James Willard

1804 - 1903

son of Henry Willard

JAMES “Jimmie” WILLARD (son of Henry) was born May 30, 1804 in Kentucky (probably Breckinridge County). 

He married 1st about 1826 in Spencer Co, Ind to Rachel Jenkins.  Marriage record below from Little Pigeon Baptist church recrods is right next to Sarah Lincoln (sister of Abe).

James & Rachel had 1 child there, then moved to Cape Girardeau Co., Mo., where they were in 1830, near his brother, Martin Willard.  

They then moved to Jefferson Co., Ill. where Rachel died about 1834, possibly with the birth of her 4th child.  The Elijah Jolliff family lived 2 houses away from them in Shiloh twp.  Elijah had died in 1828 and left his wife Lucinda with 1 daughter Elizabeth, and 4 sons.  Lucinda died in 1834 and the next year 31-year-old James Willard married her daughter, Elizabeth Jolliff who was 15 (b Apr. 20, 1820).  They were married Oct. 30, 1835 in Nashville, Washington Co., IL.  In 1840 they were in Jefferson Co., IL. Betsy was 20 years old and had 6 children to care for.  

In 1850 they were in neighboring Washington Co., IL. In the next dwelling was his married son, Henry. Great-nephew, Joseph Willard said that Jimmie and his brother Martin wrestled had split rails with Abe Lincoln in Illinois, and that they walked to West Plains, Mo. and back to Illinois. (James’ sons, Jim & Bill also walked back to Illinois to join the Union Army and thus were on opposite sides of their cousin, John Willard.)

About 1856 they moved to Oregon Co., Mo.  His brother Martin also moved there from western Missouri about the same time.  Two of Elizabeth’s brothers, Randolph and William Jolliff were also living in Oregon Co.  Their last child Emma was born there.  Three of James’ children (Catherine, Bill & Mary Elizabeth) married members of the George family: James George, Matilda George & Johnnie George, respectively.

In June, 1880 James (age 70) and Elizabeth (age 60) were living with their son Bill. James died in Highland twp. (near Rover), Oregon Co., Mo., Aug. 8, 1895 (age 91). Betsy continued to live with son Bill in Rover until she died Oct. 2, 1903 (age 83).  They were both buried in the Jolliff Cemetery near Rover.  James’ children:

Rachel’s children:


Henry was born about 1827, prob. Ind; named for his grandfather, Henry Willard. Married 1st Aug. 25, 1847 in Washington Co, IL to Elizabeth Jolliff (his step-mother’s cousin). In 1850 they were still in Washington Co., IL next to his father.  

Elizabeth died abt. 1854 and he married 2nd Aug. 14, 1855 to Nancy Curtiss and moved to Missouri in 1855. (Maybe they moved back to Illinois before the Civil War: a letter from Mrs. Elizabeth Jolliff to her soldier-husband Richard Jolliff dated May 21, 1864, says “Henry Willard lost his wife last week.”).  So, Henry married a 3rd time to Sarah Taylor and had Enoch & Belvaretta.  (In 1880 Enoch was living with James P. Willard and listed as his nephew, Belvaretta was living with Randolph C. Jolliff)  Children:

Elizabeth’s children:

1a)    James Willard, b abt 1854

1b)    Henry Willard, Jr., b abt 1855, IL, m Mary “Polly” Jolliff (daug of Randolph C. Jolliff); Henry died before 1880 in Rover, Oregon Co, Mo.

........1b1)    James Randolph Willard (b 1874, m Aline ?)

Sarah’s children:

1c)    Enoch Willard, b 17 Feb 1867 in Centralia, Illinois.  He died on 12 Apr 1945 in Tulsa, OK; in 1880 he was living with his uncle, James P. Willard in Thomasville, Oregon Co., Mo. He married Rutha Delila Lewis (daug. of Jesse Galley Lewis) on 9 May 1889 in Thomasville, MO.  Enoch Willard and Rutha Delila Lewis had the following children:

........1c1)    Girley, b/d 7 Mar 1890, Thomasville, Mo

........1c2)    Emma Clementine, b 28 Mar 1891, Thomasville, Mo.

........1c3)    Sarah Belva, b 27 Feb 1895, Thomasville, Mo.

