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The world of Ayurveda is a complex medical system of ancient origins that fascinates me so much; in particular the aspect of natural remedies used for the care and beauty of the individual in harmony with nature.

Rasayana Biocosmesi is the result of the intuition of two young entrepreneurs Stefano and Luana who together created this brand. Their skills, gained after years of experience, together with a marked propensity for green, ethical and sustainable lifestyle, have inspired the creation of a brand of organic cosmetics following the basic principles of Ayurveda.

“Rasāyana is, in fact, the branch of āyurveda dedicated to long life. Some herbs are recognized as bearers of beneficial effects for the longevity and health of skin and hair and are called Rasāyana. Rasāyana is the union of the Sanskrit terms rasa (essence) and Ayana (path), therefore Rasāyana literally means the path to the essence … we let ourselves be inspired by the beauty of Indian femininity, by the colors of the traditional feast of holy, by the graphics of the batik canvas, from the texture of henna tattoos. With these elements, we have built the brand and the communication guidelines of the Rasayana Biocosmesi® brand.”

The result of this philosophy is a line of products that combines the benefits of Ayurvedic extracts with other active ingredients of our herbal tradition and modern cosmetics, making them work in synergy within each product.

The goal of Rasayana Biocosmesi® cosmetics is to achieve an “immortality” that passes from the well-being and longevity of our skin, to reach the general well-being of the person.

One of the products that immediately won me over was the Detangling and Reinforcing Hair Conditioner, which I immediately talked about with great enthusiasm.

And yet, in the last few months Rasayana has done an amazing job! Luana and Stefano have concentrated all their energies to create a real Ayurvedic Renewal by improving the formulas of different products in the line including the Detangling and Reinforcing Hair Conditioner. For these reasons, and also to avoid some confusion, I thought of combining all the information of this product in a single review that is precisely this that you are reading; in such a way, to find UPDATED INCI and PERSONAL IMPRESSIONS.


Rasayana hair conditioner is a very versatile product suitable for all types of hair, even greasy ones, as it is rich in antioxidants, nutritious and protective vegetable oils and oils, such as Shea Butter, Sesame Oil, and Olive oil. The formula has been meticulously studied to untangle every type of hair, without weighing it down but strengthening it. The new version’s assets have been upgraded to optimize performance!

The synergistic action of the ayurvedic, herbal and cosmetic ingredients contained in it, makes it truly ideal for reinforcing the hair from the roots to the lengths and contributes to the psychophysical balance also thanks to the combined action of the precious essential oils with the magical aromatherapy power.


