This page shows my relationship to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (5th cousins, 6 times removed)

Peter Aspinwall
born about 1612 Toxteth Park, near Liverpool, England
married Remember Palfrey
died 1687, Massachusetts

My line:

Elizabeth Aspinwall
born 1671, Mass.; died Mass.
married Robert Stevens

Elizabeth Stevens
born abt 1690, Mass.; died Mass. (age 70)
married Daniel Kingsbury

Stephen Kingsbury
born about 1716, Mass.; died 1754, Mass. (age 38)
married Silence Partridge

Lois Kingsbury
born 1745, Wrentham, MA; died 1825, Croydon, NH (age 80)
married Samuel Metcalf, Sr.

Capt. Obed Metcalf
born 1763, MA; died 1836, Sullivan Co, NH (age 73)
married Abigail Park

Moses Metcalf
born 1792, Croydon, Sullivan Co, NH
married Nancy Williams
died after 1880, Wabasha Co, Minn. (age 87)

Susan Mariah Metcalf
born 1823, Croydon, Sullivan Co, NH
married Miles Pease
died 1895, West Plains, MO (age 71)

Myron Metcalf Pease
born 1855, NH
married Winnie Johnson
died 1940, West Plains, Mo (age 85)

Myrtle Nora Pease
born 1881, Douglas Co, Mo
married John Ira Lindesmith
died in California in 1957 (age 76)

Maymie Joyce Lindesmith
born 1901 while her parents were visiting in Texas
married Albert Willard
died in the hospital at Topeka, Kansas, 1938 (age 36)

Rev. Dr. Joseph Ira "J.I." Willard
born 1921, Ava, Mo
married Bertha VonAllmen
died 1999, West Plains, Missouri (age 78)

Mary Jo Willard
born 1949, Koshkonong, MO


1st cousins

2nd cousins

3rd cousins

4th cousins

5th cousins

5th cousins,
once removed

5th cousins,
twice removed

5th cousins,
3x removed

5th cousins,
4x removed

5th cousins,
5x removed

5th cousins,
6x removed
FDR's line:

Joseph Aspinwall
born 1673, Mass.
married Hannah Deane

John Aspinwall
married Rebecca Smith

John Aspinwall
born 1774
married Susan Howland

Mary Rebecca Aspinwall
born about 1800
married Isaac Roosevelt

James Roosevelt
married Sarah Delano

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
32nd U. S. President, Gov. of New York
married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
(a second cousin)