Abraham Huddleston

4th generation
son of William Huddleston

3c6) ABRAHAM was born in 1774, Bedford County, Va.  Four years before he was born, in 1770, his father, William had moved from Bucks Co., Pa to Bedford Co. in 1770 with Abe’s uncles, Daniel & Abraham and aunt Huldah Montgomery.  Then about 1785 William and Daniel moved on to the Kanawha Valley, (West) Virginia.
    Abraham was 19 years old on March 2, 1793, when he married in Bedford Co., Va. to MARY (Ellen?) ALLEN (b 1777, Va.; daug of Ann ?)  Since his father had moved 8 years before to West Virginia, maybe he went back to Bedford County to visit his uncle Abraham's family and met her. Or maybe he knew her before they moved away and went back to marry her.

    Probably the next year after their marriage (about 1794) Abraham and Mary moved to Smith Co., Tennessee, probably with his brother Henry & family, and his unmarried sister, Polly Huddleston (she seems to have stayed with Abraham).  They lived in Tennessee for about 24 years before moving again. (Huddlestons in Tennessee).

About 1818/19 they moved again to Pope Co., IL where they were listed in the 1820 census.  
But Illinois didn't hold their attention for very long. Within a couple of years they moved to the Ozarks of southern Missouri. 1830 Missouri

    "... most modern scholars agree that the name Ozarks originated as an English-speaking corruption of the French prepositional phrase, aux arcs (pronounced ohs ark), a shortened form meaning "toward or to Arkansas" or "to Arkansas Post," a fur-trading post. Arkansas was also the name of an Indian tribe in the Lower Mississippi region, and aux arcs could also refer to those Indians and by extension to the mountains where they lived. An English traveler by the name of John Bradbury first used the name Ozark in print in 1809. The term Ozark Mountains first appeared on a map by government explorer S. H. Long in 1815, and historians generally agree that Major Long officialized the distinctive name." [from A Living History of the Ozarks, by Phyllis R. Modeland, 1992]

    Oct. 6, 1821 they settled near what is now Thomasville (Moore township) Oregon County, Mo.  They were some of the first white families to settle in that county (others early ones were Smith, Thomas & Perkins, whose family members often married the Huddlestons).  Charles Hatcher was the first settler near Thomasville in 1809, when settlement began in the area. The Smiths moved in in 1814. By 1845 there were only about 700 people in the whole county. What is now Oregon County was originally part of Wayne County (see 1830 Missouri map, Wayne county is the large one in the south); then in 1833 when Ripley County was formed it was part of it; and then in 1845 it became Oregon County, with Thomasville, the original county seat.  

    The Huddlestons settled on the Eleven Points River, 3 miles below Thomasville.  Abraham’s sister, Polly lived with them there.  His brother Henry’s daughter, Unity Wright also lived there with her husband & family; and perhaps Henry’s son, Anthony also lived around there. Anthony's sons were in Washington County, Mo.  Today, there are still many, many Huddlestons in Oregon County, mainly because Abraham had 10 sons!  
    Thomasville is the oldest settlement in Oregon and Howell Counties.  Located in the broad valley of the Eleven Points River and Middle Fork, slightly west of the confluence, it has been called the "Garden Spot of Oregon County."  Thomasville was selected as the county seat of newly formed Oregon County in 1845. In 1857 Oregon County was divided into smaller counties creating Howell county, and in 1859 the county seat was moved to Alton. Thomasville was a place to enlist in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.  Most of the Union enlistment seems to have been in Howell County.  Different gangs of bushwhackers and the "Sons of Liberty" were active in the area.  Some of the gangs would steal horses from the Union Army at Rolla and rob supply lines between Rolla and Springfield and then escape into Oregon and Shannon Counties.  After recovering from the devastation of the Civil War, Thomasville prospered during the years of the big timber companies.  There was a logging camp up the Birch Tree Hollow north of Thomasville and railroad spur lines running from Birch Tree.  After the pine had been clear-cut, the railroads by-passed the area. When Howell County was sectioned off as a separate county, the Oregon county seat was moved to Alton, to a more central location, so losing the county seat, the population of Thomasville declined, though the farms continued to flourish. During its heyday Thomasville had a bank, a newspaper, a canning factory, a hotel and a high school.

    Abraham & Mary had 12 children. By the time Abraham died, Feb. 1, 1858, at the age of 84, only four of them were living—Nancy Thomas, Charles, Benjamin, and Abraham, Jr. (who died 3 days after his father].  So before his death,
WILLIAM probably died before 1840,
ISRAEL died about 1839,
JOHN died before 1850,
MARSHALL died 1852,
MARTHA probably died in 1855,
NATHAN died in 1856,
JESSE died sometime before 1858, and 
JOSEPH died Dec., 1857 (6 weeks before his father). 
Then, after Abraham died, ABRAHAM, JR. died 3 days later on Feb. 4, 1858. 
NANCY died sometime after 1860,
CHARLES died 1872,
BENJAMIN died 1904. 
I don't know when Mary died.