  • Chamomile hydrolyzate: Chamomile has always been used as a natural remedy to lighten and polish light hair; however, it also has soothing, rebalancing and healing properties for skin and hair care. Its astringent and rebalancing properties make it suitable for oily hair, which is weighed down even a few hours after shampooing. Moreover, it is an excellent soothing and anti-inflammatory plant, useful in case of irritated skin, allergic reactions and dermatitis that affect the scalp.
  • Brahmi: an excellent ally for hair health and beauty; strengthens the roots and the stem helps prevent scalp problems and the appearance of dandruff. It also helps prevent the early appearance of white hair.
  • Shea butter: pure shea butter is a real elixir of beauty for hair care. It has numerous properties and is an excellent natural ingredient to nourish hair especially if it is frizzy and dry. It contains many vitamins including A, D, and E and has many properties: soothing, moisturizing, emollient and filtering against UV sun rays. It is also an excellent natural remedy to counteract the formation of the many hated split ends.
  • Amla: Amla is an antioxidant plant rich in vitamin C able to give strength to the hair. It has different antioxidant, antibacterial, antibiotic and toning properties that are effective on the scalp: the Amla, in fact, increases the strength of the hair follicles, counteracting the fall and stimulating growth and promotes pigmentation by fighting the graying of the hair. It gives volume and shine, purifies the scalp and regulates sebum production.
  • Greek hay: the Methi, known in the West with the term “Greek hay”, is a grass rich in mucilage that thanks to the considerable content of phytoestrogens is also considered a natural hair loss remedy stimulating the growth of new ones. It is an excellent moisturizer and hair conditioner thanks to the high percentage of mucilage. It is also an effective anti-inflammatory for irritated skin and an excellent washing and sanitizing of the scalp thanks to steroidal saponins. It regulates sebum production and gives greater volume and body to the hair, leaving the hair silky and shiny.
  • Hydrolyzed wheat proteins: fortifying and anti-aging cosmetic active. Gives strength, light, and volume even to fine hair. It has a moisturizing and soothing action. Containing proteins similar to those of hair and nails, they are able to repair the entire structure of the hair, from the root to the tips, make volume by supporting the stem and also make the hair smoother by smoothing it, reducing its porosity. They create a film that covers the entire stem and gives shine and light.
  • Olive Oil: the use of olive oil has ancient roots; it is a powerful regenerating skin and hair and has strong nutritional properties. Inside it contains vitamin A, able to counteract the effects of aging and vitamin E, an irreplaceable solution to combat the effects of free radicals and damage to cellular tissues. Furthermore, there are numerous fatty acids, including linoleic acid, which is essential for giving softness and discipline to even the most difficult to treat hair. It is also an excellent detangler for the most disordered hair and gives relief to curly and dry hair. Gives softness, volume, brightness and repairs from daily damage due to the sun, the hairdryer and the brush.
  • Sesame oil: Sesame oil is a real cure for hair care, especially for those subjected to greater daily stress such as smog or a bad diet. These “phenomena” can greatly weaken the hair fiber making the hair less soft, bright and untangled. For these reasons, Sesame oil helps to protect and repair damage by giving softness to dry and frizzy hair and amplifying the volume of the hair. Moreover, it is often also chosen as an adjunct for long-term treatment of dandruff.
  • Essential oils of Lavender, Lemon, and Orange: the essential oil of Lavender has calming, relaxing and soothing properties. Excellent antidepressant and induces sleep. Lemon essential oil is antiseptic and invigorating and is useful in cases of anxiety and nervousness. Finally, the orange essential oil has energizing and invigorating properties, it is antiseptic, calming and sedative. These essential oils give light and shine to the hair and delicately perfume it.
  • Sunflower seed oil: Sunflower extract is rich in vitamin E and vitamin B6, both very important for cell renewal and skin protection as they act as powerful antioxidants. In the extract, there are also some minerals, such as phosphorus, manganese, zinc, and iron, useful for the energy development and proper functioning of the organism. Moreover, thanks to the presence of polyphenols, the sunflower extract guarantees stressed hair with an intense restructuring and repairing action, eliminating dryness and lack of hydration.


This product has been a real discovery for me since the first use! I have always loved to pamper my fine, wavy hair with Ayurvedic herbal wraps. Ayurveda, in fact, is a great passion of mine that I have been dealing with for several years: I love discovering a new plant every day and its marked properties for physical but also spiritual well-being. It is about “taking care of our health at 360 °”, relaxing and helping our body regain energy balance, loosening blocks and giving vigor.

The new Rasayana Balsam comes in a practical matt white packaging with blue silk-screened writing with the company logo.

It has a creamy texture and its detangling action is truly exceptional: it makes the hair immediately more docile to comb and really very soft.

This balm has been designed for a 2-in-1 action: in addition to being a balm, it can also be used as a fortifying compress and then left in place so that the active ingredients penetrate the hair fiber, bringing all their benefits.

It can be mixed with Ayurvedic herbs for a personalized application or even added to dry cleansing herbs to provide hydration.

Personally, I love applying it as a post-shampoo detangling balm: I apply it to wet hair and carefully distribute it over lengths and ends. For a better result, I leave it on for 10 minutes. Then, I rinse well and proceed with my acid rinse.

However, it is also excellent used as a fortifying compress on damaged hair. In this case, it is advisable to apply to damp or dry hair and leave on for at least 15 minutes, then rinse and proceed with the Rasayana Restructuring shampoo for a more intended repairing action.

Since it contains Amla, it is advisable not to leave it on the blond hair as a compress for more than 3-5 minutes to avoid altering the color (it may darken slightly).

In addition to being softer, my hair is very well-disciplined, stronger and more voluminous! I could also notice a lower dryness of the tips thanks to the powerful synergy of extremely moisturizing and nourishing natural ingredients. A real panacea for stressed lengths!

As for the fragrance, the predominant note is that of Lavender, followed by a citrus note derived from the essential oils of Lemon and Orange: simply fantastic!

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