St. Matthews Anglican Church, Jackmans, Barbados

Mapp Family in England

Mapp is a Saxon name, so the family must have first been in Germany, then probably came to England

with the Saxon invasion (400-600 AD) following the collapse of Roman power.

They held a family seat as Lords of the Manor in Lancashire.

The first recorded spelling of the family name is that of Walter Mapes, the canon of St. Paul's Cathedral,

dated 1200.

There were Mapps in Shropshire County, England in the 1600’s. Perhaps this is where the Barbados Mapps came from.

Shropshire county is in the west of England next to Wales.

1618, birth of John Mapp, who left Shropshire, England in 1654 and moved to Northampton Co, Virginia, where he died in 1687.

1665, Sept 2 - baptism of Thomas Map, son of Charles and Sara Map, at Leebotwood, Shropshire, England

Shropshire County supported King Charles I in the English Civil War and in 1644 surrendered to the parliamentary forces. This could have been a incentive to emigrate. There also was quite a lot of turmoil over the re-institution of King Charles II in 1660. For whatever reason, Thomas Mapp was in Barbados by 1663.


A little history of Barbados:

1627 - first English settlement.

1637 - sugarcane was first brought to Barbados by the Dutch.

1650 - Barbados was described as the richest spot in the New World.

1684 - there were 60,000 slaves in Barbados, outnumbering whites 3 to 1.

1703 - Yellow fever outbreak killed many people.

1731 - a hurricane caused widespread damage, followed 2 years later by a drought.

1751 - George Washington visited Barbados with his brother Lawrence who was sick with TB.  George contracted smallpox while there which left his face permanently scarred.  It was the only overseas trip George ever made.

During the later 1700's Barbados suffered economic problems.  The price of sugar fell because of

competition from other Islands, such as Jamaica.  The American War of Independence devastated trade.  

At one point food shortages were so severe that the poor died in the streets.  

1780  - a destructive hurricane killed over 2,000 people and destroyed crops.

1790 - Robert Mapp was born

1805 - Lord Horatio Nelson sailed into Barbados just a few months before he died in the Battle of Trafalgar.

1816 - Major slave revolt.

1820 - Buccaneer, Sam Lord, built his castle in Barbados.

1821 - John Thomas Mapp was born

1838 - slaves were emancipated.

Early Mapps in Barbados

It is not known when the Mapp family first came to Barbados. Mapp is a fairly common name in Barbados. There is a Mapp Hill and a Mapp sub-division.

From records available we know they were there from the mid-1660s, becoming early settlers. There are lots of Mapp births and marriages from 1665 on.  See Mapps in Barbados records.

  1. 1663 - Thomas Mapp was the executor in the will of Roger Tompkins, planter.

  2. 1665 - Thomas Mapp’s daug Mary was bapt in St. Philip, Aug 31

  3. 1668 - Edward Mapp’s daug Sarah was bapt Feb 6 in St. Philip

  4. 1680 census - Thomas Map, St. Phillip; Lawrence Map, St.Philip [no Edward]

  5. 1680 - Children of Thomas and Elizabeth Mapp baptized Dec 16 - Sarah b Jan 18, 1669, Martha June 14, 1671, Samuel Feb 21, 1679, Thomas Aug 31, 1676, Robert Aug 31, 1678 (Barbados Baptisms, St. Philip Parish, page 40, 1680)

  6. Children of Thomas & Elizabeth Mapp, all baptized 1680: Sarah, Martha, Samuel, Thomas, Robert

  7. 1686 Thomas and Eliza Mapp’s daugh, Mary was bapt in St. Philip, Oct 21.

  8. 1687 Thomas Mapp is mentioned in the will of Mary Powell, widow.

  9. 1697, Oct 2 - Samuel Mapp married Elizabeth Sparke (daug of John Sparke & Joyce Farmer) in St. Michael. Children: Elizabeth (1700), Sarah & Mary (both bapt 1710), Thomas, Robert, [Samuel, son of Samuel was bapt July8, 1698 St Philip]

  10. 1703 Thomas and Susanna Mapp’s daugs Martha & Susanna bapt April 19, 1703, son Samuel bapt 1704, son Thomas bapt 1712, all St. Philip [Martha was buried Apr 22, 1703]

  11. 1706 Thomas Mapp was buried Jan 3 in St Philip. 1709 his daug Elizabeth was buried.