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1.  Nancy Huddleston
3c6a) NANCY was born about 1794; married about 1815 to William Thomas (son of Ephriam); in 1830 they were listed in Wayne Co., MO. William Thomas was the first settler in present-day Oregon County to purchase and own land.  He bought 40 acres from the United States 11 Aug 1832. [Patent #1144] in Moore Twp., Sec 31, Twp 25, R5. By 1840 Nancy was a widow; in 1850 & 1860 she was living with her son, George in Oregon  Co., Mo. Children:
3c6a1)     ABRAHAM THOMAS, b abt 1816; m Maletia Hesterby, Feb. 3, 1842
3c6a2)     boy, b abt 1820
3c6a3)     MILLY THOMAS, b 1822; m Hollingsworth House, July 15, 1836; ch: William Wickham, Nancy, Mary, Jacob, Martha Jane, Abe, Tabitha Ann, Martin George
3c6a4)     EPHRIAM THOMAS, b abt 1824; m Rhoda Buford, Aug. 4, 1842; ch: William, John, George W, Agnes, Payton Allen Thomas (m Emma Willard), Frances
3c6a5)     JOHN THOMAS, b abt 1825; m Charinda Smith, Oct. 27, 1845; ch: Mary, Elizabeth, George, Malitha, Sarah, William, Lafayette, Donsell
3c6a6)     MARTHA THOMAS, b abt 1826; m Eason C. Howell, May 21, 1843; d abt 1845
3c6a7)     GEORGE W. THOMAS, b abt 1828; m Sarah Snider, July 18, 1847; Ch: Cynthia J., William N., J.R.N., Maleta
3c6a8)     MARTIN THOMAS, b abt 1830; m Marinda Davis, Aug. 17, 1851
3c6a9)     NANCY THOMAS, b abt 1832; m Thomas H. Howell, Jan. 19, 1848
3c6a10)     MARY THOMAS, b abt 1834; m Walker B. Neal, Dec. 3, 1848; ch: William T.

2. Charles Huddleston
3c6b) CHARLES was born Jan. 26, 1796, Va.  In Smith Co, Tn he served in the War of 1812. married 1st July 8, 1819, Pope Co., IL1 to Milberry Wright (b NC; 7 Ch); was in Johnson Co., IL in 1820 with wife and baby. He may have moved to Thomasville, Mo about 1825, where he lived until he died.  
He married 2nd 1852, Mrs. Mary (Thomas) Humphreys (1 Ch).  Charles was a Justice of the Peace for Ripley Co. and performed many marriages 1835-44. He died April 10, 1872 without a will, but the first action on his estate says, “...J.R. Woodside administrator of the estate of Charly Huddleston do swear that said deceased was without will, as it is said that he left him as follows towit: Mary Huddleston his wife, Charles Huddleston, Lilli Humphrey, Eliza Lewis, her children who reside in Oregon Co, Mo, as well as the heirs of Mrs. Dial his daughter, and the children of Wm. Aldridge and the children of Nathan Huddleston."
Milberry’s children:
3c6b1)     NANCY HUDDLESTON, b 1820, IL; m John William Aldridge, June 24, 1840, MO; ch: Cynthia, Sarah, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, Charles, Eliza
3c6b2)     ELIZABETH HUDDLESTON, b 1824, IL; m William Dial, Sept. 1, 1842
3c6b3)     NATHAN HUDDLESTON, b 1826, MO; m 1st, July 14, 1844, MO to Lucinda Casey (maybe daug of John Clark Casey); m 2nd June 4, 1848, MO to Mary Aldridge (daughter of Jonathan). Nathan was killed by Bushwhackers near Thomasville during the Civil War.  Missouri Confederate dead lists: “Nathaniel Huddleston, d Thomasville, Mar 26, 1862”.
    His grandson, Gus Jolliff, said in 1932 that when his grandfather was killed, the same band killed all his sons, but I have no record of any sons, only 3 daughters.  Gus Jolliff also said that Nathan's family "was not members of the Huddleston family so many of which now live in the Rover community." This would lead us to believe that he was not the son of Charles. However, Charles had a son named Nathan listed in his probate records as an heir and that he died before 1872. Also he named his first child, Milberry after his mother.
    Probably since Nathan had only sisters and died young himself, his children were essentially cut off from the rest of the Huddlestons, and they were all too distantly related to his children.
    Ch: Milberry, Nancy Elvira (b 1854; m John George Jolliff 2g1c), Letty Canzaidee (m Wm. H. Huddleston 3c6e1e)
3c6b4)     EMILY HUDDLESTON, b 1829, MO
3c6b5)     LETTY HUDDLESTON, b 1832, MO; m John Dial, Mar. 28, 1852
3c6b6)     MARY HUDDLESTON, b 1835, Mo; probably m Samuel Hurst, Oct. 26, 1852 in Oregon Co.  She evidently d soon because Samuel m in 1854 to Sarah Ann Huddleston.
3c6b7)     SARAH ELIZA HUDDLESTON, b 1838; m William H. Lewis, June 25, 1856. He died in 1861 and Sarah was living with her parents in 1870, with no children. Her next son, John, has the Lewis name, but I don’t know who his father was.
    Children: Pembroke Lewis (b 1858), John Hayden Lewis (b 1878)
Mary’s children:
3c6b8)     CHARLES HUDDLESTON, b Aug. 18, 1855; d 1932; m Pauline Bellah, Mar. 26, 1876; Ch: Myrtle, Ethel

