Abel Wright II

2nd generation
son of Abel Wright I

1c) Ensign ABEL WRIGHT II was born September 25, 1664 in Springfield, Mass.  
He married Sept 16 (or Dec. 1), 1691 to REBECCA TERRY in Springfield, Hampden, Mass. She was born Dec 5, 1673, the daughter of Samuel Terry & Anna Lobdell of Springfield, Mass. [See Terry family below]
Abel & Rebecca Wright had 13 children: 4 born in Springfield, Mass. and 9 born in Lebanon, Ct.  They moved to Lebanon, Ct., about 120 miles SE of Springfield, Mass., about 1700—maybe following her father and thus avoiding the Indian raid in Springfield in 1708 that killed Abel’s mother and sister-in-law.  Several of Abel’s brothers and sisters followed him to Ct. before and after 1708.  From 1702 to 1717 he gradually acquired 949 acres of land.  He was able to leave large tracts of land to his children, some before he died.  He died June 2, 1742 and was buried in Lebanon.  Rebecca died later.  Children:

1c1)   REBECCA WRIGHT, b Sept 7, 1692, Mass; m Jacob Ordway of Lebanon abt 1711 CT; m Isaac Lyman; m 3rd Benjamin Small 1723 Lebanon, CT; 4 children:
........1c1a) MARY ORDWAY, b Aug 16, 1712
........1c1b) REBECCA ORDWAY, b Jan 16, 1714
........1c1c) JEMIMA ORDWAY, b Dec 11, 1715
........1c1d) RACHEL ORDWAY, b Nov 28, 1717

1c2)   SAMUEL WRIGHT, b July 4, 1694, Springfield, Mass.; d July 10, 1694 Springfield, Mass

1c3)   ABEL WRIGHT III, b Aug 22, 1695, Springfield, Mass.; m Mary Calkins at Lebanon, Nov 7, 1717.  d Windham, CT; 3 children (all born at Windham, Ct):
........1c3a) SARAH WRIGHT, b Aug 25, 1718
........1c3b) SAMUEL WRIGHT, b May 14, 1720
........1c3c) ABEL Jr (IV), b Feb 23, 1722

1c4)   SAMUEL WRIGHT (2nd), b Dec 2, 1698, Mass.

