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This balm was presented last Sana and has amazed a lot! For the first time, Maternatura has also thought about colored hair creating a special Beauty Routine. The synergy of borage colored hair shampoo with this brand new balm can protect hair from physical factors and the negative effects of sunlight, up to the next shampoo!

The Peony Colored Hair Balm is a revitalizing detail of color and reflections and has been formulated to soften and brighten colored hair that often appears dull, brittle and dull.

It is very important to use specific products on treated and colored hair because of the latter need more careful care than the natural ones: in fact, they are sensitized by colors and washes and tend to be dry and brittle, similar to straw.


The Peony Colored Hair Balm contains Sunflower Extract, which penetrates the heart of the hair, neutralizing free radicals caused by UV rays. In this way, the pigments stay longer in the hair, removing the “faded” effect. The Peony Flower Extracts, Sweet Almonds, Oats and Millet, on the other hand, give an extraordinary elasticity and resistance to damaged hair.


Peony is a flower originating in China and the meaning of the Latin flower name is “suitable for healing”. It has always been used as an anti-inflammatory in dermatological preparations and is excellent for the sensitive and irritated scalp because it is rich in active ingredients that give immediate relief.

Thanks to the Peony Extract present in the formulation of this shampoo, the scalp benefits from the moment of cleansing, with a soothing effect that lasts at least 24 hours. Moreover, its fresh scent with relaxing and scientifically proven properties give a relaxing effect on the nervous system.

For whom it is intended :

  • Colored and treated hair
  • Damaged, damaged and weakened hair from chemical treatments
  • Natural hair that wants to revive and intensify its reflexes
  • Dull, lifeless and dull hair

How to use:

Apply for a few minutes after shampooing on wet hair. Then rinse thoroughly and continue with the styling you prefer.


The Peony Colored Hair Conditioner comes in a practical and functional white packaging with the beautiful Peony flowers decorated. The shape of the bottle is cylindrical and has a snap-on cap that allows the product to escape easily and without waste. The texture is fluid and colorless while the fragrance is decidedly floral.

My hair has a light balayage with natural mahogany-red shades due to the use of henna.

Thanks to the constant use of this balm I was able to find positive effects: the tips appear more hydrated and nourished as well as the rest of the hair. Moreover, the hair appears brighter and the hair is full of reflections!

The constant use of this balm intensifies and enlivens the reflexes and the hair is softer and silky.

I recommend its use in synergy with the Color Hair Balsine Shampoo and as an alternative to the Crespi Marigold Hair Shampoo as they help protect the color giving extreme combability to the hair. A synergy particularly recommended for those with damaged, damaged and damaged hair from chemical treatments.

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