Bethany School, Douglas County, Missouri

Bethany 1899

Front row L to R: Byron Pease (b 1891), Jeff Loring, Byron Isabel, Rosco Harrison, Edgar Whalin, Wayne Rico, unknown.
Second row: Lee Sympson, Lucy Williams, Clara Bennett, Alice Williams, Susie Harrison, Miss Harris, teacher; Susie Pease (b 1893), Cassie Cearley, Lola Thompson, Sallie McCarty.
Third row: Harry Hympson, Elza Nash, Tom Kirkman, Bill Wheat, Dora Wheat, Daisy Bennett, unknown, Maude Willard, Hattie Wheat, Medie Willard, Dora McCarty, Minnie McCarty.
Fourth row: Bill Rice, Bob Campbell, John Chambers, Silas Dobbs, Ed Dobbs, Alice Harrison, Lena Whalin, Alice Loring, Bertha Whalin, Sallie Isabel, Russell Pease (b 1887), Norton Pease (b 1890), Huba Harrison.
Fifth row: Arthur Loring, Matt Isabel, Etta Harrison, Edna Rice, Lizzie Dobbs, Minnie Dobbs, American Alexander, Esta Harrison, Cora Campbell, Nela Whalin, Charley Rice, Claude Isabel.

[This picture was published in the West Plains Daily Quill, June 22, 1965. You can order a copy of it by calling Jill at the Quill at 417-256-9191.]

Below is Bethany School, Douglas County, Missouri. Minnie Pease, teacher. Must have been about 1915.
Her niece, Maymie Lindesmith (with line above her head)
Some of her younger siblings are also at this school. Jack (with yellow X), and probably Opal (with a red X)
If you know who any others are, please email me!

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