Henry, Jr. was born the same year his father died, but his father died before he was born. His mother remarried to Thomas Davis, who raised him.

1733, March 14, Henry Jr's land was surveyed--he had 200 acres.  

He married Aug. 15, 1733 at Christ's Church (Anglican) in Philadelphia, Pa. to Mary Wilkinson, daughter of William.  (Their son Nathan was also married in Christ's Church, Philadelphia).   The church was founded in 1695 and many of the founders of our country attended there at some time while they were in Philadelphia. Benjamin Franklin was buried in the cemetery there in 1790, so it's highly likely that Henry and Mary at least saw Ben.

[ancestry.com's list of Penn marriages lists the marriage date as Apr 15, 1772.]

1723 Deed - By warrant dated September 1, 1723, 100 acres of land was laid out in Plumstead Township, Bucks County PA. William Wilkinson adjoining the lands of Ebeneezer Farge. William Wilkinson died intestate leaving two daughters, Margaret Wilkinson and Mary, wife of Henry Huddleston and whereas the said Margaret Wilkinson by deed dated August 12, 1738 [see below], conveyed all her rights therein unto said Henry Huddleston who died suddenly. Thereof like deed recorded in deed Book 44, page 239 to George Clymer of Philadelphia for 33 acres devised to Rachel Clymer by said will. 

In 1738 Henry Jr. bought the other half of the land his wife and her sister inherited from their father:

"This Indenture made the Eleventh Day of August in the year of our Lord, one Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty and Eight - Between Margarit Wilkinson of Plubstead in the County of Bucks in the province of Pensilvania ----- of the one parte And Henry Hudlstone of the same place yeoman of the other parte. Witnesseth that the said Margrit Wilkinson for and in Consideration of the Sume of five Shillings Lawful money of the province of Pensilvania To her in hand paid by the said Henry Hudlestone the ----- ----- of is hereby Acknowledged; Have Bargained and sold And by these presents Doth Bargaine and sell unto the said Henry Hudlestone one full and Eaquall undivided Halfe parte of a Certaine ----- Eominent and Tract of Land situate Lying and being in ----- aforesaid Begining at a post in the Line of the Land of Ebonezor Large Thence by the Same South East Two hundred forth two porches to a post Thence --- a line of milerod Eadds North East seventy porches to a post Thence North West by a line of mayrod Erdor two hundred forty two porches to a post Then South West seventy porched to the place of Begining Containing one Hundred acres of Land with all and ---- the woods ---- woods meaddows... (signed) Margrit Wilkinson"

1740 - Henry Jr. built a house in Four Lanes End (now Langhorne) on the 112-acre plot which his father bought from William Hayhurst.   His father (and maybe grandfather) had built a house on this property in 1690 (now 154 West Marshall Ave.)   Then his father built another house nearby there in 1706 (303 W. Maple).  Henry, Jr was born in 1706 after his father died.  Then in 1740 a later house was also built on the property by Henry Jr. (now 151 W. Maple Ave.)  [I'm not sure if the house at right top is the one built in 1740 by Henry Jr. or a later one built about 1834 after Dr. Thomas Allen bought the Huddleston place.]

1755 Deed - Henry Huddleston to Rudolph Landis same 150 acres, May 11, 1755, Deed Book 17, page 228. 

1756 -  Deed: Nathan Huddleston and Esther his wife, of Plumstead Township, PA. to John Saunders, September 22, 1780, Deed Book 26, page 606. "Whereas, Thomas and Richard Penn, proprietaries Vcc. by patent dated September 2, 1756, granted and confirmed unto Henry Huddleston a tract of land in Plumstead Township adjoining the land of William Wilkinson, containing 221 acres and 23 Perches. Whereas, Henry Huddleston by will derived 106 acres to be taken off of said tract for His daughters Hulda Montgomery, Rachel Clymer and Martha Fox, and devised the residue of His lands to his son Nathan Huddleston. Present conveyance is for one and one eighth acre on the Duram Road."

1757 - He bought 100 acres in 1757 from Icabod Wilkinson and sold it in 1769 to Philip Harple.  1769 Deed - Henry Huddleston and Mary, his wife Mary Wilkinson, of the Plumstead Township, Bucks County, To Philip Harple of Bedminister Township, said county dated February 2, 1769. Recorded in Deed Book 17, page 308, conveying 100 acres of land lying partly in Plumstead and partly in Bedminister Township, to the said Henry Huddleston, annex by Icabod Wilkinson and Sarah His wife, June 30, 1757

1764 he bought 100 acres of land from his son, Daniel Huddleston.