3. Joseph Huddleston
3c6c) JOSEPH was born 1800, Smith Co., Tn; m 1st June 17, 18191, Pope Co., IL to Annie Wright (1 son, John); married 2nd Aug. 13, 1837, Ripley Co, MO to Elizabeth Perkins (5 Ch; her sister was married to Joseph's brother, Nathan); m 3rd Mar. 28, 1852, Mo to Catherine Mahan (2 Ch).  Joseph was in Wayne Co., MO in 1830; 1840 in Ripley Co., MO; 1850 in Oregon Co., Mo.  He died Dec., 1857 in Oregon Co. without a will (his brother Nathan was appointed administrator Jan 4, 1858; Nathan died in 1858, & another administrator, George Hamm, was appointed Aug 16, 1860); in 1860 Catherine was in Oregon Co. with her 2 children; Elizabeth (Perkins)'s youngest child, 10-year-old George Marion Huddleston was living with Nathan's widow (Elizabeth's sister), Margaret Perkins Huddleston. Catherine died before 1870.  
Annie’s children:
3c6c1)     JOHN Huddleston, Jr, b abt 1821; m Delitha Huddleston (3c4a1, daug of Anthony)
Elizabeth’s children:
3c6c2)     SARAH L. HUDDLESTON, b abt 1838, MO; m 1857 to William Wickham House (son of her cousin Milly Thomas House); Sarah  died in 1860.   
3c6c3)     boy, b abt 1840; not on 1850 census, may have died young
3c6c4)     JASPER HUDDLESTON, b 1843, MO
3c6c5)     JOSEPH HUDDLESTON, b abt 1846; in 1860 after his father died, he was listed as living with both Ambrose Maulding (husband of his cousin Sally Huddleston–3c6d5) & Randolph Jolliff (husband of his cousin Peggy  Huddleston–3c6d1)
3c6c6)     GEORGE Marion HUDDLESTON, b July 1850, MO; in 1860 he was listed as age 15 and living with his mother’s sister, Margaret Perkins Huddleston (wife of Nathan 3c6f)
Catherine’s children:
3c6c7)     JACOB HUDDLESTON, b abt 1853, MO; because his father died in 1857 & his mother before 1870 he was living (in 1870) with J.C. & Catherine Bodenhanier in Oregon Co., MO; he m Eliza Jane Crawshaw, Oct 18, 1885, Ripley Co, Mo.
3c6c8)     CHARLES C. HUDDLESTON, b Aug 1854; because his parents were dead he was living in 1870 with A.J. & Nancy Lasley; he m Jane Moore, July 17, 1879, Ripley Co, Mo.