........1c4)    Henry Calvin, b 16 Feb 1896, Thomasville, Mo.

........1c5)    James Riley, b 31 May 1897, Thomasville, Mo.

........1c6)    Willie Thomas, b 3 Apr 1899, Thomasville, Mo.

........1c7)    Albert Theodore, b 19 Aug 1906, Pawnee Co., Ok.

1d)    Belvaretta Willard, b July 1869, IL;  In 1880 she was living with Randolph C & Peggy Jolliff, who also had her nephew, James Randolph Willard. She married in 1887 to Elijah Jolliff (son of Randolph C. Jolliff), by which time she already had a 2-year-old daughter by him. She had 3 children and divorced Eli. She married about 1894 to Archie Redburn and had 3 more children. They moved to Pawnee Co, Ok. to be near her brother Enoch, where they both died and were buried. [Eli died in 1911.]

........1d1)    Adaline Rutha Jolliff, b Apr 5, 1885

........1d2)    Sally M. Jolliff, b Sep 1888; m Ashland Patrick in Ok

........1d3)    Randall Casey Jolliff, b May 5, 1893; m 1st (his 2nd cousin) Ora Lee Trantham (2 ch), m 2nd Grace Maybell McDaniel (4 ch) in Oregon Co, Mo; he died in 1928, Oregon Co, Mo.

........1d4)    Horace Redburn, b Jan 1895; d 1917 Ok

........1d5)    Rachel M. Redburn, b July 1807

........1d6)    Viola Redburn, b April 1899


Elizabeth was probably named for her grandmother Elizabeth (Counts) Willard, born Sept. 4, 1829 (MO/IN); married Feb. 19, 1846 in Ill. to John Jacob Jolliff (her step-mother’s cousin).  Children:

2a)    Alfred Jenkins Jolliff, b 1850, IL; m Martha Pitchford

2b)    Thomas Waite Jolliff, b 1853, IL; d 1854

2c)    John Cameron Jolliff, b 1859; IL; m Alice Shanks; d 1933

2d)    Cora Alice Jolliff, b 1862, IL; m George Brown; d 1927.

2e)    Abraham Lincoln Jolliff, b Aug 1864 (Lincoln was assassinated in April 1865). He married D.B. ? and died in 1904.

2f)    James W. Jolliff, b 1865

2g)    John Jacob Jolliff Jr,  b 1870; d 1890


 - Catherine pictured at right

Catherine was born Mar. 7, 1833, Washington Co, Il; married James George, Oct 14, 1847, IL; died May 5, 1902, Washington Co, IL.  (she had 2 siblings who married James’ 2 siblings. Both the other couples moved to Missouri, but Catherine and James stayed in Illinois).  


3a)    Enoch George, b Feb 1849, IL; m Sarah Jane Harvey; d 1923

3b)    Henry H. George, b 1852; m Sarah Smith

3c)    baby, b 1855

3d)    Mary Elizabeth George, b 1856; m ? Faulkner

de)    Aaron George, b 1858

df)     Langston George, b 1861

dg)    James George, Jr., b 1862

dh)    John George, b 1864

di)     Jacob George, b 1867


Rachel was born abt 1834, IL; married Enoch Armstrong, Mar. 15, 1850, Washington Co, IL.

Betsey Jollliff’s children:


Lucinda was born Nov. 4, 1837 (named for her grandmother Lucinda Noble Jolliff); married Jan. 14, 1854, Ill. to Thomas Waite Russell. Thomas was a cattleman & orchardist in Washington Co, IL.  He lived about 5 miles from Irvington and married his Jolliff second cousin.

Lucinda died Nov. 13, 1857 (age 20); buried in the family cemetery, Washington Co., IL.  Thomas married 2nd to Martha L. Trout and had other children.


5a)    Harriett Russell, b Oct. 6, 1856; m Stephen Mitchell, May 13, 1877, Washington Co., IL; d Oct. 29, 1938, Carlsbad, N.M.; also lived in Nebr.


