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This brand new shampoo was presented last Sana and has captured the attention of many beauty addicts as it is particularly suitable for difficult-to-manage hair: a rather frequent problem.

It’s rich, the ultra-sweet formula keeps frizz at bay and fades even the most difficult to tame hair!

In particular, this shampoo has been specially formulated for that hair that is neither curly nor smooth, but similar to straw: stringy and dry … simply unmanageable! This type of hair tends to be dull and unruly. Often it is very thin and for this reason, it needs to be treated with delicate and specific products.


  • Unruly hair that does not want to be tamed
  • For a perfect smooth effect or a natural curly twist without frizz
  • Swollen hair without shape
  • Porous, electric and moisture-absorbing hair

The frizz in the hair is normally caused by the lifting and opening of the cuticles which causes the typical rough effect that makes them at the same time fragile. The stem is very porous, which favors the formation of knots. Just try to comb it and it will break.

The causes of the frizzy hair can be many: starting from the genetic origin to humidity, up to other climatic factors such as wind or sun, as well as the drying with phon and plates or the treatment with chemical or permanent dyes, which contribute to creating the straw effect. Furthermore, poor hydration causes the hair to excessively absorb moisture and this causes the cuticles to expand, making it dry and frizzy.

The formula based on vegetable surfactants is very delicate and contains the following NATURAL ACTIVE :

  • Linseed Oil, Vegetable Glycerin and Soybean Extract: they have always been known for their highly nutritious and repairing properties; contribute to bringing elasticity and flexibility to the hair fiber;
  • Calendula: protects against damage caused by solar radiation and excessive heat; its most significant actions are those astringent and anti-inflammatory, due to the antioxidant, calming and healing effect due to the contained carotenoids. The essential oil of Calendula also has an antimicrobial effect against bacteria and fungi.
  • Nettle: detoxifying and purifying properties; contributes to the brightness of the foliage.


  • gently rub the shampoo on wet hair until a light lather is obtained
  • rinse well with clean water
  • if necessary, repeat the operation
  • for an optimal result, I suggest diluting the shampoo in a sparge shampoo
  • Please note: avoid contact with eyes; if necessary wash them with water; keep out of reach of children, do not expose to sunlight, keep at room temperature.


  • If your hair is also bleached or colored alternates with Colored Hair Shampoo with Borage, it prolongs the yield of your color.
  • If your hair is also Secchi alternates with the Chamomile Hair Shampoo.
  • If your hair is also Grassi alternates with the Fat Hair Shampoo with Cisco.


The Calendula Hair Crespi Shampoo comes in a practical and functional white packaging with the beautiful Calendula flowers decorated. The shape of the bottle is cylindrical and has a snap-on cap that allows the product to escape easily and without waste. The texture is fluid and colorless while the fragrance is light and floral.

Despite not having any particular problems with frizz, my hair tends to be dry on the tips due to atmospheric agents and above all to changing temperatures.

Thanks to the constant use of this shampoo I was able to find positive effects: the tips appear more hydrated and nourished as well as the rest of the hair. The hair, in fact, in addition to appearing more vital, tends less to dry out on the lengths.

Finally, this shampoo counteracts the formation of knots and frizz. The hair is more easy to comb and much softer and more fluffy.

We recommend its use in synergy with the new Colored Hair Conditioner as it helps to protect the color and the hair from physical factors and the negative effects of sunlight and atmospheric agents. The perfect combination of hair that always tends to be dry and worn out!

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