marriage record of John Huddleston & Mary Baty

4.  John W. Huddleston
3c6d) JOHN was born in 1802 in Smith Co, TN. His middle name isn't proven, though some think it was "West". [His daughter-in-law, Margaret Maulding was the daughter of John West Maulding. Maybe there's some confusion with him or maybe there was a "John West" who both men were named for.]
He married Mary Baty (b 1800, KY; daug of William Baty), June 21, 1823, Pope Co, IL1 where the Baty family also lived..  (He didn’t move to Missouri with his father in 1821, but he finally joined the rest of the Missouri clan about 1824 and settled near Thomasville in the “Huddleston Settlement” which at the time was in Wayne Co, MO in 1830; Ripley Co in 1840 and finally in 1845 became Oregon Co. He died before 1850.  Mary was in Oregon Co in 1850.  Children:
3c6d1)     MARGARET L. “Peggy” HUDDLESTON, b April 1824, MO; m Feb 11, 1845, Ripley Co, MO to Randolph Casey Jolliff; Ch: Elizabeth, Margaret, John George, Mary “Polly”, Nancy Ann, James Erasmus “Rab”, Rutha, William Randolph “Randle”, Elijah Summers
3c6d2)     ABRAHAM H. HUDDLESTON, b 1827; m July 20, 1845 to Margaret Maulding. In 1860 he was in Carroll Co, Ark; in 1870 in Linn Co, Mo, and in 1880 in Sweetwater Co., Wyo.  He died before 1880. Ch: Eliza Jane (b 1846; m Wm. Matlock), Mourning (1847), Rosannah (1850), Sarah M. “Sally” (1851) Martha E. (1853), John W. (1856), William R. (b 1857; m Elizabeth ?), James H. (1859), Abraham (1861), Mary M. (b 1863; m John Thompson), George W. (b 1865; m Martha ?)Joseph & Ella Ida Hull
J. George & Mary Ann 3c6d3)     JOHN GEORGE HUDDLESTON (pictured at left) b Oct 5, 1828/30; m 1st ? Peace; m 2nd Matilda McWharter, Nov 26, 1857; m 3rd Mary Ann Gum, June 3, 1860.  He lived in Oregon Co, Mo where he died Sept 29, 1904.  Ch: James Allen (b 1855; m Nancy Allen & Mrs. Josie Blackwood), Mary Margaret “Letitia” (b 1858; m Wm. E.R. Old), Susan Matilda Jane (b 1861; m Wm. H. “Bud” Fraley), Missouri Ann (b 1863; m Ira Alanson Hull), George Lee (b 1865), John Amos (b 1868; m Lilla Rowlette), Jesse Marlin (b 1870; m Josie E. Terwillinger), Ella Ida Mae (b 1873; m Joseph Seymour Hull (pictured at right)), Olive Manervia Zey, (b 1876; m Dr. Oscar L. Kellett), Nettie Nancy Elizabeth (b 1878)
3c6d4)     MARY “Polly” HUDDLESTON, b 1831; m John Wesley Duncan, Jan 7, 1847. Ch: SARAH LOUISA (b 1847; m George Newell Baty; m 2nd Will King in 1867; m 3rd Martin Willard in 1892, separated), EMILINE (m Shadrack Combs, 1870)                  
3c6d5)     SARAH MALINDA “Sally” HUDDLESTON Sally & Ambrose (pictured at right), b Sept 10, 1833; m Dec 25, 1851 to Ambrose Maulding (bro of Margaret) at her sister, Peggy Jolliff’s home.  Probably moved to Arkansas about 1868/69. Children: Adeline (b 1852, Mo), Nathan Wesley “Wes” (b 1855; m Harriet Rebecca Moore, 1874 Ark; m 2nd Susan A. Lane, 1881 Ark), John (b 1856; m Margaret Parlee McCall, 1879), David D. (b 1858; m Sarah Aveline Trantham, 1882; m 2nd Sarah’s sister, Susan Emilene Trantham, 1887; m 3rd Fredonia E. Uttley, 1889, Mo), Mary “Polly” (b 1860; m Charles Marion Ray, 1881 Ark), Amanda Belle (b 1863; m James Newton Edmondson, 1880 Ark), Ambrose Newton (b 1865; m Louisa Warren, 1887 Ark), Fernecia Eldora “Dora” (b 1867 MO; m William E. Ferguson, 1885), Susan Lee (b 1870 Ark; m John Hummell, 1894), Margaret Alice (b 1873 Ark; m ? Wright; m 2nd Thomas Murphy, 1902), Charles Roswell (b 1876 Ark; m Effie Smith, 1901 Ark)
3c6d6)     NATHAN WESLEY HUDDLESTON, b 1836; m Sarah A. Talley.  He was a minister in Oregon Co, Mo.  Ch: Susannah (b 1859), Abraham Marshall (b 1860; m Julia Ann ?), Elijah B. (b abt 1875)