  12. 1715 - Oct 11, St. Philips Parish (p487) Will of Samuel Mapp. Wife Eliza, Daugs Elizabeth, Sarah and Mary Mapp, sons Thomas and Robert Mapp (children all under 21), brother Thomas Mapp. Will proved Jan 5, 1715.

  13. 1717 Capt. Thomas Mapp is the signer of a deed for Thomas Hiddin, co-signed by Wm Hiddin.

  14. 1721 the Mapp plantation was established. Actually, the Vinter estate became Thomas Mapp’s plantation. It later became Mapp College. (Also? Sarah Small inherited the Small estate from her father in 1721 when her father died, and it was managed for her by Thomas Mapp.)

  15. 1720s (or earlier) the Mapp plantation (130 acres) in St. Phillip was owned by Samuel Mapp. By 1764 it had passed to son-in-law Rev. Richard Smith. By 1817 to Robert Allen, etc.

  16. 1736 Robert Mapp’s daug Elizabeth bapt Apr 5, St. Phillip

  17. 1737 Thomas Mapp buried Dec 14, St. Philip

  18. 1740 Robert Mapp was buried Sept 25, St. Philip. Rebecca Mapp was bur Nov 4, 1740 (perhaps his wife?)

  19. 1741 Samuel Mapp of St. Philip married Katherine Gibbes, daug of Dr. Joseph Gibbes of St. Philip. Samuel Mapp’s plantation was 130 acres and had 70 slaves.

  20. 1743 Sam & Kathe Mapp’s daug Elizabeth Mary bapt Dec 29

  21. 1745, Sept 11 - Samuel Mapp baptized in St. Philip (son of Sam Mapp and Kath Mapp)

  22. 1747 James Mapp’s daug Elizabeth Catherine was buried Sept 11, St. Philip

  23. 1753 Samuel Mapp bur Oct 28 St. John’s

  24. 1757 Mary King Mapp inherited the Valley estate (St George, Barbados) from her father Henry Peter King Presumably ownership then passed to her husband, Thomas Mapp. This plantation (272 acres in 1680) changed families several times over the years. It was also owned by James Mapp Alleyne in 1825.

  25. 1764 Samuel’s daughter, Mary Mapp, married Richard Smith from England; they had a daughter Suzanna and she married John Gosling. She inherited Mapp plantation.

  26. 1773 James m Kitty Roses, Jan 5 St. John’s. 1774 James and Catherine Mapp’s son James bapt Oct 9, St Philip. 1777 James and Kitty Mapp’s daug Kitty bapt 1777 (buried 1778), son James bapt 1781, St. Philip James’ wife Catherine/Kitty b1756-d1789, James d1796.

  27. 1783 James & Christian Mapp daug Charlotte bapt Aug 3, St. Philip

  28. 1785, Dec 3 - Robt Mapp married Sarah Burgis in St. John Parish

  29. 1787 Robert Mapp, b 1787, d 1827 St. Michael, bur Mar 10

  30. 1789 James T. Mapp, b 1789, d 1832, bur Jan 8 St. Michael

  31. 1792 Robert Mapp born, died 1847, bur Nov 26 Christ Church

  32. 1799 Samuel F Mapp, b 1799, d 1827 St Michael, bur Mar 22

  33. 1808 William Edw Mapp born, d 1839, buried St. Michael

  34. 1813 Robert Mapp married widow Eliza Siddy in St. Michael, July 26, 1813.

  35. 1814, Thomas A. Mapp born 1814, died 1842, bur St. Michael

  36. 1837 James Henry Mapp* was baptized Oct 8 in St. Michael’s, son of Thomas A (b abt 1810) & Margaret C. Mapp.

