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The product that Maternatura offers us for this Christmas 2018 is Gingerbread Hair Styling Mousse. I needed some time before reviewing it but now I am ready to provide you with all the necessary information and various indications for use.

This mousse is suitable for those who want a natural and not sticky seal. It is perfect for a soft head of hair and for people like me who do not like “crunchy” ie hard curls with a “fake” effect.

Thanks to this versatility it is suitable for all hair types, even smooth ones! Because you know, even the super smooth every now and then wish to make a change in their look by trying out the most varied hairstyles!

Yes, this mousse is also suitable for creating hairstyles and for shaping hair to your liking without in any way weighing down the hair and leaving no residue. Fantastic isn’t it ?!

  • On curly hair, it is light and delicate for a natural hold.
  • On wavy hair, it defines the waves and ensures the hold of the hairstyle throughout the day.
  • On straight hair, it gives the right support to create creative hairstyles.
  • It is also excellent for fine hair because it increases its normal volume and is suitable for every situation.

It is particularly a spray without gas 100% natural, free of parabens, silicones or mineral oils.

In addition to being extremely versatile, it nourishes, protects and strengthens the hair by counteracting the formation of split ends thanks to its marked mix of functional active ingredients.

The complex of ingredients makes it a new generation product indispensable as it models without drying or sticking! It puts the hair in shape thanks to the properties of a fixative and modeling polymer derived from vegetable sources, from the amino acids of soy and wheat and from peptides of oat Sativa. These substances act on the external keratin layer of the hair, reinforcing the structure without weighing it down.

The extracts of sunflower seeds, sweet almonds, chamomile and glycerin light up the hair and strengthen it, protecting it from the effects of harmful environmental factors and the stress deriving from styling. Moreover, even its perfumed essences exert special effects! Ginger wraps with its warm and spicy scent but also fresh and energizing. Cinnamon essential oil is spicy, enveloping and stimulating while the lemon note is light and brilliant. Finally, the citrus notes immediately give us a truly magical Christmas atmosphere!

How do I use it?

I have a moved and tendentially curly hair. Use this product distributing upside down 2-3 mousse nuts on damp hair and making “scrunch” (from the roots to the skin). Later, I wipe everything upside down with the diffuser.

However, you can also dry with a round brush to get an extra volume! In fact, for a smooth but voluminous fold, you can distribute the mousse with a wide-toothed comb or with your hands, from the roots to the tips and dry with a round brush. I always recommend Tek brushes in a Parlux speaker combo.

Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes; if necessary wash them with water. Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose to sunlight. Keep at room temperature.

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