5. Israel Huddleston
3c6e) ISRAEL HUDDLESTON, b 1803, TN; m abt 1826 to Malinda Baty (b 1813; sister of Mary, wife of John W. Huddleston).  In 1830 he & Malinda were in Wayne Co, MO with son, William Sampson (b 1828).  They had 3 more daughters and he died about 1839.  In 1840 Malinda was in Ripley Co, MO (same place) with their 4 children.  She married John Miles Goodwin, July 27, 1841, Ripley Co., MO.  She could not (as one source claims) have been married to Abraham Huddleston, Jr. (3c6h) instead of Israel for the following reasons:
1. In 1830 Israel was in Wayne Co, MO with wife (b 1810-15) & 1 son (b 1825-30).  Malinda & William Sampson fit these ages.  Abe Jr. in 1830 was 21 years old, unmarried, and still living with his parents. The census shows 5 sons living at home: William, Abe Jr, Marshall, Jesse & Benjamin.
2. In 1840 Israel is not in the census, but Malinda is listed with 1 son (b 1825-30) who is William Sampson, and 3 daughters (one b 1830-35 & two b 1835-40), the two younger girls were Martha (1837) and Nancy (1839).  Abe Jr. in 1840 was with his wife Jane and their 3 oldest daughters: Elizabeth (1836), Charnelcy (1838) and Nancy (1840).  Abe’s Martha was born in 1842, so she and Nancy were both born after Abe married Jane and were not the same Martha & Nancy born to Malinda (Baty) Huddleston.
3. By 1850 Malinda was married to Mills Goodwin (July 28, 1841, Ripley Co, Mo) and had her 2 younger Huddleston children living with them (Martha, 13 & Nancy, 11).  In 1850 Abe Jr. and Jane also had their Nancy (10) and Martha (8) living with them.  
Children of ISRAEL HUDDLESTON & Malinda Baty:
3c6e1)     WILLIAM SAMPSON HUDDLESTON, (probably named for his uncle, William S. Baty) b May 8, 1828; m Sept. 20, 1848, Madison Co., Mo. to Eliza Brewer (b Apr 1, 1829, sister of Polly Brewer Colyott, whose daughter, Sarah Jane Colyott, married John Willard).  He died Feb 9, 1890. She died in Apr 18, 1892. Both buried in Jolliff Cemetery. Children:
........ 3c6e1a)    MARY M. HUDDLESTON, b 1849; m Burwill Stricklen, 1868.
........ 3c6e1b)     JOHN GEORGE HUDDLESTON, b June 2, 1852; d 1917; m 1st Sarah Pace, 1873; m 2nd Octavia Willard, 1881.  Children: George H. (1874; m Sarah A Wright), Lee Henry (1882-1962; m Lula Ford), Amanda Elizabeth (1884; m John Watson Cull), James (1886— 1933; m Vergie Bonton & Alta May Trantham), Mattie A. (1890; m John Harphum), William Randle (1892-1978; m Anna Matilda Moore & Edna Deckard), Gertrude (1897-1942), Argie (1895-1914; m James William Moore), Joe D. (1906; m Edna Riggs)
........ 3c6e1c)    NANCY JANE HUDDLESTON, b Aug 1852; m 1st George Pratt; m 2nd John Huddleston (son of Marshall or Jesse). Children: George W. Pratt (1874; m Laura Bales Baty family: #5ga), Dolly (b abt 1879), Eliza (1883), Joseph (1887), Andrew J. (1889)
........ 3c6e1d)     SARAH “Sally” HUDDLESTON, b 1854; m William H. Dunkin (son of Levi); ch: Mary, Liza, Emiline, EllenWm & Canzaidee
........ 3c6e1e)     WILLIAM HENRY HUDDLESTON (pictured at right), b Mar 3, 1854; m Letty Canzaidee Huddleston (2nd cousin, #3c6b3c); Children: Nora (1883-1885), Carel H. (1885-1966; m Lula Maude Haywood),  twins (b /d 1887), Alsie (1888-1901), Eliza (1890-1918; m John Aaron Braswell), Dova (1894; m Maude Willard), Attie Mae (1897-1937), Hattie (1899)    
........ 3c6e1f)     NIM ROD HUDDLESTON, 1857-1934; m 1st Harriett Lee House, 1876; m 2nd Maud Campbell ;
........ 3c6e1g)     LAVINA “Vina” HUDDLESTON, b abt 1858; m 1879 Martin House (her 2nd cousin); Children: Thomas, Ollie Lee, Dovy Mertil, Casey, Nota, Willie Gertrude, Eliza D.,  George Martin Jr “Bud”, James Franklin, Littleton Hollingsworth “Lit”, John D.
........ 3c6e1h)     ELIZA “Ida” HUDDLESTON, b 1862; m 1st William Frank Gregory, Apr 7, 1878; m 2nd John E. Talley, Sept 12, 1884.  Gregory children: Elizabeth, Sarah, & Melinda; Talley children: Mary, Addie, Nimrod J., Andrew L. & Altha M.
........ 3c6e1i)     MARTHA “Noon” HUDDLESTON, 1864-1929; m Jefferson D. Hearle; ch: Lillie M., Edwin, Fred, Lessie
........ 3c6e1j)     ISRAEL DANIEL HUDDLESTON, b 1865; m 1st Anna Palmer; m 2nd May 13, 1912, Sarah B. Warren.  Anna’s Ch: Fannie M. (m Leonard S. French), Emma E. (m Earl Bridwell), William R. (m Hettie A. Childers), Ollie (m Add L. Trantham), Ray (m Clara Mae Young), Bertha Huddleston (m  ? Thomas,  ? Kenninger, & Major Warren)
........ 3c6e1k)     JAMES HENRY HUDDLESTON, b abt 1869; m Effie S. Heard, Apr. 30, 1890. Ch:    Lillie J., George W. (m Anna Squires & Clara ?), Vina E. (m Herbert Ryan & Rice J. Perkins), James A (m Nellie Warren), Berta Lee (m Franklin Francis), Pinkie Mae (m Talmage L. Chastain), Inez (m Andy Bales),  Othel, Margaret “Maggie” (m ? Bell)
........ 3c6e1L)     ANDREW JACKSON “Jack” HUDDLESTON, b 1873; m 1st Mary Margaret Willard, Dec 24, 1891 (daug of James Martin); m 2nd Artie Walker. Mary’s Children: Milla Lee (1893-1975; m James D. Morgan), Newell Edward (1894-1980; m R. Gertrude Heard & Emma (Edwards) Herbold), Clarence Homer “Doc” (1897),  Leona M. (1899, m ? Perkins & ? McCabe), Dee, Ola Lonso (m Darline Doyle), Orpha Mary (1909-1975; m Jack Campbell & John Rambole),  Arthur, Belva Huddleston (m ? Stover, ? Mott & Tom Kuhn)
3c6e2)     girl, b 1830-35
3c6e3)     MARTHA HUDDLESTON, b 1837 Nancy & U.T.
3c6e4)     NANCY HUDDLESTON (pictured at right with U.T.), b Oct 24, 1839; m 1st Nelson Smith abt 1853; in 1860 she & her 2 children were living with her mother, Malinda, in Oregon Co.; m 2nd Robert Moore, May 20, 1861; 1870 in Texas Co, MO; m 3rd U.T. McDaniel; d Oct 10, 1904.  She & McDaniel were buried in Jolliff Cem., Oregon Co., Mo.  Ch: Nelson Smith (1856-87; m Zilpha Watson; she m 2nd James Willard), William Smith (b abt 1856), George Wills Moore (1867-1940; m Cora Giles), John Robert Moore (b Mar 1862; m Amanda Huddleston), Jacob Moore

