Christopher Pease III

b 1791 Vt -- d aft 1870 prob Minn.
son of Christopher Pease II & Rebekah Wright

Christopher was born April 16, 1791 in Hartford, Vt.  His  birth certificate names him as his mother's 9th child; actually he was the 10th, but one brother (David) probably died at birth or was stillborn so his mother didn't count him.

Christopher married about 1815 to Hannah Randall who was born 1790-1800 in Springfield, VT.  The 1820, 1830 & 1840 census lists him in Hartford township, Windsor Co, Vermont.  
Christopher's father's will of 1842 seems to infer that he was either sick or couldn't handle his money.  ["I do hereby direct and order that after my debts and funeral expenses shall have been paid that portion or part which may be the share falling to my son Christopher, I hereby direct my executors to hold in trust at their own discretion and to pay the same over from time to time as they may think best for the benefit of the said Christopher and his wife and children, directing my executors to pay such debts of said Christopher as may have, or hereafter acrue (sic) as necessary expenses in sickness of himself or family, including the Doctors bill and other contingencies at their discretion out of his equal share or portion of said estate...] He left the same instructions for his daughter Lucy's share.

His location in 1850 is unknown, but his son Miles was in Lowell, Mass in 1850 and his daughter Sophia had babies in Lowell, Mass in 1846 & 1849. [Today, Hartford Vt to Lowell MA is about 120 miles SE on I-89, thru NH.]
[There is a Christopher H. Pease in Hampton Co, Mass. in 1850, but he was born in 1809 in Mass.]

In 1856 there seems to have been a mass movement of pioneers to Minnesota. Christopher and several of his children (Miles, Sophia, Chris IV, Ermina & Cornelia) moved to Minnesota about 1856. (Chris IV served in the Civil War from Vermont, so perhaps he moved to Minnesota after the War.)
Evidently Chris IV inherited the family farm because he stayed in Whitewater twp. and was buried there in the same cemetery as his parents and his sister Cornelia. The other children later moved on to other states.

In 1860  "Lenard" & Sophia (Pease) Robinson were in Winona Co, Minn, Whitewater twp, p 12  -
102/100 - Lenard Robinson - 40, b NH (RE 2700, PP 930)
Sophia - 40, b Vt
Lenard - 13, b Mass
Sylvester - 10, b Mass
Lilly - 7, b Mass
103/101 - S.S. Robinson - 36, b NH
Eliza - 34, b Vt
Ida E. - 9, b NH
Francis E. (m) - 4, b Mich
Lott (m) - 1, b Minn.

2 houses away was:
105/103 - C.P. Pease - 31, b Vt (female, servant, living with Nathaniel-33 & Nancy L-32 Warren, both born NY)
[This is probably daughter, Cornelia]

    1870 Winona Co, Minn, Whitewater twp, p 2 -
    Pease, Christopher - 79, b Vermont
    Pease, Hannah - 76 b Vermont
    (living with their daughter, Cordelia Pease Metcalf)
Two of their children (Miles & Cordelia) married children of Moses Metcalf (Susan & William).

Whitewater twp was in the far NW corner of Winona Co, MN. The Pease family seem to have lived in section 22 (right about in the middle of the township) probably somewhere near the little village of Beaver.   (pictures of Whitewater River)
Christopher was listed in a 1978 cemetery book of Winona County as being buried "in section 22 in a cemetery on roads 74 and 3 (should be 21) near a slough". 
His listing in this cemetery book goes like this:
"Christopher / Pease / died / Feb 8, 1874 / ae 82 yrs //
Cornelia / wife of / W. / Metcalf / died / Dec 12, 1876 / ae 6?5 yrs [should be 35 yrs] //
Christopher R. C. / Pease / OI Co. H. 16th reg. Vt. Vol. / died / Dec. 25, 1902 / ae 76 yrs / Pease //
Anna / Pease / died / Apr 20, 1873 / aged 79 yrs."  [this is Hannah, wife of Christopher]

A 1999 transcription was also made of this Whitewater Township cemetery, but does not include the Pease names. Perhaps the Pease stones are in very bad shape now. But although Christopher & his family are not on this 1999 list, all the other names from the 1978 book are on this list, so this must be the right cemetery.
See #4 on map for location of cemetery.

Other Peases from New England also moved to Minnesota. Today there is a town called Pease, MN (abt 30 miles N of Minneapolis)

1.     Clementine PEASE, born Apr 16, 1816 Hartford, VT; died Aug 4, 1901 East Greenwich, RI. Don't if or who she married.
2.     Sophia PEASE b: 2 Feb 1818 in Hartford, VT; m Leonard Robinson. They lived in Minnesota but she died in Kansas on a visit to her see her children.
3.     Sophrona (or Daphiona) PEASE b: 26 Nov 1820
4.     Miles PEASE b: 8 Jul 1822 in Hartford, Vermont; m Susan Metcalf; moved to Missouri where they died.
5.     Christopher Columbus PEASE b: 26 Jan 1825; died in Whitewater twp, Winona Co, MN.
6.     Lewis Darling PEASE b: 9 Mar 1827 in Hartford, Vermont, m Eliza Ann Blodgett
7.     Sylvester PEASE b: 12 May 1829
8.     Ermina Hannah PEASE b: 6 Nov 1834 in Queche Village,VT; married John William Todd. They moved to California, then back to Douglas Co, Mo. near her brother Miles.
9.     Jane PEASE b: 26 Jul 1836
10.   Cornelia PEASE b: 13 May 1839; m William Metcalf; she died in Whitewater twp, Winona Co, Mn. in 1876.

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