Pruett Family Line back to King Alfred the Great

  1. Probably every western person alive will have a line of descent from Alfred, however, it takes some work and luck to dig back through the 1500’s and connect to a royal line. 

  2. Links under some names go to a web page that tell more about that person.

  3. To go backwards from Alfred to Noah, go to this link.

  4. These 35 generations, plus 60 from Alfred back to Noah, plus 10 back to Adam equals 105 generations.



  1. 1.Alfred “The Great of Wessex, King of England (849-899 Eng), m Ealhswith, Princess of Mercia

  2. 2.Elfthryth of Wessex, m Baldwin II, Count of Flanders (865-918). Follow Baldwin’s line back past Charlemagne.

  3. 3.Arnulf (Arnold) I “the Great,” Count of Flanders (ca 890-965), m Adele of Vermandois

  4. 4.Baldwin III, Count of Flanders (ca 940-962), m Mathilde of Saxony

  5. 5.Arnulf II, Count of Flanders (ca 960-987), m Rozala of Lombardy (after Arnulf’s death she married King Robert II of France)

  6. 6.Baldwin IV “The Bearded” Count of Flanders (ca 980-1035), m Ogive of Luxembourg

  7. 7.Baldwin V, Count of Flanders (1012 Flanders-1067 Flanders), m Adele Capet of France (daug of King Robert II of France), who had first m Richard III, Duke of Normandy. Adele was the sister of King Henry I of France.

  8. 8.Matilda of Flanders (1031 France-1083 France), m King William I “the Conquerorof Normandy (1028-1087), her 3rd cousin. William was illegitimate and Matilda was of much higher social rank. They had 10 children. After William conquered England in 1066, Matilda spent most of her time in Normandy and ruled it for him the rest of her life.

  9. 9.King Henry I “Beauclerc” of Normandy (1068-1135), m Matilda (of Scotland) Dunkeld (daug of King Malcolm III of Scotland). Henry I was considered a harsh but effective ruler.

  10. 10.Matilda “Empress Maud” of Normandy (1102-1167), m Geoffrey V Plantagenet, Count of Anjou

  11. 11.King Henry II Platagenet (b 1133 France-1189 France), m Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine

  12. 12.King John Plantagenet (1167 Eng-1216 Eng), m Isabella of Angouleme

  13. 13.King Henry III Plantagenet (1207 Eng-1272 Eng), m Eleanor (of Provence) Berengar

  14. 14.Edmund Plantegenet (1245 Eng-1296 France), m Blanche á Artoise, Queen of Navarre

  15. 15.Henry Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Lancaster (1281 Eng-1345 Eng), m Matilda de Chaworth

  16. 16.Eleanor (of Lancaster) Plantagenet (1318 Wales-1371 Eng), m Sir Richard Fitzalan, 10thEarl of Arundel

  17. 17.Lady Alice FrizAlan (1350 Arundel Castle, Eng-1415 Eng), m Sir Thomas Holland, 2ndEarl of Kent (half-brother of King Richard II). Thomas Holland was the son of Joan Plantagenet, gr-daug of King Edward I “Longshanks” Plantagenet. Joan was sister of Edward II. 

  18. 18.Lady Eleanor Holland (1387-1413), m Thomas Montacute, 4th Earl of Salisbury

  19. 19.Alice Montacute, 5th Countess of Salisbury (1406-1462), m Richard Neville, 5th Earl of Salisbury (a Yorkist leader during the War of the Roses)

  20. 20.Sir John de Neville, Earl of Northumberland (1431 Eng-1471 Eng); m Isabell Ingoldisthorpe Marchioness of Montagu (she and her husband were both g-grchildren of #17 Lady Alice FrizAlan)

  21. 21.Lady Isabella Neville de Salisbury (1470 Eng-1516 Eng), m Sir William Smyth

  22. 22.Sir John Smyth (1490 Eng-1538 Eng), m Alice Townhende. (Henry VIII became King in 1509)

  23. 23.Lady Tamsen Smyth (1534-1571 Eng), m Sir John Prewett

  24. 24.Gilbert Pruitt (1562 Eng-1587 Eng), m Johanne Small

  25. 25.John Pruitt (1587 Eng-1616 Eng), m Margaret Pinernell

  26. 26.(Emigrant) Thomas Prewitt (1616 Eng-1692 VA), m Sarah ?

  27. 27.John Fields Pruitt (1648 VA-1704 MD), m Sarah Lessene?

  28. 28.Samuel Walter Pruitt (1700 VA-1760 VA), m Elizabeth Hawker

  29. 29.John Pruitt (1736 VA-1788 VA), m Alice Addison

  30. 30.Obediah Addison Pruitt (1758 VA–1834 WV), m Frances Jarratt

  31. 31.Robert Pruett (1791 VA–1860 IL), m Martha “Patsy” Knapp

  32. 32.Mary Ann (Pruett) Doolen (1821 WV-1890 IL), m Alfred Murray Doolen

  33. 33.Amanda (Doolen) Lindesmith (1851 IL–1929 MO), m Jeremiah Lindesmith

  34. 34.John Ira Lindesmith (1878 IL-1924 MO), m Myrtle Pease

  35. 35.Maymie Joyce (Lindesmith) Willard (1901 TX–1938 KS), m Albert Willard (1894-1975 MO)

King Henry III