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Ben Spurlock & Ida Fortenberry and their children:
Ammon & Alma in back, Talmadge and Melville (on Ida's lap) in front.

Children: (3 died young)
1. Alma, 1891-
2. -Cleo, b 1893, died in infancy
3. Ammon R., 1876-1967
4. -Clayton, 1899, died young
5. -Edmond (died in infancy)
6. Talmage Drew, 1901-1956
7. Melville Everette, 1903-1994
8. Aron Bernis, 1905-1994
9. Gertrude, 1908-1969
10. Faye, 1912-

Ben & Ida with children:
back:  Talmage, Ammon, Melville, Alma, Bernis
front: Gertie & Faye


back of picture says: "Uncle Ben, Martha, Faye & Rena - 1927"
Faye is a daughter of Ben.
Rena is Ben's granddaughter, daughter of Alma
Who is Martha?  According to a the wife of Ben's grandson, Seward, after Ida died Ben was married to a Martha for a short time.  The story that she heard is that Martha wanted him to send her children to high school, which meant in those days that they would have to be boarded with someone.  He supposedly told her that he didn't send his own children to high school and he wasn't going to send hers. So she apparently left him. 

Later he married "Tiny" Tina Tabitha (Taylor) Schales -  (below)

Ben Spurlock and Tina

Siblings: Rhoda Willard, Ben Spurlock, Mary Foreman

Left: Joe Willard & wife, Rhoda Spurlock Willard
Middle: Ben's daughter, Alma & husband, Cornelius Holt
Right: Ben Spurlock & wife, Tina

Rhoda Spurlock Willard and her brother, Ben Spurlock.
They both look so much like their father!