  37. 1870 the Jackmans plantation (130 acres) in St. Michael  and the Endeavor plantation in St. Thomas was owned by James Browne Mapp. In 1879 James Browne Mapp also owned the Neils plantation in St. George and St. Michael. James Browne Mapp m Frances. Ch: Samuel Henry bapt 1839 St. John

  38. Samuel Henry Mapp (son of Jas. Brown Mapp), b1839, m in 1863 to Elizabeth Susanna Adams

  39. Catharine Anne Mapp, b1840, m1863 to King William Pilgrim

  40. 1844 Robert Mapp m Penelope King, Mar 30, St. Philip

*James Henry Mapp (schoolmaster) & Martha Jane Haynes.  Child: Charles Higgins, born March 4, 1862, baptized June 11, 1862, living at Wr. Hothersal Turning [NOTE: John Thomas Mapp, below, was married at St. Matthews Church near Hothersal Turning.]

[Source: baptismal records of the Parish Church of St. Michael]

Charles Higgins Mapp, b 1862 St. Michael, Barbados, moved to England about 1880's and had children in the East end of London.  His son Charles Mapp Jr. (1900-1968) went to Australia during the early 1920's, AWOL from the British Indian army.  When he arrived in Australia, he changed his name to Ennever (the name of a brother-in-law in England), to keep the army from finding him.  It was not until after his death in 1968 that the family knew of his real name and the story behind it.

Robert Mapp

1st known generation

Robert Mapp was born about 1787, probably in St. Philip Parish, Barbados. There was a Mapp plantation located there, but at this time is was owned by Richard Smith, son-in-law of Samuel & Katherine Mapp (original owners).

Parents:  There was a Robert Mapp who married Sarah Burgis in St. John's Parish, Dec 3, 1785. This is a possibility for his parents, but it was in St John’s not St Phillips.

I don’t know that we will ever be able to figure out who Robert’s parents were. Many birth records in Barbados don’t record the parents name. All records tend to have sparse information. However, it is highly likely that Robert was a descendant of the original Thomas Mapp in 1663. If you have further info on this family, please email me at - maryjo

He married Mary Harriett Reed, Sept 22, 1814 in St. Michael's.  His children were all baptized in St. Philip's:

1815 - Mary Elizabeth Mapp, bapt. Aug 9 - of St. Philip [Vol 7, p 13]

1817 - Louisa Harriett Mapp, bapt Mar 3 - of St. Philip [Vol 7, p 63]

1818 - Robert Mapp, bapt Feb 18 - of St. Philip [Vol 7, p 95]

1821 - John Thomas Mapp, bapt July 29 - of St. Philip [Vol 7, p 214]

1824 - Joseph Henry (3 years old), bapt Nov 1 - of St. Philip [Vol 7, p 330]

1824 - Thomas Golding (8 months old), bapt Nov 1 - of St. Philip [Vol 7, p 330]

Robert Mapp of St. Michael buried March 10, 1827, age 40.


  1. 1.Mary Elizabeth Mapp, b abt 1815, St. Phillip. Married Thomas Bourne. May have died 1890 and buried in Christ Church Parish.

  2. 2.Louisa Harriet Mapp, b abt 1817 Barbados, baptized Mar 3, 1817, St Phillip’s.

  3. 3.Robert Mapp, b abt 1818, baptized Feb 18, 1818, St. Phillip’s

  4. 4.John Thomas Mapp, b 1821 St. Phillip’s, bapt July 29, 1821. Married Mary Catherine Carter, 1845, St. Michael’s

  5. 5.Joseph Henry Mapp, b abt 1822, St. Phillip’s, bapt Nov 1, 1824. [There was a Joseph Mapp who died 1899 in St. Michael (b abt 1814)]

  6. 6.Thomas Golding Mapp, b abt Feb 1824, St. Phillip’s. May have died at 8 months?

John Thomas Mapp

2nd generation

John Thomas Mapp was the son of Robert and Mary Harriett Mapp. He was born about 1821 in St. Michael, Barbados (baptized July 29, 1821). If his father died in 1827, then he was only 6 years old.

He had 3 brothers, Robert, Joseph Henry & Thomas Golding, and 2 sisters, Mary Elizabeth and Louisa Harriett.

Pirates also lived in Barbados. In fact, John Thomas was born the year after a locally-famous buccaneer, Sam Lord, built his castle there.

