Poem written by Mary Anna (Momenteller) Downs, about 1899
(for Mary Lindesmith on the death of her husband, John Momenteller Lindesmith, who was Mary Ann's nephew. John died in March 1899)
In 1900 Mary Ann and her husband John Downs were living in Galveston, Texas (right before the Cat. 4 hurricane in Sept 1900). I don't know if Mary Ann lived through the hurricane or not.

There is one spot upon this earth
My spirit yearns to see
Across the wild prairie land
Far, very far, from me.

Yet I would smile when storms arise
And every danger brace,
Could I but reach that sacred spot.
It is my husband's grave.

There I would lay me down and weep
And dream of joys gone by,
When my darling love could sooth each care
And every want supply.

There I would gather flowers fair
Rich in fragrance and perfume.
The choicest, loveliest, and the rare
I'd scatter over his tomb.

I'd plant a cedar by his head
A willow at his feet
And, on his breast, oh tell my why
Not lay me down and sleep.

There I would rest me free from care
Till God would call me home.
And then my loved one's joys I'd share,
Far from his earthly tomb.

Farewell, my darling, farewell.
We'll not be parted long.
I soon shall join the ransom throng
And sing with you redemption's song.

Soon I will leave this gloomy vale
And through the gates of death I'll sail
And then our joys will be complete.
We'll worship at our Saviour's feet.