1c5)   EBENEZER WRIGHT, b Feb 22, 1701, Lebanon, Ct.  He m 1st Elizabeth Newcomb, April 20, 1721, Lebanon.  She was b 1701/2, the daughter of Simon & Deborah Newcomb. She had 3 children and died Jan 13, 1727.  He m 2nd March 28, 1728 to Sarah Huntington.  She was born in 1705, the daughter of Joseph Huntington. Sarah & Ebenezer had 8 children.  They moved to Mansfield abt 1740 where she died in 1775.  He m 3rd Feb 15, 1776, when he was 75 years old, to Mrs. Mary (Mason) Huntington (widow of Sarah’s brother).  Ebenezer d April 22, 1786, age 85, in Mansfield, Ct.  He was a Baptist.  11 children:
........1c5a)   ZERVIAH WRIGHT, b Mar 12, 1722, Windham, Ct; m Jan 8, 1741 to John Upton.  Children: Sarah & others
........1c5b)   DEBORAH WRIGHT, b Jan 29, 1725; m Paul Davison, May 7, 1747 (2 ch: Abial & Deborah); Paul d 1751, N.J.; she m 2nd to Aaron Younglove in 1753
........1c5c)   EBENEZER WRIGHT, b Jan 2, 1727, Windham, Ct; m Mercy Leach, 1751; lived in Mansfield; New Fairfield, Ct; Newton, Sussex Co, N.J.  About 1765/66 moved to Shaftsbury, Vt.  During Rev. War he went to Canada West (Cornwall & Johnston) with his wife & 5 ch where he d July 18, 1809. 10 ch: Deacon Abraham (m Sarah Babcock & Phebe Burt), Capt Asahel (m Eve Haynes), Zerviah (m Charles Spencer), Ebenezer (m Rachel Marsh), Amos (m Sabra Wilcox), David (m Tamar Burritt), Mercy (m George McEwen), Sarah (m Peleg Spencer), Elizabeth, Rebecca (m ? Mace & Henry Barnhart)
........1c5d)   Rev. ELIPHALET WRIGHT, b Feb 27, 1729, Windham, Ct.; m May 22, 1751 to Hannah Marsh (daug of Thomas); lived Windham 1764-84.  Had 9 children: Hannah (died), Hannah (m Barnabas Davis), Eliphalet (d 4 yrs), Eunice (d 1 yr), Capt Samuel (m Keziah Stearns & Betsey Watkins), Eunice (m ? Day), Sarah (m Isaac Sprague), Rebecca (m James Parkis), Olive (m Capt Abraham Washburn)
........1c5e)   ELIZABETH WRIGHT, b Nov 30, 1730; m Eleazer Baldwin, Apr 8, 1751; 9 ch.
........1c5f)    SARAH WRIGHT, b Sept 22, 1732; m Deacon Jeremiah Leffingwell of Pomfret, Ct, abt 1755; 9 children
........1c5g)   ELISHA WRIGHT, b Sept 18, 1734, Windham, Ct; m 1st Hannah Baldwin, Oct 28, 1756 (d 1777 in an epidemic, along with 5 of her children within 5 months time); m 2nd Chloe Spafford, 1778.  He d Oct 23, 1785, being crushed under a cart wheel (age 51). Hannah’s ch: Araunah (d 20 yrs), Elisha (m Asenath Brigham), Hannah (d 15 yrs), Elizabeth (Hannah’s twin; m Paul Clark), Mary (d 13 yrs), Lucy (m Amasa Watkins), Olive (d 8 yrs), Abraham Spafford (m Hannah Dunham & Polly Shaw), Parthena (d 3 yrs), John Hyde (m Lorinda Royce).  Children of 2nd wife Chloe: Hannah (d 30 yrs), Olive (m Timothy Williams), Parthena (m Deacon Jesse Gurley)
........1c5h)   MARY WRIGHT, b Jan 15, 1737; m John Turner, abt 1763; 10 children
........1c5i)    Capt. AMAZIAH WRIGHT, b Feb 11, 1739, Windham, Ct; m Apr 1, 1762, Zerviah Fitch (daug of Eleazer).  He served in the Rev War; was a farmer in Mansfield; abt 1793 moved to Salisbury, Ct & d there.  10 ch: Sarah, Ebenezer (m Anna Galusha), Zerviah (unm), Eleazer Fitch, Deborah (m ? Nichols), Dr. Amaziah (m Maria A. Lane), Eliphalet (unm), Thomas (m Clarissa Hollenbeck & Eliza Pryor), Mary (m Augustus Hammet), Jerusha (m Ensign Church & Eli T. Boughton)
........1c5j)   ELEAZER WRIGHT, b Apr 12, 1741, Mansfield; m Apr 25, 1765, Anna Marsh (daug of Joseph); d Jan 1, 1825; they were Baptists.  12 children, all b in Mansfield: Anna (m Capt Daniel Dimock), Parthena (d 2 yrs), Elizabeth (m Capt Shubael Dimock), Eleazer Jr (umn), Jemima (m Abram Parrish), Sophia (m Horace Hanks), Stedman Huntington (m Polly Barrows), Orrilla (m Ralph Storrs)
........1c5k)   REBECCA WRIGHT, b abt 1744/45; m ? Marsh of Killingly, Ct.  1 child: James (lived in N.Y.; killed by Indians)

1c6)     MARY WRIGHT, b Nov 22, 1702, Lebanon, Ct.

