Obadiah Addison Pruitt/Prewitt

[There were evidently 2 Obadiah Pruetts living at the same time, probably cousins. The other Obadiah was a private from VA in the Revolutionary War. After the War he moved to Union Co, SC where he was in 1790. His wife was Molly Palmer. They moved to NC in 1791. In 1800 was in Rowan Co NC, a planter and a slave owner. He died in 1801 in Union District, SC.  He is listed in the DAR Parriot Index.]

Obadiah Prewitt said on his pension application of 1834 that he was born July 6, 1755 in Goochland Co, Va. — "I was born in Goochland County Virginia in the year 1755 on the 6th day of July as I always heard and believe. . . I have no record of my age."

[The Douglas Register shows Obediah Pruitt's birth date as Aug 9, 1758 and his baptism on April 1, 1759 (Douglas Register, p. 279) St. James Parish, Goochland Co, Va. to John Prewitt and Alice Addison.]

He also fought in the Revolutionary War, but the DAR does not recognize him as a patriot because his application for a pension was denied (no witnesses). He spelled his name “Obadiah Prewitt” on his pension application.

In his 1834 pension application he said, “I was living in Goochland Co, Va when I was called out ... I was drafted and served by rotation regular tour(s) of 3 months each as a private soldier and was called a 5th tour and fell sick.... I knew Gen. Nelson, Col. Morris & ?, Majors McCliman and Armstead.... I do not recollect the No of Regt, but I am inclined to think I belonged to the 5th VA Regt of Militia....”

Possible military service:

- May 1778 Obadiah Prewitt entered the Virginia militia from Goochland Co. under Capt. Miller  (R8458), 3 mos, Pvt

- Oct 1778 served under Capt. Duke

  1. -Apr 1779 - Under Lt. David Rutherford, Maj. McCluman, Maj. Aarmstead - Richmond to Williamsburg across James River to Isle of Wight

  2. - to King William Courthouse day after militia cut to pieces by the enemy.  Under Col. Morris, Ens Lucy    

- Apr (?) Under Lt. David Rutherford, Maj. McCluman, Maj. Aarmstead    

  Richmond to Williamsburg across James River to Isle of Wight

  1. -Sep 1781 - Marched to Yorktown, fell sick at Eastham.  Under Col. Rusce. 

His pension app continues, "Since the revolution I have lived in North Carolina and Virginia where I now live in Mason County."

There were at least 2 men named Obadiah Pruitt, about the same age, maybe cousins. He also had a nephew named Obediah Pruitt.

[The other Obadiah was a private from VA in the Revolutionary War and is in the DAR directory --  "b ca 1752, d 1801 SC, m Molly Palmer, pvt, VA”

After the War Obediah and Molly moved to Union Co, SC where he was in 1790. They moved to NC in 1791. In 1800 he was in Rowan Co NC where he was a planter and a slave owner. He died in 1801 in Union District, SC.] 

This is a little confusing because our Obadiah said on his pension application that he lived in NC also.

I don’t know which had this patrimony suit against him:

Goochland October 1784 Court: Obadiah Pruitt appears in court agreeably to his recognizance entered into before John Shelton, gentleman, for having begotten a bastard child on the body of Mary Bradshaw whereupon it being the opinion of the court the said Pruitt with Gideon Mims and George Christian his securities enter into recognizance to keep the said bastard child from becoming chargeable to the parrish himself in the sum of one hundred pounds and his two securities in the sum of fifty pounds each.

If this was our Obadiah, he married the next year in 1785 to Frances Jarrott.

Goochland Co, Va. Marriages & Bonds:

- Obey Pruitt to Frances Jarrott, Dec 11, 1785. Abra Pruit, Bondsman, p 275.

- Marriage of Obediah Pruitt & Frances Jarrett, Dec 12? 1785, Vol 6, p 161.

- Obey Pruitt to Nancy Lovell, dau of Geo Lovell Mar 17, 1794. Harrod Pruitt and ?? bond, page 282.

- Mar 18, 1794, Obed Pruitt and Nancy Lovell married by Lewis Chaudoin.