1766 Deed - Nathan Huddleston of Plumstead Township and Rachel his wife, to his father Henry Huddleston of Same place, dated October 6, 1766, Deed Book 13, page 266, conveying 150 acres of a track Of 230 acres devised by Ebeneezer Large. Will dated 12 month third day 1759, to his grandson Samuel Tryor; conveyed by said Samuel Tryor to John Bancroft and Hannah his wife to Daniel Huddleston, December 5, 1766. 

1767, March 10 - Henry advertised about a runaway slave in the Pennsylvania Gazette, which was published by Benjamin Franklin.  It is possible that he met Ben Franklin when he went into his shop to buy an ad. 

See a copy of a page from the Pennsylvania Gazette in 1750.

1770 - Son, Nathaniel was the only one of Henry Jr's 4 sons to stay with him in Bucks Co, PA (along with daughter Rachel Clymer).  Henry's 3 other sons (Daniel, William & Abraham) & one daughter (Hulda Montgomery Ray) moved southwest (maybe about 400 miles) to Bedford Co., Va. in 1770.  

Abraham died in Bedford Co and most of his family stayed there while William & Daniel moved on about 100 miles NW to Kanawha Co (WV) about 1785 where William died and Daniel's family stayed. 

Then William's sons all moved west to Tenn. 

Henry Jr's daughters, Martha Fox & Mary Strait moved to SC; Huldah Ray joined them there.

Then, after Henry Jr. died in 1780 his last son Nathaniel moved to (West) Virginia after 1786.

Henry Jr. had 3 grandsons named John. In order to distinguish them, they were given nicknames:  John "Boomer" (son of William), John "Paddy" (son of Daniel), and John "Valley" (son of ?Nathaniel) who lived in Teas Valley, Kanawha Co, WV

1775 tax records showed that Henry Jr. owned 300 acres of land, three horses, five head of cattle, and ten sheep.

In 1776, a few months after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Washington's small army had suffered some terrible losses. He set up a ferry at what is now called Washington's Crossing, just east of Taylorsville, PA (abt 7 mi N of Trenton). He set up his meager supply camp at Newtown (abt 2 mi N of Langhorne and 3 mi W of the River). Washington ordered his surgeon general to set up a hospital at Four Lanes End (now Langhorne), a small but thriving village of tradesmen and craftsmen. Washington and his officers occupied 4 buildings at the main intersection in town. He created a cemetery there and buried 166 men, most of whom died of disease and starvation. Henry Huddleston, Jr. would have been 70 years old at the time, but he obviously would have seen and probably met George Washington. Henry died 4 years later in 1780.

1779 - Henry Jr. and his son Nathan remained in Plumstead Twp., Bucks Co., Pa. where they were on the tax list in 1779 (Henry, with 300 acres, 2 horses, 4 cattle, paid $25.00 in taxes).  [In 1779 there were several Huddlestons from his brother William's family in Middletown township.]  Later Nathan moved to Hampshire Co Va (WV), where he was in 1810. 

1780 Deed - Nathan Huddleston and Esther his wife, of Plumstead Township, PA. to John Saunders, September 22, 1780,  Deed Book 26, page 606. "Whereas, Thomas and Richard Penn, proprietaries Vcc. by patent dated September 2, 1756, granted and confirmed unto Henry Huddleston a tract of land in Plumstead Township adjoining the land of William Wilkinson, containing 221 acres and 23 Perches. Whereas, Henry Huddleston by will derived 106 acres to be taken off of said tract for His daughters Hulda Montgomery, Rachel Clymer and Martha Fox, and devised the residue of His lands to his son Nathan Huddleston. Present conveyance is for one and one eighth acre on the Duram Road. "

1780 - Henry died March14 in Plumstead twp, Bucks Co, PA.  He must have been a pretty wealthy man as he left quite a bit of money & land to his children. Even in 1815 there was still money being paid from his estate to his Clymer grandchildren to pay for the funeral of their mother, Rachel. When daughter Huldah died in 1815, her children sold her land in Bucks Co, Pa.  that she had inherited from her father. 

In 1781 Mary was still living in Plumstead Twp. (with no land, 1 horse, 2 cattle, & no servants).   Henry willed money and land to all his children. He left Mary all the household goods, 2 milk cows, 100 pounds in gold and silver, and also stipulated that she received 1/3 of  of the "grain, hay, apples & fruit" raised on his lands--as long as she remained his widow, "and no longer"!

1815 Deed - Nathan Huddleston, of Hampshire County Virginia, surviving executor of the Will of Henry Huddleston deceased, to Judith Moyer, dated December 4, 1815. Recorded in Deed Book 44, Page 234, conveying 33-1/4 acres by will of said Henry Huddleston to his daughter Hulda Montomery for and during her natural life then to be sold, of which will be named his wife Mary and son Nathan as executors. 

