)     Martha Ellen Colyott, b Mar 17, 1881, (tombstone says: b Mar 15, 1880; d Sept 16, 1939) in Mo.; m May 17, 1896 to Harvey Hansford Pulliam (18?7-1942) both buried in Freeman Cemetery off Hwy J south of Fremont, Mo.
4d)     William Walter “Walt” Colyott, b Aug 17, 1883; m Aug 14, 1903 to Annis Lewis (b 9-23-1883; d11-29-1974); lived in Lesterville, Mo.; d June 29, 1969; both bur at the Hyatts Creek Cem. with his parents.  Children: William Delbert (m Opal Johnson), Della May (m Clarence Holts), Nola Gladys (m Guy Chronister & Clardy Tinker), Myrtle Melissa (m Henry Brooks & Fred S. Sutton), Ruby Ulestial(?) (m Emery Hayes), Alpha Thelma (m Floyd Rhodes), Luther Floyd (m Norma Jones), Neda Leona (m Joe Shockey), Delmar Lewis (m Shannon Nickels), Erman Euel (m Leota Hampton & Alma Lois Henry), Leon LaVern ("Vern")
4e)     Charles Edward "Charley" Colyott (pictured at left) b Sept 17, 1885, Lesterville, Mo; m Nov 23, 1907, Annapolis, Iron Co, MO to Della Clarinda Hampton (14 Feb.1891 - 07 Feb. 1976. She died about 5 weeks after her son William); he was a deacon  in the Hickory Hill Missionary Baptist Church; d Apr 11, 1959 in Poplar Bluff, bur Mt. Carmel Cem. on Hwy 21 near Ellsinore, Carter Co., Mo.  10 Children: Virgie May, Lucy Estelle, Charles Leslie, William Lowell, Norman Leonard, Violet Lorene, Lillian Louise, Violet Grace, Samuel Edward, Tony Russel.
4f)     Eva Kay "Evy" Colyott, b Feb 4, 1887; m Oct. 22, 1907 in Iron Co, MO to Marion D. "Joe" Kelly;  d ? (before 1958)
4g)    Melissa Myrtle Colyott, b June 1, 1889; m John Fred Sutton, July 7, 1909, Iron Co, MO; d ? (between 1958-1982)
4h)    Elmer Aaron Colyott, b Aug 22, 1891; d Nov 2, 1900
4i)     Lillie Bell Colyott, b June 1, 1894, Annapolis, Mo ((pictured at right); m Feb. 10, 1912, Iron Co, MO to Clarence R. Buxton; Lillie was a member of First Baptist Church, Ellington, Mo.; d Oct. 23, 1982, the last of her brothers and sisters to die;  children: Zella, Vella, Willard, Edward, Stella, Ollie, Elmer, Joy, Roy, Virgil Harold, Vernon
4j)     Luther Timen Colyott, b Dec 17, 1897; d Sept 29, 1898
4k)    Emory Colyott, b Apr 1, 1900, Reynolds Co, Mo; m Neva Mae Corey; d Aug 27, 1981, bur Annapolis Cem.  Ch: Wilma, Eugene
4l)     Emmit Colyott (twin), b Apr 1, 1900; d Apr 10, 1900

5. William Aaron ColyottBilly, Jasper & wives
“Billy” was born May 1856, Mo (probably named for his mother's brother, William Brewer); married Nov. 28, 1875 Reynolds Co, Mo.,  to Mary Leona McMillen (b 1856, Mo); married 2nd July 11, 1886, Iron Co, Mo. to Mrs. Lucinda B. (Hackworth) Puyles [Lucinda was b Feb 1860, Mo, daug. of Preston Hackworth & Amanda B. Dobbs; after Amanda died Preston married 2nd in 1873 William Colyott's older sister, Elizabeth, who was 20 years younger than Preston]; Billy was in Reynolds Co (Lesterville) in 1880; in 1900  Madison Co, German twp; He was buried at Berryman Cem., Crawford Co, Mo.
5a)     John George “Johnnie” Colyott, b Oct 1877; 1900 in Reynolds Co, Webb twp, living with his uncle Edward Grigery (prob because his father had remarried)
5b)     B. Elizabeth Colyott, b 1879, Mo; may have died young

pictured at right: Back: Jasper & Cordelia Colyott, Front: Billy & Lucinda Colyott

