OHIO The cross road of our nation - Records & Pioneer Families
April-June 1964    Vol. V  No. II
Published by: Esther Weygandt Powell  (no copyrite)


This is a very old cemetery and still being used and well kept. Many of the
older stones are illegible and many in German. It is in Hanover Township,
on Co. Rd. 407, off U.S. Hwy. 30, southeast of Hanoverton and Dungannon.
The Lindesmith monument is very large and impressive and was erected by
Rev. E. W. J. Lindesmith, a Catholic priest. The cemetery is mostly aLindesmith Memorial
Catholic one. Copied 1963. This complete genealogy is on the monument.

                        LINDESMITH MEMORIAL
Rev. Eli Washington John Lindesmith was born Sept. 7, 1827
        Son of a volunteer soldier
        Grandson of soldier of War of 1812
        Great-nephew of 2 soldiers of the War of 1812
        Great-grandson of soldier of the War of Revolution
        He was ordained a priest July 7, 1855; served as a Chaplain in the
        U.S. Army in the Civil War; served as a Chaplain in the Rocky
        Mountains during the Indian Wars from July 19, 1880 to Sept. 7,

        Joseph Lindesmith, soldier of the War of Independence and Anna
        Bauman, who had: Daniel  Elizabeth  Jacob  John  Peter.

        Daniel Lindesmith, soldier of the War of 1812, wives Elizabeth
   Weimer and Gertrude Krissinger. Had: Jacob Weimer, Katherine,
        Susanna, Anna, Samuel, Joseph, Mary, Isaac, Daniel.

                GREAT-UNCLE JACOB
        Jacob Lindesmith, wife Susanna Krissinger. Had: George,
        Elizabeth Willyard, Anna Mary, Hannah Young, Peter (wife
        Abigail Copeland), Benjamin (wives: Susanna Green and
        Elizabeth Wable), David (wives: Louisa Mumunthaler and Malinda
        Golerda), Rachel, Jacob (wives: Adessa Copeland and Anna McCarns).

                GREAT-UNCLE JOHN
        John Lindesmith was a soldier of the War of 1812. His wife was
        Anna Mary Boyer. Children: Salome, John Krissinger, Susanna
        Krissinger, Joseph (wife Elizabeth McCarns), Mary J. Anderson, John
        (wife Lucetta Mumenthaler), Delila Brechner, Ammanda H. Lori,
        infant, Katherine J. Bachman.

                GREAT-UNCLE PETER
        Peter Lindesmith was a soldier of the War of 1812. His wife was
    Susan Ehrhart. Children: Elizabeth Krissinger, Daniel (wife Anna
        Cox), Julia I. Flethcer, David (wife Katherine Simmons), Katherine
        G. Green, William, Isaac (wife martha Whitaker).

                AUNT KATHERINE
        Katherine Lindesmith-husband W. Morgan. Children: James,  Daniel
        and William Morgan.

                AUNT SUSANNAH
        Susannah Lindesmith-husband P. Copeland. Children: Thomas, Joseph,
        Hannah, James J., John H., Mary, William K., Louisa C., George F.,
        Harriet G., Elizabeth, Isabel and Margaret Copeland.

                UNCLE JOSEPH
        Joseph Lindesmith-wife Mary Benner. Children: Sarah, Ann, Henry,
        Elizabeth, Lewis, Anna, Belle and Harvey.

                AUNT MARY
        Mary Lindesmith-husband J. Mason. Children: Malinda C., Infant,
        Mary A., Lewis A., Caroline, George, Harriet E., and C. Harvey.

        Jacob Weimer Lindesmith, son of Daniel Lindesmith and grandson of
        Joseph Lindesmith. He was a color bearer of Capt. Lucy's Troops.
        His wife was Barbara Walser, daughter of Urs Walser, M.D
        Children: Eli Washington John, Daniel Weimer, Jason Wilson,
        Isaac and Jacob.

        Brother Daniel Weimer Lindesmith-wife Deborah E. Huffman.
        Child: Mary Foltz.

        Brother Jason Wilson Lindesmith. Enlisted in the Civil War as a
        private in Capt. Wm. Ramsey's Co. K, 115 OVI, was discharged
        July 5, 1865 at Cleveland, O. as a 2nd Lieut. His wife was Mary
        Jane McAllister. Children: Emma, Augusta, adopted son William P.
        (wife margaret Neville).

        Brother Isaac Jacob Lindesmith-wife Catherine Stewart. Children:
        William S. (wife Adaline M. Olcott), John E., Francis W. (wife
        Susannah Crosby), mary B. and Daniel.

        Mother also m. J. Wannemacher. Children: Sister Mary (husband
        J. Ott), had: Josephine, Francis, John, George and 5 infants.
        Sister Katherine Gertrude (husband J. Warnefeldt) had: Clarence,
        Loretta W., Ada B. (husband J.C. Krause). Sister Elizabeth
        (husband G. Broughton) had: Thomas G., Beatrice B., John W.,
        Robert W. and Anna L.

        Urs Walser, M.D. was a soldier in 1798. His wife Anna M. Schenker.
        Children: Anna Mary, John Joseph, Mary Ann, Theresa, John,
        Jacob M.D., Martin, Barbara and Robert Walser.

        Anna Mary Walser, husband Samuel Hoffee. Children: John, Urs,
        Samuel, robert, Anthony, Simon, Jonathan, Philip and Mary Hoffee.

                AUNT MARY
        Mary Ann Walser, husband John Neltner.

                UNCLE JOHN JACOB
        John Jacob Walser, M.D., wife Sarah Atterholt. Children: Henry,
        Elizabeth, John, Mary and William Atterholt.

                UNCLE ROBERT
        Robert Walser, wives Theresa and Katherine Wiss. Children: Infant,
        John W., Barbara, Eli, Mary, Katherine, Henry, Martin and