Will of Henry Huddleston:

In the Name of God, Amen. I Henry Huddleston of Plumstead in the County of Bucks in the province State or Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Yoeman, being weak in Body, but of Sound and perfect Mind and Memory,

Thanks be given to Almighty God for the same and Considering that it is appointed for all Men to Die, Do make, ordain and publish this my last Will and Testament, in Manner and form following, First and Princpally I Command my soul to God who gave it, and my Body to the Earth, to be buried in Christianlike  and Decent Manner, at the Discretion of my Executors hereafter named: 

And as touching such Worldly Estate as Lands, Goods, Chattles & Effects whatsoever, wherewith it has pleased God to Bless me in this Life, I do give devise,Bequeath and Dispose of the same in the following manner, that is to say, 

First I do Will and order that all my just Debts and funeral expenses be first and immediately Paid as soon as may be after my Decease ~~

Item, I Do give, devise and bequeath unto my beloved Wife Mary Huddleston all my Household Goods, together with two good milch cows, and good riding Horse and Saddle and Ten sheep and the Sum (small hole) One Hundred Pounds in good Gold and Silver coined money, to be Paid unto her or her heirs and assigns , at the same Rates or Value that such coined Gold and Silver rassos for now, in the said State of Pennsylvania that is to Say, A Johannes for Six pounds, a half, Johannes for three pounds, an English Guinea for thiry five Shillings, a piece of 8 for 7L6,VC to be paid unto her in one year after my Decease; I also give unto her futher the full one Third part of all the Grain and Hay that shall be raised upon or out of my Lands during the Time that she Continues my Widow and the third part of the Apples or fruit also; this last Articles of the Grain Hay and fruit to be continued and Paid unto her as long as she continues my Widow, as Aforesaid, and no longer:

Item  I Do giver to my Son William Huddleston the Sum of Twenty Pounds to be paid unto him or his Heirs or Assigns in good gold and Silver coined Money, at the same Rates and Value as is also mentioned, in Two Years after my Decease: 

Item  I do Give & bequeath unto my Son Daniel Huddleston, the Sum of Five Shillings to be paid unto him in Two Years after my Decease in Such Gold & Silver Coin, as Aforesaid: 

Item   turn over

Item  I Do Give and Bequoath unto my Son Abraham Huddleston the Sum of One Hundred and Fifty Pounds of good Gold & Silver coined -- money at the same Rates and Values as is Aforementioned, to be Paid unto him or his Heirs or Assigns in Two Years after my Decease: 

I do give, Devise and Bequeath unto my daughter Rachel Clymer, the Just & full Sum, Measure or Quantity of Thirty and three Acres of my Land, part of the place whereon I now live, to hold the same Land unto herher(?) and During the Term of her natural Life and no longer, And after her Decease , the said 33 acres of Land shall be sold for the best Price that can be gotten for the same, And the Monies arising from such Sale must be equally Divided among her Children: N.B the said 33 Acres of Land must be Measured out unto her, Beginning from Durham Road and thence extending to a Poplar Tree above the Spring, and thence so far as will make the 33 Acres compleat in runnung back to Durnham Road again: 

Item  I Do give and bequeath unto my two Grandchildren Samuel and Mary, the Children of my Son Daniel -- Aforesaid, the Sum of Thirty Pounds of such good Gold & Silver coined Money at the same Rates and Values as is Aforementioned, to be Paid unto them in Two Years after my Decease, in the following proportion, that is to say, Samuel must have twenty and the Girl May must have Ten Pound out of the aforesaid Sum:  

Item  I Do give, devise and bequeath unto my own Daughter Huldah Montgomery the Just and Full Sum, Quanity or Measure of Thirty and three acres of my Land, whoreon I now live, to have and to hold the same unto her for & during the Term of her natural Life, and after her Decease the same Land must be Sold, and the Money arising from the Sale shall be equally divided among her Children. NB. the said 33 Acres of Land must be Measured of to her Beginning from near the Saw Mill (spot) and from thence extending to James Ruckmans Land so far as will make the said Thirtythree Acres Compleat: And further I Do give and bequeath unto my said Daughter Huldah the Sum of Thirty Pounds of good Coined Gold and Silver mony at the same Rates and Values abovementioned, to be paid unto her or her heirs or Asigns in Two Years after my Desease:

I do Give, Dovise and Bwquwath unto my own Daughter

Martha Fox her Heirs and Assigns foreRver, the full Sum, Quantity or Measure of Forty Acres of my Land abovementioned; And I do also give unto my said Daughter Martha Fox, the futher Sum or Legacy of Thirty pounds of such good Gold & Silver Coined Money at the same Rates and value aforementioned: 

Item. I Do also give and bequeath unto my Daughter Rachel Clymer, aforementioned, the further Sum or Legacy of Thiry Pounds to be Paid unto her or Her Heiers or Assigned in Two Years after my Decease, in such good Gold & Silver coined Money at the same Rates & Values as is aforementioned: 