Isaac was born 1840, Washington Co., Ill. (named for 2 of his mother, Betsy’s uncles, Isaac & Green DePriest); married June 17, 1860, Oregon Co., Mo. to Octavia McKelvey (b 1842, Tn; daug of James & Mary McKelvey); died Oregon Co., Mo. in 1878 (age 38), buried in a field in an unmarked grave.  Octavia married 2nd B.B. Palmer. Green’s children:

6a)     Mary Elizabeth Willard, b 1861/2; m Mitchell Michael Wright (son of B.T. Wright); lived in Oregon Co., Mo; children:

........6a1)    Octavy Wright, b 1877

........6ab)    Julia Wright, b March 1880; m Patrick Giles & Nathan L. Wood

........6a3)     John E. Wright, b Nov. 19, 1883, Rover, Mo.; m Amy E. ?; d 1965, West Plains, Mo.; buried Jolliff Cemetery     

........6a4)    William Wright

........6a5)    Dave A. Wright, 1893-1971; m Lola May ?; buried Jolliff Cemetery

........6a6)    Gene Wright

........6a7)    ? Wright, m Clyde Smith

6b)    John Martin Willard, b August 7, 1865, Oregon Co., Mo.; m Sept 13, 1884, Mary Frances King (b 1869; daug of Will King & Sarah Dunkin); d 1931, buried Jolliff Cemetery; children:

........6b1)    Roy William Willard, b 1885; m May Baser; children: Wayne (1908), Edwin (1912), Jewell (1915-1994; m Goldie Morgan), Darlene (m Neal Phipps), Vibert (1919), Eugene, Porter

........6b2)    Amos Green Willard, b 1887, Attie, Mo.; m Josie Viola Cross 1913; children: Grace

........6b3)    Bird Luck Willard, b May 5, 1889; m Dovie Andrews & Lizzie Huddleston; d Oct 1965

........6b4)    Fred Willard, b 1891/92; m Lottie Williams

........6b5)    Arnie Willard, b 1896; m John Squires

........6b6)    Hosea “Hosie” Willard, b Sept 9, 1899; d June 1984; m Elfie/Effie Huddleston

........6b7)    Mable Willard, b abt 1902; m Jay Garrett

........6b8)    Gertrude Willard, b abt 1903; m John Griffith; children: Carolyn

........6b9)    Hubert Willard, b Dec 1, 1909; d Aug 1986 in Mo; m Sylvia Garrett, Naomi ?, and Maxine Moais(?)

6c)    Barbara J. Willard, b Oct. 1871/2; m Matthew K. Judd; d of cancer in 1927; children:

........6c1)    Cora May Judd, b June 1892; m Charley Parson

........6c2)    Grace M. Judd, b Feb. 1895; m Fred Haywood, Dec. 24, 1913

........6c3)    Herman William “Bill” Judd, b May 1898; m Mollie Haywood; children; Floyd, Jerry, Dorothy

........6c4)    Ernest Judd, b Feb. 14, 1901; d 1924

........6c5)    Alva Judd, b abt 1905; m Alice Bridwell; children: Maxine, Emma Lee, Alva Jr., Jackie, Shirley (m Sam Jett), Melba Kay

........6c6)     Edna Judd, b abt 1908; m Henry Hugh Huddleston; children: Bobby

........6c7)     Inez Judd

........6c8)     Edward Judd

........6c9)     Gene Judd

6d)    Marshall Green “Marsh” Willard, b March 9, 1875, Oregon Co., Mo.; m Ollie R. King, (daug of Will King), 1895; he d 1937, bur Jolliff cem; Children:

........6d1)     Hubert Willard, 1896-97, bur Jolliff Cem.

........6d2)     Claude L. Willard, b 1898; m Jene Miller

........6d3)     Samantha Willard, b 1900-07, bur Jolliff Cem

........6d4)     Clowie (Chloe) Willard; m W. Earl Russell, Oct. 4, 1919

........6d5)     Joshua Emmett “Josh” Willard, 1905-1947     

........6d6)     Nova Willard, b 1907; m Ray Holmes, 1928; children: Carroll, Shirley Dean, Norma Jean, Billy Dale & another son

........6d7)     Othel Willard (girl), 1912-1962, bur Jolliff Cem

........6d8)     Hugh Willard, 1909-1976; m Pauline Earls, 1940; bur Jolliff Cem

........6d9)     Viola Willard; m Luther White

7. JAMES E. WILLARD (picture at right)

“Jickey Jim” was born March 14/15, 1842, Washington Co., Ill.  He was in the Civil War in Co. F, 60th Ill. Inf. with his brother Bill.  The family had already moved to Oregon Co., Mo., but since Bill & Jim were raised in Illinois they did not want to fight for the South, so they walked back to Illinois (probably to their half-brother, Henry’s home) where they enlisted in the Union Army.  They were captured in 1862 and exchanged 6 months later. James’ military description shows him 5’11”, with light complexion, blue eyes, dark hair.  

