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Family of Stephen A. Rogers & Nancy Drucilla Spurlock

This is probably Stephen A. Rogers and Nancy Drucilla Spurlock with daughter Fay.

Back of picture says, "This was made just a year before Papa died. This is Fay in the center and was made just a week before she was married. This is the last picture that was made of Papa. Mama's is pretty good."

Stephen & Drucilla Rogers with grandson Robert and son-in-law Omer Ashworth.

Back of picture says, "This is S.A.,  myself, Robert and Omer.  To Rhoda from Drucilla."

This is 4 of Drucilla (Spurlock) Rogers' 5 daughters: Jennie, Selma, Eunice & Fay, along with some grandchildren.

Back of picture says:
"This picture was made in our front yard: From this end of picture - Shirley & Bud Howe [Jennie's son]; Fay's children, Alvin & Nancy; Jennie [Howe], Selma [Walker] and I [Eunice Fedric]; Fay and Chester [Carr]"