Melinda and Mills (Miles?) Goodwin had 4 other children: (see Melinda Baty)
• Luvina "Vina" Goodwin (m Brantley Deaton)
• George Mills Goodwin (m Mary Louisa Colyott)
• John Mills Goodwin (m Melinda/Milberry Huddleston, Mary Elizabeth Huddleston, Sally Jane Parker, Mrs. Susan Adkisson)
• King H. Goodwin, m Martha J. Watson

 6. Nathan Huddleston
3c6f) NATHAN was born in 1805 in Smith County, Tennessee. He married Margaret Perkins. (He and his brother, Joseph, married sisters). In 1830 they were in Wayne Co, Mo; in 1840 in Ripley Co, MO; in 1850 in Oregon Co, MO (same location). He was appointed administrator of his brother, Joseph’s estate, Jan. 4, 1858, but he died early in 1860 and a new administrator was appointed for Joseph’s estate in Aug. 1860.  In 1860 Margaret was in Oregon Co. with their younger children and she also had George Marion Huddleston (son of Joseph & her sister, Elizabeth).  She died before 1870.  Children:
3c6f1)     WILLIAM HUDDLESTON, b 1827, AR; m Aug 6, 1846, Oregon Co, MO to Martha Ann (Old) Howell; d before 1860; Ch: Martha (m R.W. Wagoner & Wm. Dial), Pernicia (or Persina, b June 1850, MO), Allis (Alice?)
3c6f2)      JAMES HUDDLESTON, b 1829, MO; m Feb 29, 1852 to Sarah Brown; he d before 1854 & Sarah m 2nd Samuel Hurst; she m 3rd James Allman
3c6f3)      MARY HUDDLESTON, b 1831, MO; m Apr 6, 1851 to Abraham DePriest; divorced and m 2nd Samuel Hurst. She died about 1854 and Sam married the widow of her brother, Sally Brown Huddleston, and then they also divorced.
3c6f4)      JOHN HUDDLESTON, b Dec 11, 1832, MO; m Nov 23, 1854, Nancy Gum; d Jan 9, 1904, Oregon Co, MO.  Ch: Mary E, Artimissa M., Eliza M., Susan Margaret, William N., Marion (or Manerva, girl)
3c6f5)      JESSE HUDDLESTON, b abt 1834, MO; m Nov 24, 1854, Margaret Boze; moved to Fannin Co, TX; d after 1880, TX; Ch: J.H., Pernettie
3c6f6)      ELIZABETH HUDDLESTON, b 1836, MO; may have m Richard Boze, Mar 31, 1856
3c6f7)      CHARLES HUDDLESTON, b abt 1838, MO; unmarried
3c6f8)      SARAH HUDDLESTON, b abt 1842, MO; unmarried
3c6f9)      MARGARET HUDDLESTON, b abt 1844; m Benjamin O. Bates, 1860
3c6f10)    GEORGE RILEY HUDDLESTON, b abt 1846, MO
3c6f11)    NATHAN BOWLIN (Boulin) HUDDLESTON, b abt 1849, MO

7. William Huddleston
3c6g) WILLIAM was probably born around 1807 in Smith County, Tennessee and named for his grandfather, William Huddleston.  Can find no actual record of him, but the ages of his siblings leave room for a child born in 1807.  He probably didn’t die young, because the 1830 census shows Abraham Sr. with 5 sons living at home.  Since his first 5 sons are listed separately as heads of their own households, William must still be alive and one of the unmarried sons (the others being Abraham Jr, Marshall, Jesse, & Benjamin).  He may have been the husband of Mrs. Nancy Huddleston, who was on the Ripley County census of 1840 with 1 daug (b 1825-30) & 1 son (b 1835-40).  If this is so, then William married after 1830 and then died before 1840.
3c6g1) daughter, b 1825-30
3c6g2) son, b 1835-40

