James Chapman Mapp

3rd generation


James Chapman Mapp, or “Chappie” was born in Nov. 27, 1856 in Bridgetown, Barbados (christened Jan 30, 1857). His Mapp family had been in Barbados for about 200 years, emigrating probably from Scotland. Chappie  died March 27, 1935 in Ponsonby township, Quebec, Canada.

Chapman and his twin brother emigrated to Canada in 1875. According to descendant Randall Boa: Chapman and his siblings “had inherited a substantial amount of money after the death of their father and mother. Apparently being young and inexperienced they went through the money rather quickly. As long as they had money they had plenty of friends but when it ran out the only one that was around to help or be their friend was Henry Morgan, Jr.  When the money ran out Henry Morgan, Sr. sent the boys to a lumber camp in the region of Lake Papineau formerly called Lake Commandant. This was where they met their wives and married."

Chapman married Margaret Ann Triquet, May 21, 1880. [One of her granddaughter's remembers calling her Gramma Trickie, but it was probably just Gramma Triquet (Tric-kay). Her maiden name was used in all documents (though sometimes spelled a little differently), so that must have been the culture.]

Margaret had red hair and was Irish, but was Protestant. Since the family name was French, her family was likely part of the French Huguenots who fled from France to Ireland, then years later came to Canada. There were Huguenots by that name.

Margaret died March 9, 1899. 

Protestant district of St. Jerome and Terrebonne -- burial record:

“Margaret Ann Triqault (sic), wife of James Chapman Mapp, of the township of Ponsonby, county of Labelle, province of Quebec, died on Thursday, March the ninth in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine and was buried on Saturday the eleventh of above mentioned month and year by us - N.F. Hutchings.  Witnesses: J.C. Mapp, L.Y. Mapp [Lewis, who was Chapman’s twin brother], H.G. Mapp”  [not sure who H.G. Mapp was. Maybe it was Chapman’s daughter Helena Florence, b1882.]

Chapman married 2nd to Josephine Forgette (who was French Catholic, but they married in the Anglican church), July 2, 1900. His last two children are by her.

Marriage record:

Protestant district of St. Jerome -- marriage Mapp & Forgette --

“James Chapman Mapp of the township of Ponsonby, county of Labelle, province of Quebec, son of John Thomas Mapp and of his wife, Mary Catherine Carter, and Josephine Forgette of Ponsonby county and province aforesaid, daughter of Louis Forgette and of his wife Clemois Labelle, were married on the second day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred by the authority of the publication of banns. -- R.F. Hutchings

contracting partners signed -- James Chapman Mapp, Josephine Forgette

witnesses signed -- Robert Currie, Lena Mapp”

Chapman’s death/burial record:

Protestant district of St. Jerome or Terrebonne - burial record:

“James Chapman Mapp, farmer, municipality of Ponsonby, county Papineau, province of Quebec, who was born in Bridgetown, Barbados British West Indies on the twenty-seventh day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven and died on the twenty-seventh day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty-five was buried in the cemetery of the congregation of St. Peters Gramont on the twenty-seventh day of March in the same year -- by Mr. Lordston? Phillips, parish priest.  Witnesses signed: Lena Currie & L.Y. Mapp”

Children of Chapman Mapp and his 2 wives (1-10 by Margaret, 11-12 by Josephine):

1.     Helen Augustine Mapp, b 7 May 1881, m Arthur Arby Currie

2.     Helena Florence "Lena" Mapp, b 29 Nov 1882 in Ponsonby, Quebec; m Robert Currie (pictures)

3.     Christina Matilda Mapp (drowned in Lake Commandant at age 4)

4.     Thomas Mapp (died at birth)

5.     James Chapman Mapp, Jr. b: 5 Apr 1887; m Estrazile Dourin

6.     Mary Catherine Mapp b: 29 Dec 1887; m Archie Bradley

7.     Lewis Young Mapp b: 1 Sep 1890; Virginia Dourin

8.     Maud Mapp b: 29 Apr 1892 in Mont Tremblant, Quebec; m Edward Freeman

9.     Annie Minnie Mapp b: 23 Feb 1894; m Floyd Butler

10.   George Ponsonby Mapp, b 25 Nov 1896; m Rose Leblanc

11.   Ella Josephine Mapp b: 21 Apr 1901; Etienne Maynard

  1. 12.  Elsie Mapp b: 10 Jul 1903; d 1918   

(Thanks to Judith Thomas, descendant of Florence, who sent me all these pictures!

Below are pictures of Chapman Mapp with his 2nd wife, Josephine and their 2 daughters, Ella & Elsie.

In back are 4 children of James Chapman Mapp:  Florence Currie, Lewis Mapp, Maud Freeman, James Mapp Jr.

in front is their uncle & aunt: Nathan Lewis Young Mapp & Flavette Armonsee  (Lewis & Chapman were twin brothers)


Chapman Mapp with his 2nd wife, Josephine and their 2 daughters, Ella & Elsie


                                                                                                                        Robert Mapp              

                                                                                 John Thomas Mapp        b 1787 St. Philip’s, Barbados

                                                                                  b 1821 St. Philip’s, Barbados    d  1827 St. Michael’s, Barbados

                                                                                                  d about 1875 Barbados

                                          James Chapman Mapp                                          Mary Harriett Reed   

                                          b 1856 Bridgetown, Barbados

                                          d 1935 Boileau, Quebec

                                                                                                                                                John Henry Carter      

                                                                                Mary Catherine Carter

Maud Mapp                                                             b 1826 St. Philip’s, Barbados

b 1892 Mont Tremblant, Quebec                                                                                             Katherine Lewis Young


                                          Margaret Ann Triquet/Traquier 

                                           b 1864 Ontario, Canada