He was 23 when he married July 14, 1865 in Washington Co., Ill. to 14-year-old Amanda C. Pace (b 1-4-1851, Tn).  They moved to Oregon Co., Mo. by 1869 where Amanda died in 1889 (age 38).  In 1880 James’s nephew, Enoch Willard was living with him.

Jim married 2nd in 1889 to Mrs. Zilpha (Watson) Smith (widow of Nelson Smith, who had 5 Smith children: Zack, George Thomas, Nancy, King, and John.)

Zilpha was the daug of Samuel Watson & Mary Adeline Trantham (Sam Watson may have been her step-father. Zilpha had been allowed to choose her own name as a child, so she decided her name would be Zilpha Adeline Cataline Caroline Katyfish Valentine Haleybeach Anniemoss Watson.  

James died August 19, 1923 and Zilpha died in 1924.  James and Amanda are buried in the Jolliff Cemetery. 

Amanda’s children:

7a)    Octavia Willard, b April 6, 1867; m 1st May 22, 1881, Oregon Co., Mo. to John George Huddleston; m 2nd William H. "Bill Muck" Jolliff; children:

........7a1)    Lee Henry Huddleston, b 10 May 1882

........7a2)    Amanda Elizabeth Huddleston, b Aug 1884

........7a3)    James G. Huddleston, b 25 May 1886

........7a4)    Mattie A. Huddleston, b Feb 1890

........7a5)    William Randle "Bill" Huddleston, b 22 Sep 1892 in Rover, Oregon Co, MO

........7a6)    Argie Huddleston, b 16 Jul 1895 in Mo

........7a7)    Gertrude Huddleston, b 1897 in Mo

........7a8)    Joe D. Huddleston, b 1 Dec 1906 in Mo

7b)    Martin Willard, b 1868 (Ill?); may have died before 1880

7c)   John George Willard, b May 1872, Mo; m Matilda Ann “Nancy” Hamilton; d 1954, bur Jolliff Cem; children:

........7c1)    Ida O. Willard, b Sept     1894

........7c2)    Posey William Willard, Mar 1896-1921 (This is the “Little Pode” Willard who was shot by Bill Kentner in Rover and died on the steps of the Baptist church. 

........7c3)    Lizzie M. Willard, b May 1900

7d)   James Perry Willard, b May 1875, Ark.; m Oct. 31, 1895, Oregon Co. to Betty Combs; children:

........7d1)    Amanda Willard

........7d2)    Rubin Willard

........7d3)    Ara Willard

7e)    Caroline Willard, b 1876, Mo.; m Owen M. Bales, July 18, 1893, Oregon  Co., Mo.; m 2nd William “Bill Bunter” Jolliff.

7f)    Posey Woodside Willard, b Sept. 24, 1879, Mo; m June 10, 1901, Oregon Co., Mo to Mrs. Matilda E. “Tilda” (Judd) Peters; d 1971, bur Jolliff Cem; children:

........7f1)    Alice Clara Willard, b Feb 7, 1903; m June 9, 1918 Oliver Fletcher Bales

........7f2)    Mildred Willard, b abt 1908

........7f3)    Irma Louisa Willard 

7g)    Franklin Manworn Willard, b March 14, 1885; m Pearl T. Ford; children: Hershel (b 1910), Marie, Pauline, Amanda, Naomi, George, James M.

7h)    Charley Willard, b March, 1885 (Frank’s twin)

7i)     Randol Casey Willard, b Nov 1886; m abt 1913 to Minnie May Holman Jackson (she was b 1885; m 1st 1899 to Joe Jackson; 2 ch); ch: Ellis (lives in Yazoo, MS)

7j)     Elijah Willard, b Oct. 1888

Zilpha’s children:

7k) Alpharetta Willard (her family called her “Altie), b March 2, 1890. She was a pretty woman and was married at age 15 to Mark O. Judd (who was 25). When she was expecting their daughter he was killed in a buggy accident and never got to see his daughter, Harriet M. O. “Mo” Judd. Alpha married 2nd to Moses U. Prater when she was 18 and he was 47.  