From Jeannine Harber:    wjharber@@kscable.com

I have a copy of a page from Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files Volume III: N-Z (abstracted by Virgil D. White, published by the National Historical Publ. Co. in Waynesboro, TN in 1992) in which Obadiah Prewett is shown as "Prewett, Obadiah, VA Line, R8458, sol was b. 6 Jul 1755 in Goochland Co VA & he lived there at enl & since the Rev lived in NC & VA, he appl in May 1834 in Mason Co VA."


- Pvt from Virginia with Pension.

- May 1778 Obadiah Prewitt entered the Virginia militia from Goochland Co. under Capt. Miller  (R8458), 3 mos, Pvt

- Oct 1778 under Capt. Duke

- Apr 1779 - Richmond to Williamsburg to King William Courthouse day after militia cut to pieces by the enemy.  Under Col. Morris, Ens Lucy   

Apr (?) Under Lt. David Rutherford, Maj. McCluman, Maj. Aarmstead    

Richmond to Williamsburg across James River to Isle of Wight

Sep 1781 - Marched to Yorktown, fell sick at Eastham.  Under Col. Rusce. 

- Applied for pension, too old and sick to go to court house.

Mason Co., VA 1834, May 14, Obediah Pruitt, age 79 last Jul 6 applied for pension (R8458). Entered service May 1778 in Goochland Co.  Militia under Cpt. Miller.

“Obadiah Prewit” is listed on the Virginia Tax list of 1789 in Goochland Co.  The other Prewits in Goochland County were: Abraham, Allan & Haward (no other spelling variations.) Abraham and Harwood were Obadiah's brothers. Don't know who Allan was.

Obediah Pruitt inherited two negroes from his father's will - " ... I give unto my son Obadiah Prewit, after the death of his mother aforesaid, my two negroes Sett and Bett, with their increase to him and his heirs forever." 

He married first to Frances Jarrett. She died July 1792, in Goochland Co, Va. He married 2nd to Nancy Lovell in 1792, Goochland Co, Va. and had 5 more children.

- 1788, March 11, Obadiah Pruit and wife Frances sold 74 1/2 acres to Samuel Couch. Witness: Tho. L. Bates and Abraham Pruit (Goochland Bk 15, p. 37)

- Obadiah Addison Pruett moved to North Carolina.

- 1791 Obadiah A. Pruett returned to Goochland Co. from N.C.

Obadiah married first to Frances Jarrett. They had

. . . 1. Betsey Pruett, b abt 1786

. . . 2. Vernal Frank Pruett, b abt 1788 (Stokes named one of his sons Vernal)

. . . 3. Wilson Pruett, b abt 1790

. . . 4. Robert Pruett, b 1791 - Robert was Frances' youngest child. She died when he was 6 months old and he was nursed by a negro slave woman (maybe Bett?)

Sometime before 1810 Obadiah moved to Mason Co, (W)VA. Mason Co was created out of Kanawha Co. in 1804, but Obadiah Pruitt and son Wilson Pruitt were both on the 1809 Tax List of Kanawha Co, (W)Va. They attended the Methodist Episcopal Church there.

The 1810 census of Mason Co, (W)VA shows:

p375  11  Prewet, Obed   10301-1211

1 male 0-10  [Granville-10]

3 males 16-26 [Robert-19, Wilson-20, Vernal-22]

1 male 45 up [Obadiah-50]

1 female 0-10 [Frances-2]

2 females 10-16 [Mary-13, Sarah-16]

1 female 16-26 [Betsey-24]

1 female 25-45 [Nancy-  ]

All Obediah’s children from both marriages are still at home. Stokes was not born until 1811.

See: ftp://ftp.us-census.org/pub/usgenweb/census/wv/mason/1810/pg0372.txt

also there in 1810 was:

p376A 18  Knap, Moses  [Obed's son Robert’s father-in-law]

1820 Census, Mason Co., WVa, p. 127:

1 m over 45  [Obadiah-62]

1 m 18-25  [Granville-20]

1 fem 10-15  [Frances-12]

1 m 0-9  [Stokes-9]

(Wife Nancy probably deceased.)