1c7)     EPHRIAM WRIGHT, b Feb 29, 1704, Lebanon, Ct; m June 29, 1724 to Hannah Wood (d 1737; 6 ch b in Lebanon); m 2nd ? (several ch); was a farmer.  He died at home in Hebron, Ct. from injuries received in the French & Indian War in New York, 1759 (55 yrs. old).  Children:
........1c7a)   JOHN WRIGHT, b Mar 18, 1726
........1c7b)   HANNAH WRIGHT, b Feb 24, 1731
........1c7c)   MARTHA WRIGHT, b Jan 14, 1733
........1c7d)   EPHRIAM WRIGHT Jr, b Mar 16, 1735
........1c7e)   ANN WRIGHT, b Mar 16, 1735; m Mar 11, 1756 to John Huntington of Windham, Ct; d May 6, 1758.  Ch: Wealtham (b Jan 6, 1757)
........1c7f)   Lieut. BERIAH WRIGHT, b Feb 22, 1737; d at Albany in 1759 returning from a military expedition with his father in the French & Indian War; his father Ephriam reached home in Hebron, Ct and died very soon.
........1c7f-g-h) ?
........1c7i)   Gen. DANIEL WRIGHT b 1756, Hebron, Ct.; m Patience ?; he was in the Rev. War some years after 1775; then moved to N.H.; 1798 moved to Westport where he d 1822.  Several ch: Jerusha (oldest, m Elias Sturtevant)

1c8)     MARTHA WRIGHT, b April 12, 1705, Lebanon, Ct; m Nathaniel Holbrook

1c9)    JEMIMA WRIGHT, b Sept 24, 1707, Lebanon, Ct; m Eleazor Hutchinson, 15 Jul 1725 in Lebanon, New London Co.,Ct; d Aug 24, 1783, Andover, CT, buried Old Townsend Burying Ground near Andover, CT.
........1c9a)   Sarah Hutchison b: 25 June 1726 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT; m Simeon Curtis 1744
........1c9b)   Anne Hutchison b: 17 Jan 1727/1728 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT; m Ichabod Freeman
........1c9c)   Jemima Hutchison b: 15 Mar 1730/1731 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT; m John Payne 1747.
........1c9d)   Rebecca Hutchison b: 17 Mar 1733 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT; m Constant Woodworth
........1c9e)   Eleazer Hutchison Jr, b 19 Feb 1735 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT; m Ruth Long 1756; d 1813 Andover, CT; ch: Eleazer, Silas, Anna, Amasa, Ruth, Bezaleel, Azenath
........1c9f)   Hannah Hutchison b: 8 Feb 1737 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT; m Phineas Kingsbury 1755; d 1793 Sandisfield, MA.
........1c9g)   Martha Hutchison b: 9 Feb 1739 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT; m ? Bliss
........1c9h)   Samuel Hutchison b: 10 Feb 1742 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT; m Eunice Badger 1762
........1c9i)    Lois Hutchison b: 30 July 1744 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT; m Benejah House 1762; d 1777.

1c10) ANN WRIGHT, b June 4, 1709, Lebanon, CT; m ? Buell

1c11) MIRIAM WRIGHT, b Nov 14, 1710, Ct. ; m Aaron Owen Jan 11, 1732/33 in Lebanon, Windham Co., CT;