Altie pictured at right.


Bill (named for his mother’s brothers Randolph & William) was born April 10, 1843, Washington Co., Ill.  He was in the Civil War with his brother, James in Co. F, 60th Ill. Inf., 1862-65.  When the war broke out he and his brother, James, walked back to their previous home in Illinois and joined the Union Army. His military records describe him as 5’10”, fair complexion, blue eyes, and light hair.  He was captured in Goldsboro, N.C., March 1865 and exchanged 1 week later.  He married 1st Nov. 2, 1866 in Washington Co., Ill. to Matilda Frances George (1849-1883/6).  By 1869 they had moved to Oregon Co., Mo.  He married 2nd Dec. 31, 1891 to Cora (Toms) Marron, who was a Methodist preacher.  Bill and Cora lived in Rover, Mo. and Bill’s mother, Elizabeth, lived with them before she died in 1903.  

There are many stories about Bill Willard, indicating that he was a colorful character.  It was told that one time Cora was preaching a revival meeting at Penwood. After a few days Bill was ready to go home and he told his wife, “Let’s go home and let these people go to hell!” Another wild story goes that Bill was at the Rover Baptist Church for a service and during the prayer someone threw a paper airplane with a pin in the end of it that hit Bill and stuck in his head. “Little Pode” Willard accused Bill Kentner of doing it. A few days later at Earsy White’s store in Rover, Little Pode threatened Bill with a knife.  Finally, after being very aggravated, Kentner pulled a gun and shot him. Little Pode ran across the road (M hwy) to the Baptist Church and died on the steps. The Kentners waited up all night with their guns thinking the Willards were going to come after them, but they never did. This helps explain why Rover was known as a rough and wild community.  

Bill also raised his and Matilda’s nieces Mary and Matilda George (daughters of Johnnie George & Elizabeth Willard).  He died Oct. 13, 1931 and was buried in the Jolliff Cemetery.  Children: 

8a)     Henry Willard, b Nov. 26, 1872; m Aug. 14, 1897, Oregon Co., Mo. to Annie Nichols (daug. of Levi); d 1930.  Children:

........8a1)   William Payton Willard, b June 1898

........8a2)   Paul Willard, b abt 1900

........8a3)   Alfred E. Willard, b Aug. 10, 1902; d 1918

........8a4)   Vira Willard, b abt 1904; m Harry Griffith

........8a5)   Evelyn Willard, b abt 1906

........8a6)   Bernice Willard

8b)    William Perry Willard, b May 3, 1877; d June 1968; m Sept. 14, 1898, Oregon Co. to Edith “Eda” Goodwin (1882-1959); buried Jolliff Cemetery. Children:

........8b1)   Archie Willard, b July 28, 1899; m Jul 16, 1920 to Maggie Andrews; d 1990

........8b2)   Orvell K. Willard, b Aug. 7, 1901; m 1925 Bertha G. Walker; d 1973, bur Jolliff cem

........8b3)   Clide Willard, b Oct. 1905; d Dec. 1905 (2 months)

........8b4)   Add Lee Willard, b Jan. 23, 1907; d 1924 (17 years old), bur Jolliff cem

........8b5)   Leta Mae Willard, 1909-1929/51, bur Jolliff Cem

........8b6)   Rachel Willard, b 1912

8c)    Rachel E. Willard, b abt 1879; m July 28, 1897, Oregon Co. to Charles E. Kemp. Children:  2 daughters, 1 son.


Martha was born 1848, Ill.; married ? Wright; died Nebraska


Mary was born about 1851, Ill.; married Johnnie George (bro. of Matilda) abt 1865. They probably moved to Oregon Co, Mo. right before 1870. Johnnie died when his 2 little girls were 3 & 4 years old. Elizabeth then married Perry Wright, but she didn't live long after this marriage. Her brother Bill Willard (who was married to Johnnie's sister) took the girls and raised them.

