Benjamin Wright

3rd generation
son of Abel Wright II

1c13)   BENJAMIN WRIGHT, was born Mar 3, 1714, in Lebanon, CT (settled in the 1690s in eastern Ct, his father moved there in 1700.). He married Rachel Owen, Jan 9, 1735 at the First Congregational Church in Lebanon, Ct..
Benjamin's father, coming from Springfield, Mass. southeast into Connecticut, had become a large landowner in Lebanon, so Benjamin probably inherited land there.
When settlements opened up in Vermont, he probably went west about 70 miles to Hartford, Ct. on the Connecticut River, then went straight up the River through Springfield, Mass. and on to White River Junction (one of the 5 villages of Hartford), Vermont to settle.
He was the first pioneer (or one of the first) into Hartford, Vt (on the Connecticut River) in 1760. (Since most of the settlers came from Connecticut, the town was probably named for Hartford, Ct. (also on the Connecticut River), which in turn is thought to have been named for Hertford, England, meaning "a stag (hert or hart) ford." Hartford is watered by the White and Quechee Rivers, which are the only streams of consequence. There are several villages in the town of Hartford; including, White River Village and Quechee Village.)

Aldrich's History of Windsor County, Vermont has the following information on Benjamin Wright:
The town of Hartford's charter was granted on July 4, 1761 by Governor Wentworth of New Hampshire. The first proprietors meeting was held on August 20, 1761 in Windham, Conn. John Baldwin was the moderator; Prince Tracy was chosen clerk and treasurer... A six man committee comprising Capt. William Clark, Lt. Prince Tracy, Silas Phelps, James Flint, Benjamin Wright and Elijah Bingham was chosen to lay out the town plot.  
The first settler arrived in 1763 and he is believed to be named Benjamin Wright. By 1763, Solomon Strong, Elijah Strong, Benejah Strong, Jonathan Marsh and Benjamin Wright had taken up residence in Hartford.
The first recorded town meeting in Hartford occured on March 8, 1768. Chosen were Benjamin Wright, moderator; Elijah Strong, town clerk; Christopher Pease, Solomon Strong and John Marsh, selectman; Daniel Pinneo, constable; Abel Marsh and Solomon Strong, surveyors of highways; Abel Marsh and Elijah Strong, tithingmen; John Marsh and Benjamin Wright, "Dear Reafs".
In 1769- John Strong was elected clerk; John Marsh, moderator; Christopher Pease, John Marsh and Israel Gillett,selectmen;
In 1770- John Marsh was chosen moderator; John Strong, town clerk; John Marsh, Christopher Pease and Elijah Strong, selectman;
In 1777 Joseph Marsh was made colonel of one of the Hartford militia regiments. Men also served in 1777 included Benjamin Wright.
In 1780 after the attack on Royalton the Hartford militia under Captain Joshua Hazen took part in the pursuit of the Indians and British. But Colonel House, fearing for the lives of the captives, did not force an engagement. Joshua Hazen's company included David Wright, sergeant, Christopher and Daniel Pease, Benjamin and Jonathan Wright.

Benjamin was a minuteman in the Rev. War. 
He is on the 1790 census of Hartford, Windsor Co, Vt.
He died in Hartford in 1798, buried White Junction Cemetery. 
9 children all born Lebanon, CT:

1c13a)     LUCY WRIGHT, b May 15, 1735, Lebanon, Ct.

1c13b)     BENJAMIN WRIGHT, b July 5, 1737, Lebanon, Ct.; m Ann Redington; served as Lt. in Capt. Joel Marsh’s Company of Vt. Militia 1775; on the 1790 census of Hartford, Windsor Co, Vt.; d 1803 Hartford, Vt, buried Christian Street Cemetery.  Ch: Daniel, Roger (m Abigail ?)

1c13c)     MERCY WRIGHT, b July 26, 1739

1c13d)     ABEL WRIGHT, b Aug 8, 1742; m Elizabeth Baldwin; (he wasn't on the 1790 census of Hartford, Windsor Co, Vt. with the rest of his family); he d 1828; 3 ch: Abel (m Alice Page), Irene, Mary

1c13e)     MARY WRIGHT, b Oct 2, 1744 Lebanon, Ct; m Alexander Brink; ch:
    1. James Brink, b 1765 CT; m Rebecca; ch: Orson (1795 VT) - there was a James Brink on the 1790 census of Hartford, Windsor Co, Vt.
    2. Colley Brink
    3. Joel Brink, b Jan 1, 1770 Ct; d Feb 27, 1827 Rochester VT

1c13f)     RACHEL WRIGHT, b Feb 13, 1747; m Whiting Stone (not listed on the 1790 census of Hartford, Windsor Co, Vt.)

1c13g)     Major DAVID WRIGHT, b Mar 14, 1749, Lebanon, Ct; m Hannah Bailey, moved to Hartford, Vt. on their honeymoon in 1771; on the 1790 census of Hartford, Windsor Co, Vt. with 5 children.  She d 1814; he died 1822; 6 ch: Daniel, M.D., William, Wealthy (m ? Pinneo), David Jr, Bela.

1c13h)     REBECCA WRIGHT, b Apr 2, 1752; m Christopher Pease II of Hartford, Vt; on the 1790 census of Hartford, Windsor Co, Vt.; lived the rest of their lives there. Children: (see Pease family): Jesse, Adriel, Abel, Benjamin, Charles, Christopher III, Lucy, Rebekah, Laura, Susanah, Lucinda

1c13i)     Capt. JONATHAN WRIGHT, b Mar 31, 1754; m ? Ryder; d 1802 Lebanon, N.H. or in that vicinity; on the 1790 census of Hartford, Windsor Co, Vt.; buried White River Junction Cemetery near Hartford, Vt.

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