1830 Mason Co, WV (p 157):

1 male 40-49 [Granville]

1 female 20-29 [Granville's wife, Lucy]

1 male 0-4 [Granville's new baby, Marshall]

2 males 15-19 [Stokes-19]

1 male 70-79 [Obadiah]

Obadiah was in Mason Co (W)Va. when he applied for a pension. He died there after 1834.

Son, Robert had moved to Indiana in 1827, then he moved to Illinois about 1839. All of Robert’s brothers (Wilson, Granville & Stokes) followed him to Marion Co, Illinois about 1845.

So, all of Obadiah's sons & daughters left Mason Co, WV.  In 1850 there were no Pruetts in the county.

Frances’ Children:

1.   Betsey Pruett, b abt 1786, married George Meyers

2.   VERNAL Franklin Pruett, b abt 1788 in Point Pleasant, Mason Co, WV. He moved to Jackson, TN then later to Kinmundy, Marion Co, IL to be near his brothers.  He was a Union soldier in the Civil War.

3.  WILSON PRUETT, born abt 1790. About 1810 moved with his father to Mason Co, WV.  Married Rebecca Kimberling (daug of Adam) who was born 1797 Mason Co, Va.  Moved to Marion Co, IL about 1845 with his brothers Granville and Stokes to be near their brother Robert who had moved there about 1839.  Wilson died there a few months later, Jan 2, 1846.   In 1850 Rebecca is living in Marion Co, IL with son-in-law Burrell.   She later moved to Missouri where she died Jan 18, 1891 Schuyler Co, MO.


. . . 3a)    Emily Pruett, b 1814, m Albert Sanders

. . . 3b)    Mary Pruett, b 1817, m Edmund Dufur

. . . 3c)    Martha Pruett, b 1820, m Solomon Hiestand

. . . 3d)    Nancy Pruett, b 1825, m Benjamin Aker

. . . 3e)    Virginia R. Pruett, b 1829, m her cousin, Burrell Pruett.

. . . 3f)     Jane Ann Pruett

. . . 3g)    Miles Pruett

4.  ROBERT PRUETT, b 1791, NC; moved to WV in 1810 with his father. His father and his future father-in-law Moses Knapp were both in the 1810 census of Mason Co, (W)Va.   He married 13-year-old Mary Martha Knapp abt 1815 in Mason County. He was in the War of 1812.  In 1827 he moved to Monroe Co, IN.   His last 4 daughters were born in Indiana.   He moved to Marion Co, IL about 1839.  In 1855 they moved to Schuyler Co, IL where Martha died later that year.  Robert remarried in 1858 to Lydia Johnson and then died a year and half later in Jan 1860.


. . . 4j)     Meredith Pruett (boy), b 1815; m M. Switzer

. . . 4a)     Jarrett W. Pruett, b 1817 Va; m Susannah Convin

. . . 4b)     Mary Ann Pruett, b 1821, Va/Ky; m Alfred Doolen          

. . . 4c)     Agnus Pruett, b abt 1823, Ky; m Samuel Robb

. . . 4d)     Cynthia Pruett, b abt 1825, Ky (can’t find marriage record in Illinois)

. . . 4e)     Burrell Pruett, b 1828, Va/Ky; m Virginia Pruett

. . . 4f)     Jane Pruett, b 1831, Ky; m William Wyckoff

. . . 4g)     Frances Eliza Pruett, b 1833, Ky; m Alexander Bilderback

. . . 4h)     Elizabeth Pruett, b 1835, prob IL; m David Sullinbergor

. . . 4i)     Anna Maria Pruett, b 1837 prob IL; m Caustin Hedgecock

Nancy Lovell’s Children:

5.  SARAH PRUITT, born 1794, married William See.  Leaving several children in Mason Co, WV, they moved to Wayne Co, Iowa in 1848 where they both died before 1870.