Item I Do give, bequeaths Will and Devise all the Rest, Residue and Remainder of my whole Estate, both Real and Personal Googs, Chattels and Effects whatsoever, that shall be left after the aforementioned Legacies are fully Paid, unto my Son Nathan Huddlestun--His Heirs and Assigns for Ever, requirring him my said Son to Soo and procure--that the aforesaid Legaces may be honestly & Justly paid out of my whole Estate

And Lastly I Do Nominate. Constitute and Appoint my beloved Wife Mary Huddlestun aforesaid, and my Son Nathan Huddlestun above-mentioned to be Joint Executors of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking and making null and Void all other Wills and Testaments, by me heretofore made, and declaring this and no other to be my last Will and Testament, In Witness wherof I have hereounto Set my Hand & Seal-- the Twenty first Day of February in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Eighty - - 1780

Henry H Huddlestun  (Mark)

Signed, Sealed, Declared, published and Pronounced by the said Henry Huddlestun to be his last Will and Testament, in the presence of us, who (verticle tear obsures part of each word for several  lines) have hereunto __ osobed our Names as Witnesses in the Presence of the Said Testator N.B. 

the Words __d Ton Shoop being  first interlined __ 18th Line--

Edward Murphey, 

Abraham Sw_otz, 

Allen (his Mark) Rice

Bucks ?   The fourteenth Day of March A. D. 1780 appeared Edward Murphey and Allen Rice, two of the Witnesses to the above & foregoing Writing, who on their solemn Oaths did severally declare & say, That they were respectively present at the Execution thereof saw & heard Henry Huddleston, the Testator, above named, sign, sed(?), publish & declare the same as and for his Last Will and Testament; and that at the Time of his so doing he was of sound Mind, Memory & Understanding to the best of their knowledge and belief  ---  Before me John Hart D Reg.

Some items from the final settlement of the estate of Henry HUDDLESTON, Plumstead Twp, Bucks Co., PA. Filed Dec 6th 1815 - #1637  Adm Book (B.-29)

By Cash paid George Clymer for Expences attending the last ilness and funeral of Rachel Clymer in Philada who was the mother of the said George Clymer, John Clymer, Mary Clymer (Intermarried with Allen Reese) Sarah Clymer (intermarried with Abraham Shotlinger)  and Joseph Clymer now claiming the proceeds of the Sale of the lot devised as aforesaid to the said Rachel. As per receipt ---------$60.00

By Cash paid same for repairs & improvements made upon one of the Lots to wit, Rachel Clymer's five years since with theconsent & for the benefit of the heirs of the same - Princpal $87.50  Interest for 4 years  ~~~~21.00


1. William Huddleston, born July 6, 1734, Bucks Co, PA.  Married Martha Myer, Aug. 19, 1758.  Died about 1817 in Kanawha Valley, WV

2. Daniel Huddleston, born Mar 20, 1735, Bucks Co, PA.  Married Rachael Martin, Feb. 11, 1753, Bucks co, PA.  Died July 27, 1817, Alloy, Kanawah Valley, PA

3. Martha Huddleston, born Sept 27, 1756, Bucks Co, PA.  Married Jacob Fox about 1771, Bucks Co, PA.  In the early 1780s Jacob and Martha, along with his parents, moved to Rowan Co. SC.

4. Rachel Huddleston, born Mar 22, 1737, Plumstead twp, Bucks Co, PA.  Married W. Clymer in 1764, Bucks Co, PA.  Died about Oct 1813, maybe Phildelphia.

5. Mary Huddleston, born Jan 9, 1739, Bucks Co, PA.  Married Christopher Strait about 1761 in Baskingridge, Somerset Co, NJ.  Died Aug. 29, 1784, Chester Co SC.

6. Abraham Huddleston, Jan 6, 1744, Bucks Co, PA.  Married Mary Patterson, 1767 Bucks Co, PA.  Died Nov 2, 1785 (age 41) in Bedford Co, VA.

7. Sarah Huddleston, born Sept 16, 1748, Bucks Co, PA.

8. Huldah Huddleston, born Dec 3, 1751, Bucks co, PA.  Married ? Montgomery about 1768 in Bucks Co, PA. Moved about 1770 to Bedford Co, VA with brothers Daniel, William & Abraham.  She married 2nd John Ray in 1770 in Bedford Co, VA.  Later moved to SC with her sisters where she died Oct 1, 1817, Chester Co, SC.

9. Nathaniel Huddleston, b 1754, Bucks Co, PA. He was 19 when he married Esther White, Nov. 16, 1773 at Christ's Church in Phildelphia. 


Henry Huddleston, Jr.

1706 - 1780, Bucks Co, PA

son of Henry Huddleston, Sr.