In 1831 he was 10 years old when the Great Barbados hurricane (category 4) hit Bridgetown on Aug. 10th. The 17-foot storm surge and collapsing buildings killed 1,500 people. (There were earlier hurricanes in 1675 and 1780, but normally Barbados misses the hurricanes.)

1838 - the slaves in Barbados were emancipated.

He married Mary Catherine Carter, June 5, 1845, by Thomas Rowe, minister of St. Matthews, in the presence of Henry Collymore and Alex H. Hollingsworth. [Marriages 1839-1848, Vol 13, pg 842]

St. Matthews Anglican Church (at Jackmans, NE of Bridgetown, pictured at right) dates back to 1829 when James Rogers donated 3/4 acre from Friendship Plantation in St. Michael. The church was competed in 1830 then was totally destroyed in the hurricane of 1831 and rebuilt in 1832. In 1841 Rogers donated another half acre and extended the cemetery.

Mary Catherine Carter was the daughter of John Henry Carter and Katherine Lewis Young. She named one of their sons Nathan Lewis Young Mapp, for her mother Katherine Lewis Young, and for 2 of Mary’s brothers, Nathan Carter and Lewis Young Carter (who may have been twins as they were baptized the same day).

John Thomas Mapp had several jobs, as listed when his children were baptized:

In 1846 he was a merchant and clerk

In 1848, he was a provisions vendor

In 1849 He was a provisions store keeper

In 1851 & 1853 he was clerk of St. Mary's chapel

In 1855 & 1857 he was a liquor seller

In 1856 when his twin sons were baptized, he was living in Cheapside, occupation: liquor seller; officiating minister: F. Blyram?, minister of St. Mary's [Baptisms Vol 24, pg 4]

John Thomas died about 1875 in Georgetown, Barbados at which point the two youngest boys, twins, James Chapman Mapp and Lewis Young Mapp (aged about 19), emigrated to Canada. There's a family story that they came to Canada because it was too hot in Barbados.  These two may have been the only ones in the family to go to Canada.

The boys had inherited a substantial amount of money after the death of their father and mother. Apparently being young and inexperienced they went through the money rather quickly. As long as they had money they had plenty of friends but when it ran out the only one that was around to help or be their friend was Henry Morgan, Jr. When the money ran out Henry Morgan, Sr. sent the boys to a lumber camp in the region of Lake Papineau formerly called Lake Commandant. This was where they met their wives and married. [from descendant Randall Boa]

Lake Papineau is located north of the Ottawa River between Ottawa and Montreal.

They kept up a connection with their family in Barbados. There is a picture of a cricket team in Barbados in 1907 with 2 children of their sister Mary Catherine Reece that was sent to Uncle James Chapman in Canada.  (see below)


1.  Mary Augusta, b abt 1846 in St. Michael, Barbados

2.  Helen Augustine MAPP b: abt 1847 in St Michael, Barbados

3.  Mary Catherine "Kate" MAPP b: abt 1849 in St Michael, Barbados; m Abraham Arnold Reece; children: Nellie (m Wakeford Elliot) & Lewis (at left), Arnold, Katie

4.  Louisa Harriett MAPP b: abt 1851 in St Michael, Barbados

5.  Sarah Elizabeth MAPP b: abt 1853

6.  John Thomas Jr. MAPP b: abt 1854

7.  James Chapman "Chappie" MAPP b: 1856 in St Michael, Barbados (see below)

8.  Nathan Lewis Young MAPP b: 1856

According to family members on Barbados, Nellie (pictured at right; daug of Mary Catherine Mapp) was a very independent woman. She had no children with Wakeford. They moved to St. Kitts at some point where Nellie worked as a contractor building houses. She earned the money and Wakeford, as one relative said, “was a bloody old smuggler”-- not uncommon between the small, close islands. Wakeford got involved with a woman there and had some (8) children with her. Nellie left him and returned to Barbados where she lived out her life.

Below is a cricket team in Barbados in 1907:  #1-Nellie Reece, #2-Lewis Reece (children of Mary Catherine Mapp Reece), the arrow on the left points to Wakeford Elliot.