8. Abraham Huddleston
3c6h) ABRAHAM , Jr. was born 1809 (probably autumn), Smith Co, TN; m about 1835 to Jane Story; in 1838 he bought 55 acres; in 1840 they were in Ripley Co, MO; in 1850 in Oregon Co, MO (same place); Abe d Feb 4, 1858 (his father, Abe Sr. died Feb 1, 1858); in 1880 Jane was living with her nephew, Abraham Story in Shannon Co, MO;  Children:
3c6h1)     ELIZABETH HUDDLESTON, b 1836; MO; m Joseph Thomas Morgan, June 9, 1853; Ch: William Larkin & James A.
3c6h2)     CHARNELCY J. HUDDLESTON, b 1838; m James Coot Chilton (son of Thos. Chilton & Rebecca Daniel); they lived in Shannon Co, MO; he d 1864; Ch: Laura Jane (m Jabe Smith), William, Martha (m John Chilton), Rebecca (m Shadrack Chilton), Mary P. (m Thos. Johnson)
3c6h3)     NANCY HUDDLESTON, b 1840; single in 1860; 1870 was living with her mother in Shannon Co, MO    
3c6h4)     MARTHA HUDDLESTON, b 1842; single in 1860
3c6h5)     MARY HUDDLESTON, b 1846
3c6h6)     SARAH HUDDLESTON, b 1850; single in 1870

 9. Marshall Miliner Huddleston
3c6i) MARSHALL was born 1811 in Smith County, Tennessee. He married Oct 1, 1838 , Ripley Co, Mo to Margaret L. “Peggy” Smith (b 1821, MO); in 1840 they were in Ripley Co, MO; in 1850 in Oregon Co. He died 1852. After Marshall died his younger children (John, George, Jesse, and James) went to live with their mother's Smith relatives, John & Mary Smith, Spring Valley Twp, Shannon Co., Mo.
3c6i1)         IRVIN HUDDLESTON, b 1839, MO
3c6i2)         WILLIAM HUDDLESTON, b abt 1840
3c6i3)         MARY HUDDLESTON, b abt 1842; m 1st to George Halfacre, Sept 9, 1860; m 2nd to James W. Farris; m 3rd to John A. Sisk
3c6i4)         ABRAHAM HUDDLESTON, b 1844                         
3c6i5)         JOHN HUDDLESTON, b 1846; in 1860 living with John & Mary Smith, Shannon Co, MO
3c6i6)         GEORGE R. HUDDLESTON, b abt 1849; 1860 living with Smiths in Shannon Co
3c6i7)         JESSE HUDDLESTON, b abt 1851; 1860 living with Smiths in Shannon Co.
3c6i8)         JAMES M. HUDDLESTON, b abt 1853; 1860 living with Smith in Shannon Co.

10. Jesse Huddleston
3c6j) JESSE was born 1814 in Smith County, Tennessee. He married 1st Sept 17, 1835 in Ripley Co, MO to Harriett Huddleston (daughter of his cousin, Anthony).  They had 2 children and she died before 1840.  Jesse and their children went to live with his parents.  He married 2nd Aug. 22, 1842 to Rachael Bellah (daughter of Judge Walter Bellah & Elizabeth Thomas).  They had 2 children and she died.  He married 3rd Oct 17, 1845 to Camilla “Milly” Bellah (Rachael’s sister) and they had 5 children. In 1850 Harriett’s children, Henry & Martha, were still living with their grandparents, Abraham & Mary Huddleston.  They probably remained with them when their father remarried.  In 1850 Jesse & Milla were in Oregon Co. with hers & Rachael’s children.  Jesse died before 1858.  All of Jesse’s children:
Harriett’s children:
3c6j1)         HENRY HUDDLESTON, b abt 1837; m May 3, 1856, Oregon Co, MO to Narcissa Allcorn (m by Abraham M. DePriest, J.P.; Narcissa had m 1st in 1849 to Wm. Leedem; and she m 3rd in 1867 to Gideon Baughman in Iron Co, MO); Ch: Harriett (b 1859)
3c6j2)         MARTHA HUDDLESTON, b abt 1838 [In 1860 there was a Martha Huddleston (age 20) living alone with a baby Harriett (age 6/12 months).  This may be Martha, daughter of Jesse, since her mother’s name was Harriett.  Or it could be that Martha was taking care of Henry’s baby Harriett who would have been that age—not sure why?
Rachael’s children:
3c6j3)         MARY ESTELL HUDDLESTON, b 1843, MO; 1860 living with George & Sarah Thomas; m James M. Roberts; ch: Alpha Omega Roberts (named for her brother and her Bellah uncle)
3c6j4)         EMILA HUDDLESTON, b 1844, MO; 1860 living with grandfather, Walter Bellah; in 1880 she was living with her grandma, Elizabeth Thomas Bellah.
Camilla’s children:
3c6j5)         JOHN HUDDLESTON, b 1846
3c6j6)         CATHERINE HUDDLESTON, b 1847; in 1870 she was living with brother Walter & Mary  Huddleston; m James Andrew Nanny
3c6j7)         WALTER HUDDLESTON, b 1849, MO; m Sept 27, 1868, Oregon Co, MO to Mary Catherine Russell; in 1870 & 1880 in Oregon Co., MO. Ch: Charles Washington, Ella, Jefferson, Hosey
3c6j8)         RACHEL HUDDLESTON, b March 1854; m William L. Howell
3c6j9)         ALPHA OMEGA HUDDLESTON, b abt 1855; m Martha Ann Ross; ch: William P, Minnie, Troy, Carl, Cora, Rufus.

