Spurlock Family 

The Spurlock family seems to have come from Ireland, but not much is known about them. In fact, there isn’t much certainty in the generational line until John Spurlock Sr (1734).

This page shows my Spurlock lineage. 
Each name underlined is connected to the page on Rootsweb with information about that family. Some have links to pictures or documents. I am a great-granddaughter of Susan Rhoda (Spurlock) Willard. 

1. Robert Spurlock, probably born in England, moved to Ireland before 1640.

2. John Spurlock (sometimes called Jonathan), b abt 1640 Ireland; died aft 1724, New Kent County, Va

3. William Spurlock, Sr., b 1687; married Anne Toney (daug of Alexander Toney), died May 1751, Albemarle Co, VA

4. William Spurlock, Jr. (probably), b 1710 New Kent County, VA; died Jan 7, 1754, Laurencs CO. GA.

  1. 5.John Spurlock Sr., b 1734 Montgomery Co, VA; married Mary ?; died 1792 Montgomery Co, VA. It’s questionable who his father was, perhaps William Spurlock Jr or

6. John Spurlock Jr., b 1760, Va; m Frances Turman

7. David Spurlock, Sr., b 1783, Va.; m Susanna Hancock 

8. David Spurlock, Jr., b 1818, Ky; m Mary Morris Estes - pictures

Children of David Jr: 
1. William Karr Spurlock - 
2. John Thomas Spurlock - pictures 
3. Robert Archibald Spurlock - 
4. David Drury Spurlock - pictures
5. Martha Belle Spurlock Murphy - pictures
6. Eliza Frances Spurlock Endsley - pictures
7. Mary Katherine Spurlock Foreman - pictures
8. Nancy Drucilla Spurlock Rogers - pictures
9. Susan Rhoda Spurlock Willard - pictures 
10. Joseph Benjamin Spurlock - pictures

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