Hancock Family

1. Thomas Hancock, b abt 1525 in St. Mary Woolnot, London, Eng
ch: Thomas

2. Thomas Hancock, b May 1, 1550, m Agnes Nickolls (b abt 1550 Eng)
ch: William

3. William Hancock, b 4 Sep 1580, Devonshire, Eng; d Mar 22, 1622, Berkeley Hundred, Jamestown, VA.  William married Susan Poynter on 26 Sep 1604 in Stepney, St. Dunstans', England. Susan was born about 1580 in England. He was a member of The Virginia Company of London which was a group of businessmen who were granted a charter by King James I (June 1606) for the purpose of establishing a settlement in the Chesapeake area of Virginia. The first settlement was established at Jamestown in 1607. As an investor in the Virginia Company, William traveled to Jamestown in 1619. According to an old Hancock family Bible, William left England on the ship “Margaret of Bristol” on Sept 16, 1619. Leaving his family behind in England, he was coming to search for lumber for his ship-building business. They set foot in Virginia on Dec. 4, 1619 and proclaimed it a day of Thanksgiving (the first Thanksgiving Day in America). That location became Berkeley Hundred. Plantation, a small village. William Hancock lived at Capt. George Thorpe’s house, who wanted to help convert and civilize the Indians. On Good Friday, 22 March 1622 the settlement was attacked by Indians and William, along with about 300 others, was massacred. In 1630, three of William's son Augustine came to Virginia to claim his father’s vast estate. Son Simon came in 1635, settling in Princess Anne County, and son William came in 1638. Augustine, Simon and William became prominent planters in VA.
CH: Augustine (1605, d aft 1630), Simon (1610/12, d 1654), William (1615)

4. William Hancock, b 1615 Devonshire, Eng, d 1693 Surry Co, VA; m Elizabeth Spencer (daug of Nicolas Spencer)
ch: John

5. John Hancock, b1676 VA; d 1732 Surry Co, Va; m Jane Holt
ch: William (1693)

6. Benjamin Hancock, b 1711, Va; d 1760 Goochland Co, VA; Elizabeth ?   DNA tests link Benjamin to the original immigrant, William Hancock (1580-1622)
children: John D, Major, Thomas, Mary Anna, George, William, Agnes, Elizabeth, Stephen, Judith.
--John Hancock, 1733-1802, m Elizabeth Maddox. His land adjoined Thomas Jefferson's at Monticello.  ch: Susanna Hancock Spurlock
--William Hancock, 1739-1818, m Mary Merchant.  Was a friend of Daniel Boone.  Lived with him at Boonesborough, then followed him to St. Louis, MO.
--Stephen Hancock, 1744-1827. He also followed Daniel Boone to MO where he died.

John Hancock

John D. Hancock was born 1733 in James Northern Parish, Goochland Co, Va (or born 1730-35, New Kent Co, Va).
He is listed on the DAR Patriot Index as: "Hancock, John, b abt 1733 VA, d p 11- -1802, m Elizabeth Maddox, PS (patriotic service) VA"
He was a member of the Church of England.

1755 is the earliest record of John "D." Hancock in "The Douglas Register" where his marriage listed.
He married Elizabeth Maddox, dau. of John and Elizabeth Maddox, of Goochland (pink on map below) and Powhatan Counties, Va.  Rev. William Douglas (of the "Douglas Register of Goochland") officiated at the marriage of John and Elizabeth, Oct 16, 1755 in Goochland Co, Va.

1756 -- John was granted 799 acres of land in Sussex County on Aug 16.  620 acres had been granted by a letter of patent in 1732.  This land joined Col. Philip Lightfoot's land.

He moved to Albemarle (later Fluvanna) Co.
Goochland Co., Va Fee Book named "John of Albemarle Co."
Thomas Jefferson (b 1743) also lived in Albemarle Co, VA. and the Hancock land bordered the Jefferson land (SE of Charlottesville, VA).  In fact, the Hancock land bordering Monticello was surveyed by Peter Jefferson, father of Thomas (Peter Jefferson died in 1757).  [In 1764 Thomas Jefferson inherited his father's 2750-acre estate. In 1768 Jefferson began building Monticello. In 1770 Jefferson moved into Monticello. In 1772 he married Martha Wayles Skelton, whose dowry almost doubled his holdings.]  Monticello is now located in Albemarle Co.

This 1790 map of Virginia shows: New Kent County (in green), Goochland County (in pink), Henry County (in orange; Patrick Co took the west part in 1791).  In 1804 his daughter, Susannah married David Spurlock from neighboring Montgomery County (in blue).

All ten of John's children were born in Albemarle County, Va: Benjamin (1756), Lewis (1757), William L. (abt 1759), Major (abt 1760), Nancy (1763),  Rhoda (abt 1766), Mary (abt 1768), Elizabeth Maddox (1773), Judith (1778), Susanna (abt 1780).

1774, Jun 5 - "In consideration of the sum of 10 shillings of good and lawful money, John Hancock was granted one certain parcel of land, containing 87 acres, lying in Co. of Albemarle, on the S. branches of Cunningham's Creek, beg. at Wm. Moore's corner to pointers in Colonel Hopkins' line, So. on George Hilton's line, East to Thomas Jefferson's line, then on to Wm. Moore's (Morris') line North to beg."  [Vol 42, p. 709.]
Also June 5, 1774,  "in consideration of the sum of Twenty Shillings . . .  do give, grant and confirm unto John Hancock one certain tract or parcel of land containing 182 acres, lying and being in the county of Albemarle on the south side of the Rivanna River on the branches of Cunningham Creek, and bounded as follows, to-wit: Beginning at a pine and pointers in Hardin Burnley's line, running with the same S. 29(degrees) W. 180 poles, crossing two branches of Cunningham Creek to pointers, then now lines S. 40(degrees) E. 146 poles crossing two branches to pointers, and N. 37(degrees) E. 212 poles to the beginning."