6. Jasper Allen Colyott
Jasper was born Feb 14, 1860 (his daughter Jocie says 1861 in his obit., but he is listed on the 1860 census as being 4 months old). He married in 1880 to Cordelia Rutter (b Nov 1855, Wisc); in Reynolds Co. (Lesterville) in 1900; then later lived in Iron Co.  Cordelia died Aug. 5, 1928; he was living in Glover, Mo. when he died Jan. 8, 1934 with all 6 of his children at his bedside. He & Cordelia were buried at the Big Creek United Baptist Cemetery, Chloride, Iron County, Mo.  Jasper's obituary:
"The death angel came and claimed for its own, Jasper Allen Colyott, of Glover, Mo., Monday eve at 3:25 o'clock. He suffered very much for nine days, from pneumonia before death came to his release. He was 72 years old and would have been 73 on Feb. 14. But God saw fit to take him on Jan. 8, 1934. All of his children were at his bedside when he breathed his last. He asked his son Gentry to lift him up, and then he asked to be laid down, then a few breaths and he was gone.
"It was so hard to give dear father up, but we all hope to meet him in the Sweet Bye and Bye. He held to his daughter Jocie's hand two days before he left and said: 'O, Babe, you are so faithful in staying with me,' then he looked up and [said] 'Oh, my Savior I'll meet.'
"Poor, Good Daddy is gone but not forgotten or ever will be by his children. He belonged to the United Baptist Church at Big Creek and was a faithful member until death. We all wish to thank the people for sitting up with him at night, especially the nearby neighbors who were so good to him. We wish to thank Mr. Ancel White, the undertaker, for his kind[ness] and again to thank Leo Asher, the minister, who preached his funeral and spoke consoling words to us in this dark hour of sorrow.
"He was laid to rest by the side of his dear wife, Mrs. Cordelia Colyott who passed away 5 years ago last August.
"He leaves three sons and three daughters. Also one brother and a host of friends and relatives, and seventeen grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. His sons are G.J. and M.T. Colyott of Glover and W.C. Colyott of Lesterville. His daughters are Mrs. Violet Miller, Lesterville, Mrs. Geo. Ebert, Glover, and Mrs. Sam Jordan, Sabula. His brother is Geo. Colyott of Glover.
Tears from my eyes flowing,
Deep sorrow shades my brow
Cold in the grave he's sleeping,
I have no daddy now.
                His youngest daughter,
                Mrs. Jocie Jordan "
6a)     Marion Theodore Colyott, b Aug. 1, 1882, Mo; lived Glover, Mo.; d Dec 19, 1959, Glover.
6b)     William Clarence Colyott, b July 5, 1885; m Laura Mae Rayfield; m 2nd Ruby ?; lived  Lesterville, Mo; d Jan 9, 1952, Glover, Mo.; children:  Wilma Lorene (m John Roscoe McHenry & Samuel Alvin Moore), John Allen (m Violet Youngblood & Lovey Adaline Young), Mary Cordelia (m Richard Craft Lemon), Roye Edward (m Maxine Twillegar & Jacqueline A. Lindsey), Oliver Eugene (m Mary ? & Patricia Henderson), Grover Leon (m Frances Bavier, Betty Mayes-Thomure & Betty Randolph).
6c)     Violet Ellen Colyott, b Oct 3, 1886, Mo; m John Robert Miller, May 6, 1906; lived in Lesterville, Mo.; d Oct 1, 1978, Ironton, Mo.; buried Lesterville; children: Jimmie (1907-1908), Raymond Edward (b 1908; m Ruby Laura Crocker), Pearl (stillborn), Ruth Darlene (b 1913; m Julian Thomas Loftis), Guy Theodore (b 1917; m Myrtle Jackson), Bernell Gentry (b 1920; m Ina Marie Daniels), Ruby Lee (b 1923; m William Henry Black), Frances Cordelia (b 1925; m Jesse Guy Blankenship), Robert Elwood (b 1931; m Carole Whaley), Wilma Lucille Miller (1928-1931)
6d)     Clara Theodocia Colyott, b Nov 22, 1889, Mo; m George F. Ebert, Nov 30, 1907, Greenville, Mo.; lived in Glover, Mo. and in Ark.; d Nov 24, 1981, Bentonville, Ark.
6e)     Gentry Joseph Colyott, b Nov 7, 1891, Mo; m 1st Julie Frances Wright, July 12, 1917, Iron Co, MO; m 2nd Jennie Rose White-Baker-Imboden; lived in Glover & Ironton, Mo; d June 20, 1984, Ironton, Mo., buried Big Creek Cem., Glover, Mo.; children: Gentry Joseph Colyott, Jr. (b 1921; m Violet Marie Hollinsworth, Reba Lucille Thompson-Jaycox& Minnie Marie Warren),  Mary Frances Colyott (b 1924; m Eual John Lewis)
6f)     Josephine “Jocie” Anna Colyott, (pictured at left) b Apr 26, 1894, Mo; m Samuel Albert Jordan, Jan 16, 1918, Iron Co, MO (county marriage record: Jan. 18, 1918); lived in Sabula, Mo.; d Nov 6, 1946 (age 52), Glover Mo.  Children: Albert Vernon (b 1922; m Grace Arlene Washburn), Haskell Theodore (1927-1945), Joy Mae Jordan (b 1936; m John Austin Johnson & Robert Eugene Miner)

