Above. . .

Edward Victor “Eddie” Freeman,

Edward John “Ted” Freeman, and

Edward Frederick Freeman,

all in a straight line of 10 Edward Freemans. These 3 were Salvation Army Band members in Windsor, Canada.

Edward John “Ted” Freeman

& Maud Mapp


Ted and Maud’s wedding photo

Edward John Freeman "Ted" was born Nov. 10, 1889 northeast of London, in Leytonston, Essex County. His birth certificate says he was born at Newcomen Road, Wanstead, Leyton, Essex County. His father died 1898-1901, before Ted was 11.

The picture at right is supposed to be of him when he was 16.  If so, he would still have been in England.  It looks like he has a Salvation Army hat on, but not a Salvation Army uniform.
     In England, he attended the Church of England when he was young, but he came to Canada in 1909 (age 20) under the auspices of the Salvation Army as a farm boy. He first went out west where he eventually bought some land. 
    Then, later he went to Montreal, where he met and married Maud Mapp about 1914. She had moved to Montreal as a teenager to work.  
     Maud was born April 29, 1892,  on a farm in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. She had red hair and was the daughter of James Chapman Mapp & Margaret Ann Triquet. (see picture of them. James was born in Barbados and emigrated to Canada when he was about 19; Margaret was an Irish Protestant, also with red hair.)  

    Edward & Maud Freeman lived in the United States around Lake Placid, then moved to Desoronto, Canada (near Kingston, Eddie was born in Mont Tremblant in 1915 and Flo in Desoronto in 1917); then to Perry Sound, Ont. (Charlie born there in 1919) where Ted worked in a munitions factory during World War I. Ted and Maud were converted at the Salvation Army in Perry Sound in 1921. He soon became the secretary of the Salvation Army Corps in Perry Sound.
    Not too long after he was converted Ted wrote a poem, expressing his new faith in Christ. He surely meant it to be sung to a certain tune, but no one knows which tune. 

Flee as a Bird
by Edward J. Freeman
1. Flee as a bird to your mountain,    Thou who art weary of sin;
    Go to the clear flowing fountain,    Where you may wash and be clean.
    Fly for th'avenger is near thee;    Call and the Savior will hear thee;
    He on His bosom will bear thee,    Thou who art weary of sin,    O thou, who art weary of sin.
2. Come to the Christ, you will need Him;    Sinner, let Him be your guide.
    You will not stray from the pathway,    If He is close by your side.
    Step out in faith; He is with thee.    Trust in the strength He will give thee
    To overcome what besets thee.    He'll take your fears all away.    Yes, He'll take your fears all away.
3. He will protect thee forever,    Wipe every falling tear;
    He will forsake thee, O never,    Sheltered so tenderly there.
    Haste then, the hours are flying;    Spend not the moment in sighing;
    Cease from your sorrow and crying.    The Savior will wipe every tear.    The Savior will wipe every tear.

When the munitions factory closed Ted moved to Bracebridge, then to Chatham where he was a painter. In 1938 they moved to Windsor.  While in Windsor he and Maud attended the Salvation Army, Windsor Citadel. (See picture of the 3 Edward Freemans in their Salvation Army uniforms above.)  
Seven of their 12 children also attended that church: 
Ed, Charlie, Bob, Margaret, Ruth, Dorothy & May.  Ted played the tuba in the band.  In 1970, years after his death many of the band members at the church were his family:

Son, Eddie - played soprano cornet
   Edward (son of Eddie) - played euphonium
   Doug (son of Eddie) - played baritone
   Fred (son of Edward) - played trombone
   Mark (son of Edward) - played cornet
Son, Charlie - played Eb alto horn, 1st chair
   Chuck (son of Charlie) - played baritone
   Victor (son of Charlie) - played cornet
   Keith Paylor (son-in-law of Charlie) - played ?_____
Son-in-law, Henry Douglas (husband of Ruth) - played euphonium
   Keith Douglas (son of Henry) - played tuba
Son, Bob - played Eb alto horn
   Michael (son of Bob) - played cornet
   Roger (son of Bob) - played trombone
(I thought there were more Freemans in that band, but we can't remember any more. If you know of more, please let me know -- maryjo@ RFMIN.net)

Ted & Maud had a dog named Spot when they were old. Ted died 1961 in Windsor, Ontario, 
of cancer and was buried in Memorial Cemetery in Windsor. 
Maud died about 1962-3 of cancer of the throat. 

Since Maud’s mother died when she was 7, the older lady in this picture must be her aunt, Flavette Mapp (wife of Louis who was the twin brother of Maud’s father)

Below is a picture of Ted and Maud's family at their 40th anniversary in 1954:

(All are Freemans unless last name included)
Back row (standing) L to R: Charlie, Jack Smith, Violet, Bob, George Laliberte, Edward Sr "Ted", George, Jimmy Logan, Edward III, Ed Preswick, Doug, Ethel, Keith, Edward Jr. "Eddie"
Sitting: Ann, Margaret, Dorothy, Florence, Maud, May, Jean, Ruth, Bea
Children: Victor (on Ann's lap), Beth Laliberte, Elaine Laliberte, Diane, Roger, Michael, Tim Johnson, Kim Johnson, Sharon (standing), Paul Logan,  Wendy Logan (standing), Barry Preswick, Donna Preswick, Chuck, Larry (standing)

Children of Edward and Maud (Mapp) Freeman:
1.     Edward Victor, b 1 Apr 1915 in Mont Tremblant, Ontario, Canada; m Beatrice Midgley
2.     Florence Maude, b 29 Apr 1917 in Desaronto, Ontartio; m George LaLiberte
3.     Charles Frederick, b 3 Jan 1919 in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada; m Anne Davies
4.     Ethel, b abt 1921 in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada; m Ron Johnson
5.     Ruth Elaine, b abt 1923 in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada; m Henry Douglas
6.     Robert John, b 26 May 1924 in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada; m Violet Webster
7.     May Victoria, b abt 1926 in Bracebridge, Ontario; m James Logan
8.     Daisy Jean,  b abt 1928 in Bracebridge, Ontario; m Ed Preswick
9.     Margaret Patricia, b May 12, 1930; m Jack Smith
10.   William George, b 28 Oct 1932 in Chatham, Ontario, Canada; m Mary Lou ?
11.   Dorothy, b 1933; m Charles Christmas
  Donald Keith, b Oct 4, 1935; m Barbara "Roxie" Atkins

Grandson Edward and Florence's wedding, Aug. 7, 1954. 
Lily Midgley (Bea's mom), Ed, Bea, Flo, Edward, Maud, Ted Freeman
In front of Ed and Bea's house at 701 Norfolk, Windsor, Ontario

The “Songsters” choir at Windsor Citadel, Salvation Army, Windsor, Ontario
Back row:   ?    ?    Fred Harding,   ?    Eddie Freeman, Ted Freeman 
2nd row:  5th from right, Maud Freeman
Front row:  ?   ?   ?    Eileen Voisey, center A.W. “Bert” Smith, songster leader