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“Grow” is a line specially designed for the beauty of hair where the key ingredient used in the formulations are mushrooms. The Grow line, in fact, exploits the properties of chanterelle mushrooms, together with zinc and caffeine to stimulate hair growth, increase volume and make the hair shiny and hydrated.

“Used for over 7,000 years, mushrooms are known to be super-heroes for hair care, contain anti-inflammatory ingredients and are rich in antioxidants, help strengthen the skin and guarantee healthier and more resistant hair. Like the rest of the body, hair needs to receive vital nutrients. A lack of these nutrients, as well as the incidence of many external factors such as aggressive chemical treatments, an unhealthy lifestyle or the use of medicines for too long a period, can cause problems such as falling, fragility and weakening. For these reasons, mushrooms are an excellent source of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals and are useful both for maintaining healthy and strong hair and for preventing their fall. ”

Chanterelles, in particular, are a precious gift of nature; it is no coincidence that they are called “the gold of nature”.

Chanterelle mushrooms, in fact, are a real concentrate of B vitamins! They carry oxygen and nutrients to the scalp promoting hair growth and increasing keratin production.

In addition to vitamins, mushrooms also contain different types of polysaccharides including alpha-glucans and beta-glucans. Beta-glucans stimulate cell growth and tissue repair and alleviate inflammatory processes. They also have an effect comparable to that of silicones, wrapping and smoothing hair fibers without compromising volume.

This results in a softer and more elastic hair and the growth of new hair.

The Grow line really has unique properties! In addition to chanterelle mushrooms, vitamins and mineral salts, the formulations are rich in the following functional active ingredients:

  • nettle: excellent natural detoxifier, it also helps in the case of eczema and various types of itching.
  • Irish moss: also known as Tang cartilage, it develops mainly along the Atlantic coast. It helps in cooling the skin, is a good moisturizer and soothing and has no potential allergenic, so it is particularly tolerated even by the most sensitive skin.
  • caffeine: improves the microcirculation of the skin, countering the fall and protecting the hair roots.

The Grow line consists of the following references:

  1. BOOST 3- Min Growth-Boost Scalp Treatment: revitalizing pre-shampoo lotion
  2. GROW Volume Shampoo: reactivating shampoo against hair loss
  3. GROW Volume Conditioner: reactivating and protective hair conditioner

BOOST 3-Min Growth-Boost Scalp Treatment

This pre-shampoo lotion is a real intensive care for the scalp thanks to the many active ingredients it contains. It is formulated with revitalizing ingredients such as caffeine, zinc, amino acids and vitamin B3 and contains pantothenic acid from chanterelle mushrooms. It has a particular stimulating action ideal in case of hair loss and thinning.


  1. massage the product on the dry scalp
  2. after a setting time of 3 minutes, rinse and wash the hair with shampoo
  3. apply 2-3 times a week

GROW Volume Shampoo

This shampoo based on caffeine, zinc and mushrooms is rich in niacin (vitamin B3) and pantothenic reinforcing acid (vitamin B5). The product reactivates the blood circulation of the scalp, purifies the hair and makes it soft, elastic and full-bodied.


  1. apply to wet hair, massage and rinse after 2 minutes of laying
  2. it can also be used on colored hair
  3. suitable for everyday use

GROW Volume Conditioner

This balm not only hydrates the hair, but envelops the hair fiber with a protective water-repellent film that smoothes, untangles and at the same time strengthens without weighing it down.

The formulation consists of extracts of chanterelle mushrooms and phospholipids. This ensures that split ends close, frizzy hair is tamed and, at the same time, resistant to mechanical and environmental factors.

In addition, the formulation is enriched with oils such as coconut, avocado and sweet almond that improve the shine of the hair, making it softer and silky.


  1. apply to previously washed and dried lengths and ends of hair
  2. rinse after 3-5 minutes of laying

For best results, we recommend using all the products in the line in synergy with each other.

The volume will be visible already from the root and the appearance of the foliage will appear much healthier immediately after some applications.

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