7.  John George Colyott

John George was born July 6, 1865, Piedmont, Wayne Co, Mo (probably named for 2 of his mother's brothers: John & George Brewer).
He married Sarah Martha (or Martha Frances) Pulliam, Sept. 16, 1886 in Reynolds Co, Mo;
Martha died Jan 25, 1944; George died Oct 28/9, 1950, both buried Redford, Reynolds Co, MO in the Old Redford Cemetery on Hwy. O;

Picture at left was from youngest child Opal. She said this picture of her parents was taken before she was born. The children are Clarence (b1890) & Claude (b1894).


7a)     Clarence Edgar Colyott, b Feb. 1890; m 1st Mar 9, 1910, Shannon Co, Mo to Vermilla (or Millicent Rose) Adkins (1894-1954; 2 ch.); m 2nd Ethel Jane Huff (1896-1977, Ethel was married 1st to Henry Gibson); 5 children: Delsia Imo (b 1935, m Elwood Laramore), Dessie N. (b 1937, m Laverne Wake), Ivan Verdell (b 1938; m Sharon Ann Douglas), Clarence Eugene (b 1929; m Patricia Hahn), Cleval Aaron (b 1932; m Pat Lambert)
7b)    Claude E. Colyott, b July 1894; died 1920 (he may have had a twin named Clyde who died at birth).
7c)    Dollie Colyott, twin of Ollie, died at birth.
7d)    Ollie Frances Colyott (pictured at left), b July 27, 1897, Shannon Co, MO; m Oscar Frederick Donaldson, Apr 28, 1912; d Mar 22, 1958, Fremont, Carter Co, MO, bur Big Creek Cem, Bunker, Reynolds Co, MO; children: Lora Wilhemina (1913), Cora Rose, Ethel Louise, Frank Leslie (b 1920), Anna Jewel, Lewis Lindberg (b 1928), Edward Charles, Cecil Eugene (b 1934),
7e)    Stella Jewell Colyott (pictured at right), b Mar 10, 1904 in Big Barn, Mo; d Mar 21, 1996 in St. Louis. m 1st in 1920 to Arnot S. Randolph; m 2nd in 1934 to John Paul Warren; children:
........Anna Marie Randolph; m Cecil Tripp; d 1999, bur Pine Lawn Cem, Winona, Mo.
........Audrey  Lucille Randolph; m ? Laramore
........Alan Hale Randolph
........Lena Pauline Randolph; m RW Rudolph
........Harlin Randolph
........Vivian Bernice Warren, b. July 09, 1935; m Harold Allen Shaw
........Kenneth Dale Warren
........Larry Gale Warren, m Carol ?                  
7f)    Opal Edna Colyott; m Walter Pennington


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