. . . 5a) Mahalia See, b abt 1815, m John Barnett. Stayed in Mason Co, WV

. . . 5b) Mary Melvina See, b 1816, m James Smith. Died in Wayne Co, Iowa

. . . 5c) Nancy See, b 1817, d 1858 Wayne Co, IA

. . . 5d) Minerva See, b 1825, d Jackson Co, VA

. . . 5e) Lucinda See, b 1826, died 1860 Wayne Co, IA

. . . 5f) Frederick See, b 1827, died about 1850 in Mason Co, WV

. . . 5g) Elizabeth See, b 1829, d 1861 Mason Co, WV

. . . 5h) William C. See Jr, b 1830, d 1910 Mason Co, WV

. . . 5i) Agnes See, b 1837, d after 1900 in Iowa

. . . 5j) Strother See, b 1838

6. Mary "Polly" Prewitt, born about 1797, married Robert Bryan. Moved to Missouri

7.  GRANVILLE PRUITT, b 1800 in Goochland Co, VA.  He moved to Mason Co (W)Va in 1810.  He married in 1829 to Lucy Ann Shelton in Mason Co, WV.   About 1845 he moved to Marion Co, IL with his brothers Wilson & Stokes to be near their brother Robert.  He died there in 1849.  Lucy stayed in Marion Co with brother-in-law Stokes after her brother-in-law Robert moved to Schuyler Co. Children:

. . . 7a)     Marshall Pruett, b 1830

. . . 7b)     Grafton H. Pruett, b 1832; m Emma Eastland, 1857, Marion Co, IL   

. . . 7c)     Mary E. Pruett, b 1836

. . . 7d)     Virgil A. Pruett, b 1837, m Lelitha C. Nichols, 1864, Marion Co, IL

. . . 7e)     Emeline E. Pruett, b 1841

. . . 7f)     Bruinet Columbus Pruett, b 1844; prob m Mary Hopkins, 1883, Macon Co, IL

8. FRANCES PRUITT, born 1808 in Goochland Co, VA or Mason Co. (W)Va.  She married Hamilton Greenlee, 1827 in Mason Co, WV.  There were still several Greenlee family members in Mason Co, WV in 1850, but by 1860 Hamilton had moved to Henry Co, MO.


. . . 8a) Jane Greenlee, b abt 1829

. . . 8b) Lewis Greenlee, b abt 1831

. . . 8c) Evaline Greenlee, b abt 1833

. . . 8d) Mason Greenlee, b abt 1835

. . . 8e) Mary Greenlee, b abt 1837

. . . 8f) John Greenlee, b 1840

. . . 8f) Bernard Greenlee, b abt 1842

. . . 8g) Napoleon Greenlee, b abt 1844

. . . 8h) Lovel Greenlee, b abt 1847

. . . 8i) Alice Greenlee, b abt 1851

9. STOKES PRUITT, b 1811, Mason Co, (W)Va.  He married Minerva See (she was the niece of his brother-in-law, William See, and her mother was a Greenlee).  He moved to Marion Co, IL with his brother Wilson & Granville to be near their brother Robert.  He stayed in Marion Co. after his brother Robert moved to Schuyler Co.  He died there in 1880 IL.


. . . 9a)    Aneline Pruett, b 1835, Va; m Abram C. Parker, Oct 5, 1868, Marion Co, IL

. . . 9b)    Robert Pruett, b 1837, Va.; may have m Daisy Lansford, Jan 1, 1900 in Marion Co, IL (but this is a little late and may have been a later generation Robert)

. . . 9c)    Vernal Pruett, b 1841, Va; m Susan Ross, May 19, 1867, Marion Co, IL

. . . 9d)    L. Dryden Pruett, b 1843, Va.; prob m Megath McGath, July 14, 1864, Clark Co, IL

. . . 9e)    Nancy Pruett, b 1845, Marion Co, IL

. . . 9f)     Racelle Pruett, b 1847, Marion Co, IL

. . . 9g)    Granville Pruett, b 1849, Marion Co, IL; m Susannah M. Crozier, Sept 4, 1873, Marion co, IL

. . . 9h)    Angeline Pruett, b 1852, Marion co, IL

. . . 9i)     Ava Pruett, b 1858, Marion Co, IL

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