10a)     Matilda E. George, b June 18, 1867, Ill.; m Elijah J. Sanford “Doc” Trantham;  ch: Clyde, Alta May, Add, Nora, Ora, Missouri Ann, Hade

10b)     Mary E. George  


“Cal” was born Jan. 17, 1854, in Ill.  She married 1st Aug. 31, 1871, in Oregon Co., MO to widower, John Franklin Short [born 1839 in TN.] John was married Melissa ?.  John & Melissa were living in Oregon Co. in 1870 [no children].  John had moved there to do blacksmith work. After he an Caroline were married he bought some land from his father-in-law, Jimmie Willard, near Jolliff Spring. But in 1882 he purchased land back in the Spring Creek community where he grew up, from his sister Rebecca and her husband, and he and Caroline moved there and raised their family. (See picture)

He died Mar. 3, 1905 & Cal married 2nd Sept. 19, 1912 to William James Edwards.  They lived in Thayer, Mo.  She died Dec. 15, 1935, and was buried in Spring Creek Cemetery, Oregon Co. with John Short.  Children:

11a)    Mary Elizabeth Short, b Sept 30, 1872, Oregon Co.; m William Cowans, Sept 23, 1889; d Sept 20, 1903

11b)    Charlotte “Lottie” Short, b April 2, 1874; m Charley Millsap, Jan 8, 1898; d Nov 29, 1930, bur Hickory Grove Cemetery, Oregon Co.

11c)   Amanda Jane “Mandy” Short, b Jan 13, 1879; m Jesse Greene Dodson, Mar 29, 1899; d June 1, 1953, buried Hickory Grove Cemetery.  Children:

........11c1)    Pearl Artie Dodson, b July 27, 1901, Oregon Co; m George Richard Owens, Aug 29, 1917

........11c2)    William Haston Dodson, b June 20, 1905; d Nov 27, 1905, buried Spring Creek Cemetery

........11c3)    Elizabeth Ann Dodson, b Dec 29, 1906; m William Culver, Dec 3, 1930

........11c4)    Joseph Noel Dodson, b Aug 29, 1909; m Elsie Joyce Waller, March 6, 1937

11d)    Ella Mae Short, b Feb 14, 1882; m James Lewis Dodson, May 10, 1899; d March 11 1910, buried New Salem Cemetery, Oregon Co.

11e)    James Andrew Short, b Oct 26, 1885; m Pet Alcorn, July 7, 1906; d Feb 24, 1973, buried Rogers, Ark.

11f)    Agnes “Aggie” Short, b Oct 23, 1886; m Wheeler Caruthers, Oct 17, 1912; d Oct 15, 1929, buried Hickory Grove Cemetery, Oregon Co.

11g)    Ethelee Short, b Nov 7, 1891; m Dave F. Brandell, 1918; d Feb 8, 1966, buried Artesia, N.M.

11h)    Frank Middleton Short, b Oct 29, 1895; m Gertrude Moore, 1916; d Aug 17, 1964, buried Hickory Grove Cemetery, Oregon Co.


Dinah was born 1855, Ill.; died young.


Emma was born 1857, Mo. (She was probably named Missouri because she was born right after they moved to Mo.); married 1st Thomas E. Skinner; married 2nd Payton Allen Thomas (grandson of Nancy Huddleston Thomas); Emma died 1935, buried Thayer Cemetery, Oregon Co.  (See picture) Children:

13a)    James Frank (Skinner) Thomas, b abt 1875; m 1st Katie Kennedy; m 2nd Mollie Kempher; m 3rd JoElla Wooldridge

13b)    Pearl Caroline Thomas, b abt 1877; m James Lewis Edwards, Dec 1, 1895; 7 children:

........13b1)    Ruth Edwards; m Clarence Perkins (grandson of Wm. N. Jolliff, Sr.)

........13b2)    Emma Edwards, m Newell Huddleston

13c)    Francis Thomas, b abt 1878; unmarried

13d)    Harriett Thomas, b abt 1879; unmarried

13e)    Matilda May Thomas; unmarried

13f)     Wayne Thomas, m Julia Bell; 4 children

13g)    Allen Thomas, m Allie Kennedy; 3 children

13h)    Winston Thomas; m Edith ?; no children

13i)     Wilda Waymon Thomas; m Chloe Stubbs; 2 children

James Willard

James and Zilpha

Bill Willard