John Hancock was a private in the Revolutionary War. 
[There was another John Hancock who married Ann/Nancy Graves, and was a Capt in the Louisa Co, VA Militia.]

1777 -- John had four sons. He gave each of them a farm as they became of age. On August 7, 1777, John Hancock of Fluvanna Co., gave his oldest heir, Benjamin, 182 acres of land located on Cunningham Creek.
On Aug. 1, 1777, John D. Hancock of Fluvanna Co., for love and affection, deeded his son Benjamin Hancock 182 acres on Cunningham Creek, and his son Lewis Hancock 87 acres adjoining the lines of Thomas Jefferson, John Haden and Henry Haislip (D.B. 1, pp. 18 and 19). This deed is signed "John Hancock."

I don't know what his involvement was in the Revolutionary War, but there is a John Hancock from VA on the DAR list.

Fluvanna County Marriage Bonds 1777-1801
1778 - Lewis Handcock & Celey Oglesby
1780 - Nancy Handcock & Jesse Corn

1785 -- Later (abt 1785 when he was abt 52) he moved to the west part of Henry Co. from which Patrick Co. was taken in 1791. (Check out this site for some history of Patrick County.)  Maybe he didn't take his family with him at first.  His daughter Elizabeth married in 1790 in Goochland County, and Mary married in 1795 in Fluvanna County, but Judith married in 1794 in Patrick County.

1799 -- Jan. 27, John Hancock and Elizabeth his wife, of Patrick Co., in consideration of $260.00, deeded land to Jacob Mayo, of Fluvanna Co. (D. B. 3, p. 505).  Jacob was the father-in-law of 2 of his daughters: Elizabeth & Judith.

Sept. 13, 1802 (D. B. 4,p. 182), they deeded him 147 acres in consideration of $100.00.

John Hancock left a will dated Nov. 10, 1802, prob. in Patrick Co.,Va., Dec. Court, 1802
He left his son Lewis Hancock the land he lived on in Fluvanna County.
He left his sons William & Major the land he lived on in Patrick Co.  
He left his clothes to son Benjamin because he had already given him 1821 in Fluvanna Co.
The rest of his estate he left to his wife for life or widowhood, and then to be divided among his 5 living daughters and William, with a part left for the children of his deceased daughter, Mary.
[From "Hopkins of Virginia and Related Families" by Walter Lee Hopkins]

1802 Nov 10 - Will of John Hancock:
"In the name of God Amen.  I, John Hancock, of the county of Patrick, being in good health and in my perfect sense and memory, thanks be to God for the mercies conferred upon me, but knowing the certainty of death and that it is appointed unto all men once to die, I do make, constitute and appoint this my last will and testament; first, I commend my soul to the hand of the Almighty God who gave it, hoping through the meritous cross and passion of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to receive a free and full pardon of all of my sins committed who I trust will not reject me when I come to him for mercy; my body I give to the earth to be decently buried according to the will of my executor hereinafter mentioned, and as for all the rest of my temporal estate which it has pleased almighty God indow me with, I give and bequeath as followeth:
Item. I give and bequeath to my son, Lewis Hancock the land whereon I lived in the county of Fluvanna, to him and his heirs forever.
Item. I so lend to my well beloved wife, my whole and sole estate in doors and out doors during her natural life or widowhood, and after her decease, my will and pleasure is that my son, William Hancock should have a part of the land whereon I now live; that is from the end of the mill dam on the ridge to the north line to him and his heirs forever.
Item. The remainder part from there down, I give and bequeath to my son Major Hancock to him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath to my son Benjamin Hancock all my wearing clothes. [He had previously given Benjamin a farm of 182 acres on Cunningham Creek in Fluvanna Co., VA]
Item. And after the decease of my wife, my will and desire it that the rest of my estate be equally divided between my five daughters and my son William Hancock, to-wit: Nancy Corn, Rodie Lane, Elizabeth Mayo, Judath Mayo, and Susannah Hancock.
Item. And proportionable part with them to be given to my daughter Mary Morrison's two eldest children, to-wit: Allen Morrison and Jency Morrison, to be sold and equally divided among them according to the will of my executor hereinafter mentioned, to them and their heirs forever.
Item. And I do appoint my son William Hancock my whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament, revoking and making void all other wills by me made heretofore.
In witness whereof I have unto set my hand and affixed my seal this the 10th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and two.
Interlined before assigned
John Hancock L. S.
Barna Bas Balisle
C. John Scott X his mark
Mary W. Thompson X her mark
Patrick County, December Court 1802.

Returned Dec. Ct. 1802
p.46 Date: None
Item: Inventory of John Hancock estate,
Includes: Cattle, horses, plantation equipment, household furniture, sheep and books.
Also, cotton due from George Lain.
83/4 gal. brandy due from W. J. Mayo, also same amount due next Oct.
Total: $382.17
Appraisers: David Harbour, Moses Harbour and Danridge Slaught

He is buried on the Northeast slope of Bull Mountain.