Letter from Francis John Lindesmith to John & Mary (Momenteller) Downs:

Blue Ridge, Jefferson Co., Illinois, November 10, 1860

My Dear friends, I take my pen in hand at this present time to let you know that we are all well at present, and hoping the few lines to find you in the same state of health.

Now I will inform you that we received your letter a few days ago, which was wrote last summer, which was about four months acoming. So we could not answer it any sooner.

You did not direct it to the nearest post office. Pleas direct  your letters to Blue Ridge post office, Jefferson County, Illinois, and then they will come to my house in three days time, for I am postmaster of that office since last June, and I receive letters from New York, Philadelphia and Washington City in a five days  time. I have received letters here in the evening, and they were mailed at Sent Louis, Mo. the same morning the distance is 70 miles.

Now I do not know whether it is necessary for me to write very much at present. I suppose Richard has given you the history of this country, But I will let you know that I shaked hands with Mr. Douglas the candidate for President of the Unided States about three weeks ago. Now I tell you he is a smart man, and I have voted for him, and if he is not Elected it is not my falt.

You stated in your letter that you would move to Misouri State, if you do, pleas come past here perhaps we will go with you, we would like to see you and your  family. We would like to have you as a neighbour once more, we would be happy to take a good chat together and when we get to Misouri, how we will shoot deer and turkeys. Now Mr. Downes, you must not think that we forgot you, we are just as good friends as you have got, and Lusetta would like to see Mary Anne, and take a chat with her. Now I hope you will answer this as soon as posible, and then I will write more.

Now I will state to you that David K. Lindesmith has moved to Miskinggum [Muskingum] County, Ohio, but I can't get any news from Jacob Momenteller any more. I do not know what is the reason, I have wrote the last to him and had no answer yet. Now I must close for this time. I have a good many letters to mail at present so you must excuse me for not writing mor at this time. So goodby my Dear friend.

John Lindesmith P.M. [post master]

Francis John's wife was Lucetta Elizabeth (Momenteller) Lindesmith
Mary Ann (Momenteller) Downs was her sister
Louisa (Momenteller) Lindesmith (wife of David K.) was her sister
Jacob Momenteller was her brother.