Pictured below:

1. Nellie Reece. Granddaughter of John Thomas Mapp. She wrote on the back "To Uncle Chapman with love from your affectionate niece, Nellie Reece." 1906

2. Lewis Reece, brother of Nellie, 1907.

3. Arthur Wakeford Elliott, husband of Nellie Reece


                                                                                                                        Robert Mapp              

                                                                                 John Thomas Mapp        b 1787 St. Philip’s, Barbados

                                                                                  b 1821 St. Philip’s, Barbados    d  1827 St. Michael’s, Barbados

                                                                                                  d about 1875 Barbados

                                          James Chapman Mapp                                          Mary Harriett Reed   

                                          b 1856 Bridgetown, Barbados

                                          d 1935 Boileau, Quebec

                                                                                                                                                John Henry Carter      

                                                                                Mary Catherine Carter

Maud Mapp                                                             b 1826 St. Philip’s, Barbados

b 1892 Mont Tremblant, Quebec                                                                                             Katherine Lewis Young


                                          Margaret Ann Triquet/Traquier 

                                           b 1864 Ontario, Canada


There were 2 Mapp men in the 1660’s in st. Philip, Barbados: Thomas & Edward

In 1680 there was also Lawrence.

Thomas Mapp Sr, b abt 1640. First appeared in Barbados records in 1663.  It’s possible he came to Barbados about this time with his sons (or brothers): Edward & Lawrence.

1680 Edward Mapp’s daug was bapt.

In 1680 St. Phillip census along with possible brother, Lawrence Map.  Thomas was buried Jan 3, 1706 St Philip.

Sons of Thomas:

Samuel-1, Thomas Jr, Robert


John Mapp, (son of Lawrence?) 1687-1725;  m Tamar; ch: John II (d1783)

Samuel Mapp-1, (son of Thomas Sr, brother of Thomas II) 1670-1715, m 1697 Elizabeth Sparke in St. Michael; sons (from will): Robert, Thomas. A Samuel Mapp was buried Oct 28, 1753, St. John’s.

Robert Mapp (son of Thomas Sr), b abt 1670,

Thomas Mapp II (son of Thomas Sr), b abt 1670, was prob Capt. Thomas Mapp in 1717. maybe m Susanna. Thos & Susanna had daug Martha 1703 St. Philip.

Thomas II was buried Dec 14, 1737 St. Philip.


Samuel Mapp-2 (son of ?), began the Mapp plantation in 1721 in St. Phillip. In 1741 he? married Katherine Gibbes.

His son, Samuel-3, bapt 1745.

His daug (or gr-daug) Mary m Richard Smith. Did she inherit the Mapp plantation bc he had no sons?

Robert Mapp (son of Samuel-1), b abt 1700,

Thomas Mapp (son of Samuel-1), b abt 1702, bapt Oct 1702 St. Philip.

Thomas Mapp (son of ?), b abt 1732; he married Mary King who in 1757 had inherited the Valley estate in St. George from her father.

Robert Mapp (son of ?), b abt 1760, m Sarah Burgis in 1785 in St. John’s.


Trying to make some connections, let’s look at the Mapp family marriage records by parish:

St. Philip’s Parish

  1. 1735 - Mary Mapp m ?? , July 27 (by license)

  2. 1767 - Mary Mapp  William Pinkett, Oct 9

St. Michael’s Parish

  1. 1697 - Samuel Mapp m Elizabeth Sparks, Oct 2

  2. 1699 - Sarah Mapp m William Clarke, Jan 5

  3. 1725 - Sarah Mapp m Benj Gotherd, May 19 (by license)

  4. 1770 - Rebecca Mapp m Richard Sims, Jan 23

St. John’s Parish

  1. 1739 - Samuel Mapp m Frances Sealey, ? 21

  2. 1749 - Samuel Mapp m Jane Gollop, Aug 5

  3. 1755 - Susanna Mapp m Henry Alleyne, July 10

  4. 1758 - Eliza Mapp m Christopher Ince, Feb 6

  5. 1773 - James Mapp m Kitty Rous, Jan 5

  6. 1781 - Richard Steady Mapp m Mary Stady White, Apr 5

  7. 1785 - Robt Mapp & Sarah Burgis, Dec 3

Christ Church Parish

  1. 1712 - Tomasin Map m William Butler, Dec 28