Jolliff School near Rover, Oregon County, Missouri - Fall, 1907

Front row L to R: Cecil Jolliff, Homer Jolliff, Willie Nichols, Paul Willard, Vernie Giles, Alfred Willard, Clarence Huddleston, Alvie Judd, Ogle Judd, Fern Mosier.
Second row: Alice Willard, Emma Judd, Willie Sparks, Elmer Sparks, Jessie McGraw, Ollie Sparks, Lisa Giles, May Jolliff, Carrie Huddleston, May Willard, Alma Haywood
Third row: I.H. Young, teacher, Molly Haywood, Jim Overstreet, Ben Haywood, Claude Willard, Payton Willard, Clarence Nichols, Dave Wright, Viola Trantham, Ida Willard, Herbert McGraw, Grace Mosier, Posey Willard.
Back row: Fred Haywood, Edith Jolliff, Lillie VonAllmen, Ida Overstreet, Roxie Huddleston, Pearl Giles, Ida Nichols, Nova Huddleston, Mabel Jolliff.

Newspaper article printed underneath the picture:
"Jolliff School group in Oregon County taken in the fall of 1907. I. H. Young was the teacher at the time this picture was made and is now deceased. There are 42 pupils in the picture, but several were enrolled that year who were not present when this picture was taken. Jolliff School stood for many years and was used for a church as well as a school. There is a cemetery nearby the school and until three years ago funerals were held in this building. Mrs. Frank Bales, the former Mabel Jolliff is the owner of this picture, shown far right on top row."

Can anyone identify the students in this school photo from Thomasville?

Back row: 1 June VonAllmen, 2---, 3---, 4---, 5---

middle row: 1---, 2---, 3---, 4---, 5---

Bottom row: 1---, 2---, 3---, 4---

Top row: teacher
2nd row:
3rd row: 1---, 2---, 3---, 4---, 5 Ruby Lee Mobley, 6---
4th row:
5th row: 1 Dolly Mae Mobley,
Bottom row:

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