11. Martha Huddleston
3c6k) Patsy was born 1815 in Smith County, TN. She married Solomon Perkins.  In 1840 they were in Ripley Co, MO.  She died abt 1855 and he m 2nd Nancy Childers in 1855. Children:
3c6k1)     girl, b 1835-40
3c6k2)     THOMAS PERKINS, b 1836
3c6k3)     ABRAHAM PERKINS, b 1838
3c6k4)     ZIMRI PERKINS, b 1840    
3c6k5)     WILLIAM PERKINS, b 1844
3c6k6)     NANCY PERKINS, b 1846

12. Benjamin A. Huddleston
3c6L) BENJAMIN was born Feb 10, 1817 in Smith Co, Tennessee.  He married 1st to Elizabeth Humphrey.  He married 2nd June 2, 1847 in Oregon Co, MO to Rodina Darley (b AL).  In 1840 they were in Ripley Co, MO; 1850-1900 in Oregon Co.  He  died 1904 (age 87).  
The Oregon County South Missourian newspaper, June 25, 1903, had an article about Ben:
“Uncle Ben Huddleston, not the oldest man living in the county, has lived in the county longer than any other person.  He lived in the same house first when this was Wayne County, second Ripley County, and third Oregon County in 1845.  He was born 10 Feb. 1817 in Smith county, Tn.; his father settled here 6 Oct 1821 on Eleven Point River 3 miles below Thomasville.  Mr. Huddleston is the father of 16 children, 5 boys and 3 girls are living.  He has 74 grandchildren and 34 great-grandchildren.  Uncle Ben is a man after the presidents own heart.  He has lived, multiplied and replenished the earth.  There are only a few older men in the county that we know of...”    
Children: all born in Thomasville, Oregon Co, Mo.
Elizabeth’s children:
3c6L1)     LUCY HUDDLESTON, b abt 1841, MO; m June 13, 1858 to Peter Hurst; m 2nd 1860 to John M. Palmer; m 3rd to Thomas C. Palmer (After Peter died, 20-year-old Lucy was listed in the 1860 census as living with her parents. She evidently then married John Palmer, had 3 children, then married Thomas Palmer)
3c6L2)     JESSE HUDDLESTON, b 1842; in 1870 he was probably living with G.W. & Sarah Thomas; m July 11, 1872, Howell Co, MO to Georgia Ann Gilliam
3c6L3)     MARY ANGELINE HUDDLESTON, b 1845; m Apr 4, 1867, Oregon Co, MO to Thomas H. Wright (son of Unity Huddleston Wright 3c4h)
Rodina’s children:
3c6L4)     JAMES WILLIAM HUDDLESTON, b Feb 1853; m Mary E. ?; was in Boone Co, Ark in 1880; Ch: Nora, D. Edward, Della, Riley, Arthur, Arlie, Jesse L.
3c6L5)     ABRAHAM MARTIN HUDDLESTON, b May 30, 1853; m 1874 in Calloway Co, Ky to Martha Medora (Dora) Morse; moved to Arkansas; d Aug 12, 1947, Gamaliel, Baxter Co, Ar; ch: Altha Gertrude, Dicie Catherine, Walter, Emma Teresa, Claude Marshall, Clyde, Ralph E., Ida Augusta
3c6L6)     NANCY C. HUDDLESTON, b abt 1859; m ? Carter; ch: John
3c6L7)     JOHN R. HUDDLESTON, b abt 1861; m Elizabeth Roberts, 1880; lived in Oregon Co, Mo.
3c6L8)     RUFUS HUDDLESTON (Russell?), b Mar 1865; m Katie James, 1885; were in Ozark Co, Mo in 1910.
3c6L9)     AMANDA HUDDLESTON, b 1867/8; m Sept 6, 1883, Oregon Co to John Robert Moore (son of Nancy Huddleston 3c6e4); ch: Lettie (m Wm. Ebner Andrews, son of Pinkney Andrews)

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