1c12) BENJAMIN WRIGHT, b July 29, 1712, Ct; d Aug, 1712

1c13) BENJAMIN WRIGHT (2nd), b Mar 3, 1714, Lebanon, Ct; m Rachel Owen, 1734; was a minuteman in the Rev. War.  He was the 1st pioneer into Hartford, Vt in 1760 where he d in 1798, buried White Junction Cemetery.  9 children all b Lebanon, Ct:
........1c13a)    LUCY WRIGHT, b May 15, 1735, Lebanon, Ct.
........1c13b)    BENJAMIN WRIGHT, b July 5, 1737, Lebanon, Ct.; m Ann Redington; served as Lt. in Capt. Joel Marsh’s Company of Vt. Militia 1775; d 1803 Hartford, Vt, buried Christian Street Cemetery.  Ch: Daniel, Roger (m Abigail ?)
........1c13c)    MERCY WRIGHT, b July 26, 1739
........1c13d)    ABEL WRIGHT, b Aug 8, 1742; m Elizabeth Baldwin; he d 1828; 3 ch: Abel (m Alice Page), Irene, Mary
........1c13e)    MARY WRIGHT, b Oct 2, 1744
........1c13f)     RACHEL WRIGHT, b Feb 13, 1747; m Whiting Stone
........1c13g)    Major DAVID WRIGHT, b Mar 14, 1749, Lebanon, Ct; m ? Bailey, moved to Hartford, Vt. on their honeymoon in 1771; she d 1814; 6 ch: Daniel, M.D., William, Wealthy (m ? Pinneo)
........1c13h)    REBECCA WRIGHT, b Apr 2, 1752; m Christopher Pease II of Hartford, Vt; lived all their life there. Children: (see Pease family): Jesse, Adriel, Abel, Benjamin, Charles, Christopher III, Lucy, Rebekah, Laura, Susanah, Lucinda
........1c13i)    Capt. JONATHAN WRIGHT, b Mar 31, 1754; m ? Ryder; d 1802 Lebanon, N.H. or in that vicinity; buried White River Junction Cemetery near Hartford, Vt.

Terry Family

Samuel Terry [the son of Stephen Terry & Elizabeth] was probably born about 1632 in Barnett, England. He was indentured to William Pynchon of Springfield for at least 5 years for paying his passage to America, probably coming as an orphan.  Then in 1650, when he was about 15 years old, he was bound to Benjamin Cooley for 3 & 1/2 years as a linen weaver apprentice.  
Samuel married Anna Lobdell, Jan 3, 1660 in Springfield, Mass.  Anna was born Mar 8, 1634 in England. She was the daughter of Nicolas & Jane Lobdell. [Nicolas was born in Mass, and Jane was born in Northam, Devon, Eng.] Or she was the daugher of Symon Lobdell, b abt 1605 in Hereford, Eng.
Samuel and Anna Terry probably lived in Springfield until about 1684 when Anna died on May 16, 1684.  Samuel may have at that time moved to Connecticut or he may just have purchased some property there because he was present at the first town meeting of Enfield, Ct. in 1688.  Samuel married 2nd to widow Sarah Scott, Nov 19, 1690 (Ct. or Mass?).  Sarah died in 1705 and Samuel died in 1731 in Enfield, Ct.  

1. Capt. SAMUEL TERRY, b July 18, 1661 in Springfield, Hampden, MA; m 1st Hannah Morgan 1682; m 2nd Martha Boardman Crane abt 1696, Springfield, MA. He died Jan 2, 1729 in Enfield, Harford, CT.

2. EPHRAIM TERRY, b Aug 26, 1663 in Springfield, Mass.; died July 15, 1670 in Springfield.

3. THOMAS TERRY, b Mar 6, 1664 in Springfield, Mass.; m Martha Cooley 1678; m 2nd Mary Meecham 1722; m 3rd Hannah Chapin 1735

4. MARY TERRY, b July 1667 in Springfield, Mass.; m Jeremiah Horton 1690 in Springfield; d Aug. 10, 1731 in Springfield

5. REBECCA TERRY, b July 25, 1669 in Springfield, Mass.; d Aug 18, 1670 Springfield, Mass.; m Abel Wright II.

6. daughter, b Dec. 12, 1670

7. EPHRIAM TERRY, b Feb 3, 1671 in Springfield, Mass.; m Hannah Eggleston 1695; d Dec 7, 1760.

8. ELIZABETH TERRY, b Mar 25, 1677 in Springfield, Mass;
d Apr 2, 1677 in Springfield.

9. ANNA TERRY, b abt 1679 in Springfield; m John Bliss 1692.

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